Lindsey looked around a corner in the hallway. Her father was home from work, and her parents were standing in the living room, she knew her mom was telling her father everything. She leaned her back against the wall, just waiting for them to call her in. She could tell her father was upset - more than upset, really. Maybe even more upset than that time she crashed their car.

"Lindsey! Come in here!" Mr. Weir yelled.

Lindsey walked out from the hall, her father startled, by how quickly she showed up, "Oh, you were right there."

"Yeah.." Lindsey mumbled.

"Lindsey, your mother and I need to speak with you in the kitchen."

Sitting at the dining room table, so her parents could speak with her, meant tears - lots of tears. She sat at the table, arms folded, as her parents joined her.

"Lindsey, do you know why you are sitting here right now?"

"Yeah, dad, I know. I messed up again."

"No. You didn't just mess up again. You messed up big time again. You lied to everyone, you put your life on the line, along with that Kim girl. I mean - what did you two think you were doing? Running away with hippies? Are you out of your mind? Maybe you are on LSD."

"Dad, I'm not on LSD. Listen, we weren't even having fun. That's why I came home sooner."

"Oh, well then. I guess we can forget all about this. Why don't I call up those hoodlums you hang out with, and ask them if they wanna come over for a party?"

Lindsey rolled her eyes, and sunk deeper into her chair.

"How about I just say, I don't care anymore." Mr. Weir said. Mrs. Weir looked at her husband, shaking her head, telling him to stop where this was going.

"I've tried everything. I learned that not me, or your mother, or anyone for that matter will stop you from doing what you want. If you want to go down the road of sex, drugs and rock and roll, I'm not going to stop you, and neither is your mother." Mrs. Weir wanted to interrupt, but Mr. Weir wouldn't let her, "But you can't stay here if that's what you're gonna do."

Lindsey, her mom, and Sam who was eavesdropping in the hallway by his room, all felt their mouths drop. Mrs. Weir quickly jumped out of her seat, "Honey, I know Lindsey has done some things that.."

"No. This is the way it has to be." Her dad interrupted, "Lindsey, if this is what you choose to do, than consider yourself kicked out. "

"What?" Lindsey jumped up out of her seat, "Is that even legal?"

Her mother, and even Sam were in shock.

"You're darn right it's legal. Even if it wasn't - I'd do it anyway."

Lindsey looked around. Her mother was looking towards the floor, and she now could see Sam, who just stood staring at her, with a worried look. She looked at her father, who just stared at her with a seriousness that for once actually frightened her. She ran out of the kitchen, and into her room, where she began packing again. When she was done, she ran past her family and back outside from the comfort of her home with just a bag full of her things. She sat outside for a few moments, where she figured there was only one place she could go - Danial Desario's. Kim's house was out of the question. Ken's house was a huge no, and Millie's was a last resort. Then there was Nick's house, which Lindsey didn't even consider. Nick already stayed at Daniel's once, so it was the first place she thought of.

Once she arrived at Daniel's, she sat her bag down, and stared at the door. She knocked on the door, afraid it might fall in, considering it's unstable appearance. She heard dogs barking from somewhere, and then the door opened, and a frail woman stood, asking who was there.

"Hi, I'm Lindsey, can I talk to Daniel for a minute?"

The woman didn't reply, but just walked away. Soon, Daniel appeared, leaning on the door with a smirk on his face. Lindsey gave an uncomfortable smile.

"Goin' on a trip?" Daniel smiled, chewing gum - or something.

"Yeah..." Lindsey laughed awkwardly, "Um, I sorta got kicked out..from my house. I don't know, I guess I was wondering if I could stay here? I mean, I know Nick stayed here once."

Daