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A vampire's mate

Chapter 2

The Great Hall was, as always, full of chatter. Most of which came from the Gryffindor table. Why you ask? Well you see nobody had seen hide or hair of one Harry James Potter since the night before. And being the good little friends they all were they worried. Big time.

The day before Harry had told Hermione that he was going to meet Richard so she didn't think anything of it when the brunette hadn't returned before curfew. But now Harry was missing. When the bushy haired girl had tried to talk to Dumbledore about it the headmaster had merely chuckled and said everything would work itself out.

The students quieted down as the headmaster stood up from his place at the head table to speak to them. Dumbledore smiled at the distressed looking Gryffindors trying to ease their nervousness. When the whole Great Hall was finally quiet the old wizard spoke.

"Good evening students. I know that most of you have heard about young Harry's disappearance, but do not worry. Young Mr. Potter is fine and will be joining us shortly."

A collective sigh of relief from the Gryffindor table cut through the short silence. The headmaster turned his head slightly to the right and locked eyes with professor McGonagall. The witch nodded and waved her wand at the table before her.

The middle of the table started to glow slightly. The glow soon formed into a shape close to a hat before the sorting hat's voice rang through the Great Hall.

"Where is he then?"

Dumbledore smiled at the hat and told it that Harry would be arriving shortly. The white haired wizard turned back to his students and heaved a sigh. The easy part was over. Now all he had to do was tell the whole school Harry Potter had been turned into a vampire.

"There is something you all need to be informed of. As of late last night Harry Potter is no longer human."

The whole Great Hall gasped. Well everyone except three Slytherins. Blaise looked around in mild amusement while Draco seemed to be ignoring everything in favor of glaring at one Matthew Gray. Not that anyone really noticed.

Afore mentioned boy was blushing slightly. Merlin he thought Harry was sexy before, but now? As a vampire with fangs and everything? It was completely and utterly hot. Not to mention the fact that Matthew got the strong vibe that Harry had been flirting with him.

Shaking his head Gray rid himself of the thought. Why would Harry Potter ever so much as even glance at him? He wasn't anything special. He didn't have perfect hair like Malfoy or killer looks like Zabini.

Matthew thought of himself as bland and boring. Harry wouldn't – couldn't – see anything in him and why would he want to? Gray took of his glasses and rubbed his eyes for a second. He couldn't very well start crying in the Great Hall.

He was a damn Slytherin after all and Slytherins only cry in the comforts of their own home if ever. Placing his glasses back on his nose the brunette turned his gaze back to the head table. Dumbledore waited patiently for everyone to quiet down again.

"Now I now you all have questions and I will answer a few of them however the rest you will have to ask young Harry about. Yesterday Mr. Potter was turned into a vampire. There will be no discussion about this now. Mr. Potter would you please come in?"

Every head in the Great Hall turned to look at the doors as they opened ever so slowly revealing Harry Potter. The brunette wore a blank school uniform with the robes waving slightly while he walked up to the head table.

As he passed Matthew he smiled warmly at the younger boy and winked. Gray once again blushed wildly. Nobody noticed Draco's pain-filled eyes or the fact that the blond's hands were fisted so hard it nearly bled.

But Draco couldn't let it bleed. No if it bled Harry would smell it and then surely would he notice the distress he was in. Harry walked slowly and with his head held high. Draco really admired him at that moment.

Had it been him he probably would have hid and further searched for education through some private teacher rather than returning to Hogwarts. No Draco couldn't have handled all their stares. The brunette stopped suddenly.

He turned his head and looked at the Gryffindor table. He smiled brightly at Hermione and Ron while both of them looked worried and guilty. Mouthing an 'I'm fine.' at his best friends he continued his way to the head table.

No one in the Great Hall dared to make a sound. It unnerved Harry to see all of his school mates looking at him with such expressions. Some looked intrigued and interested beyond measure, most of them sat at the Ravenclaw table.

Others looked worried, either for their well-being or his, Harry wasn't sure. Those were the Gryffindors. The Hufflepuffs looked ready to pee their trousers. Yes they were definitely scared. The only people he could really stand to look at were the Slytherins.

The snakes of the school didn't really look at him differently. Fine so some looked at him funnily, but the point was they always had. Not one of them acted differently because of the vampire thing. And if Harry needed one thing right now it was consistency.

Maybe he could even have some nice consistency with little Matthew. He had never before really noticed the Slytherin. Then again Harry rarely had any contact with them other than the occasional fight and he doubted Matthew would participate in those.

When Harry arrived at the head table he smiled at the faculty and stood next to the headmaster. Dumbledore smiled back at the boy and took the sorting hat from it's place on the table. Putting it on Harry's head the whole student body stopped breathing.

"What have they done to you my boy? A vampire? Interesting. Truly interesting. May I make my own choice this time?"

Harry had the decency to blush slightly, but rolled his eyes regardless. Never, if you didn't like your every choice presented to you on a silver platter, talk back to the sorting hat. The thing could hold a grudge longer than some people lived for Merlin's sake! Harry nodded and waited for the sorting hat to speak.

The Great Hall was dead silent. They could all see the sorting hat's 'mouth' moving while it talked to Harry in his head. Half of the Gryffindor table was squirming in their seats. What if Harry wasn't sorted into Gryffindor again?

Hermione looked at her best friend as he, too waited patiently for the sorting hat to announce his decision. Harry had his gaze directed at the Slytherin table. This puzzled the bushy haired girl slightly and when she followed the brunette's gaze she had to bit the inside of her cheek.

Her best friend's gaze was locked on Matthew Gray. The Slytherin was a year younger than them and, in Hermione's opinion, was more of a Hufflepuff than a Slytherin. Matthew was looking right back at Harry with a blush gracing his cheeks and nose.

She bit the inside of her cheek even harder to keep a giggle from escaping. Merlin Harry was interested in Gray? But she could see it. Hermione would never leave Harry friendless. Not even if he was sorted into Slytherin and started dating Gray.

She loved her friend far to much for that. Turning to her left she saw Ron looking at the head table. The red head was sitting uncomfortably in his chair waiting, not so patiently, for the hat's verdict.


The stunned silence was broken when the Slytherin table started whistling and clapping. The tiniest smile appeared on Harry's lips as he took the sorting hat off of his head and handed it back to the headmaster.

Ever so slowly the new Slytherin made his way over to the school snake's table when Hermione raised her wand. A few shocked gasps from the people around her made Harry look at his best friend. His face of betrayal and hurt was quickly masked with a Slytherin worthy scowl.

"Oh please Harry you look like Malfoy. I just wanted to help you out with the robes if I may."

A few seconds of silence were broken as Harry threw his head back and laughed wholeheartedly. All of the Gryffindors gasped at Hermione who in turn merely shrugged. The new Slytherin slowly spread his arms out and smiled at the bushy haired Gryffindor.

"Knock yourself out 'Mione."

After a quick incantation the brunette's robes started to glow in a pale green color before they changed into the average Slytherin robes including the Slytherincrest. Hermione had done excellent work. Even Harry's new tie hung perfectly around his neck.

He nodded in thanks and continued walking towards the Slytherin table. His eyes sept over everyone in the Great Hall as he tried to figure out how they truly reacted. There were those among the Gryffindors who were scared beyond their wits yet they looked him in the eyes and nodded.

He nodded back happily and with a light heart. Even if he had vowed to didn't care what others thought anymore that did not mean he actually wanted people to start fearing him. If there was one thing he didn't want to lose it was the few true friends he had.

Harry stopped just behind Matthew and placed a hand on his shoulder. He leaned down to whisper into the brunette's ear. The warm puffs of air made the younger Slytherin shiver in anticipation. Harry had to suppress a chuckle.

"Mind if I sit?"

Harry could hear Matthew swallow nervously and again he suppressed his chuckle. He watched Matthew nod and he took the seat between him and Zabini. For a second Harry could have sworn he felt a wave of irritation coming from Malfoy who was sitting next to Zabini.

Yet the feeling disappeared so quickly he had barley caught it as it was. Harry turned his head to Matthew and studied the brunette for a short while. The other Slytherin wasn't looking at him or anyone at that. His gaze was set on his plate and his plate alone.

"So how are you Matt."

The emphasis on Matthew's nickname made the Slytherin shiver again. Another wave of irritation from Malfoy had Harry wanting to turn and look at him just to make sure it really was Malfoy, but Matthew's answer stopped him from doing so.

"I- I'm fine. And you?"

He wanted to tell the boy he was so much more than just fine, but thought it was a little too much flirting so early in their acquaintance. Instead he smiled warmly at the brunette and took a small sip of his pumpkin juice.

"Couldn't be better. Thanks for asking."

Smelling the sent of a snake nearby Harry turned to look at Goyle. The other boy merely looked back at him with little interest in his eyes and a confused expression marring his face. Harry's gaze shifted to Goyle's sleeve as a crocked smile found its way onto his face.

"Come out little guy. No one is going to hurt you I promise."

The surrounding Slytherin looked at Harry like he was mental. However the ex-Gryffindor just waited patiently until a small forest green snake made her way out of Goyle's robes. It bowed its head in greeting and Harry, in turn, did the same.

Some of the Slytherins scooted away from the small animal while others watched in fascination as Harry talked to the snake with ease. Conversation was light and comfortable until Harry suddenly stopped mid word. Or rather mid hiss.

The other Slytherin looked at him and were shocked to fine a somewhat perverted smile on his face. Harry looked back at Siley (that is the name of Goyle's snake) and smirked at her.

"Can you smell that Siley?"

The snake was silent for a while just looking around a little before her gaze stopped on Matthew who was still looking at nothing but his plate. The only difference was that now the brunette's face was covered in a deep red blush.

"Yes, Harry. I believe the smell is coming from the boy next to you. Perhaps he has found an appropriate mate?"

Harry thought for a second. An appropriate mate? Maybe. That would at least explain Matthew's current state of arousal. And it smelled so damn good to Harry. He knew that the human smell was very arousing to vampires, but this?

The mere smell of Matthew's arousal was driving Harry crazy with lust. But who could Matthew have seen that aroused him that much? Jealousy coursed through every fiber of Harry's being. Dammit! He actually like Matthew. Could he never catch a break?

"Perhaps Siley."

As he spoke Harry could all but feel the brunette's arousal spike. He wanted to laugh so badly. Matthew was hard just because Harry was speaking pasel. That really was a nice kink to know about.

"Siley I think he's aroused because of the way I talk to you. Some humans find it very... appealing. Huh? Why is Malfoy coming over?"

Harry turned to look at Draco fully as the Slytherin settled down next to him. The blond nodded in greeting and opened his mouth to talk to Harry. Harry could still smell Matthew's arousal but it was subsiding quickly.


Damn he should have focused on what Malfoy was saying.

"Sorry could you repeat that?"

Good Harry. Stay nice and civil and he won't botch up the potion and in conclusion he won't cause you to burst into flames. Slight irritation flashed over Draco's face while a hurt look rested in the blond's eyes.

"You should learn to listen Potter. Maybe then you would be able to make the potion yourself instead of having to bother me with it."

Harry smiled sheepishly at Draco and scratched the back of his head a little as he muttered a low 'Sorry.'. Draco merely rolled his eyes on the outside yet Harry could feel giddiness and genuine happiness at the attention he was receiving from Harry.

"I need a little bit of your blood for the potion to work."

Harry nodded and drank the rest of his remaining pumpkin juice. He could see Draco's eyes follow every little movement of his throat with fascination. It made pride swell inside of him to know that he had such an effect on the blond.

Harry shook his head slightly to clear himself of such thoughts. Entertaining such thoughts about Malfoy would only cause problems. Beside he would see where things with Matthew went before he would ever think of Draco in such a way.

"Want me to fill you up a cup now or should we do this after dinner?"

The smile on Draco's face seemed contagious since Harry couldn't help but smile back.

"No I think after dinner will do just fine. Meet me in the potions lab we normally use on Mondays?"

"Yeah, sure."

They smiled again before Draco got up from his place at the table and left the Great Hall. Harry would swear on his life that he did not look at the blond's behind as he walked to the doors but he knew he would just be lying to himself.

He turned back to look at Matthew only to find him about to leave as well. Deciding to spend some 'quality time' with the boy he intended on dating Harry got up, too. Matthew smiled at him and Harry smiled back.

Even if he liked Matthew Harry had to be honest with himself. When Draco had smiled at him it was... different. Good. Better. Right. Harry sighed silently. Damn. Why did he always have to sabotage himself?

Harry and Matthew left the Great Hall together and walked back to the dungeons. When they arrived there Matthew told Harry the password and they entered the common room. A few Slytherins who Harry knew were sitting on the couches staring at him like some sort of experiment.

He slowly extended his fangs and smiled at them. Some shuddered in fear while others seemed completely unaffected on the outside. From their racing heartbeats and their sweating however Harry could tell they were just as scared as the others.

Then again there were those who not just seemed unaffected, but actually were. Parkinson was sitting on one of the couches and merely smiled a somewhat secret smile at the brunet. He didn't smell any fear from her, but arousal was definitely present.

It seemed to be true that vampires had an unexplained appeal to humans otherwise most of his school mates wouldn't suddenly want to fuck him. Harry watched as the blond approached him and Matthew with, what Harry assumed was supposed to be a seductive flip in her hip movement.

She invaded his personal space quite thoroughly and Harry was sure he felt a wave of jealousy coming from Matthew. So his little Slytherin didn't like Parkinson so close to him, did he? Harry's thoughts turned from Matthew back to the blond girl in front of him as she all but rubbed herself against him.

"So is it true then? Are all vampires gods in bed?"

Harry didn't know whether to chuckle or gag. The nerve! He hadn't been turned more that a few hours ago and Parkinson wanted to know if he was good in bed? Another wave of jealousy and a little bit of irritation this time came off of Matthew like a tsunami.

He was just too cute. Harry nipped the fond smile which desperately wanted to fall onto his lips in the butt because he was sure Parkinson, the blond slut, would think it was directed at her and the last thing Harry needed right now was a crazy stalker. A crazy female stalker. Perish the thought!

"Not that you will ever find out."

With that Harry grabbed Matthew by his sleeve and pulled him to the space Parkinson had vacated on the couch. Harry sat down first and before Matthew could even breath a sound in he was being pulled down and found himself sitting on Harry Potter's lap.

Most Slytherin snickered at the blush crawling onto Matthew's face. Parkinson however was staring at them. Eyes wide and her mouth hanging open. Harry bit the inside of his cheek to keep himself from telling her to close it so she wouldn't catch flies.

Harry's attention was diverted to Matthew, thank Merlin, as the smaller male cleared his throat and looked at Harry without turning in his lap. He was grateful for that because Harry knew that if Matthew moved so much as an inch Harry would get the biggest boner in the history of Hogwarts.


Harry purposefully made his voice sound husky and breathless. The brunet could both hear, see and smell the result his mere voice left on the Slytherins within hearing range. Matthew, too, shivered at Harry's tone of voice, but wouldn't let himself be distracted by the brunette's allure.

"Isn't it about time you have to meet Malfoy? You know because of the blood for the potion."

The brunette quickly stood up but caught Matthew before the boy could fall to the ground. Harry sat the other Slytherin down in his spot and bend down to Matthew's face. He leaned further in to whisper something into the smaller boy's ear and ran his tongue along the conch of Matthew's ear.

"I'll see you later then Matt."

With that Harry straightened and left the common room via vampire speed leaving a red faced Matthew behind at the mercy of his Slytherin school mates. They were going to interrogate the hell out of him Matthew just knew it.

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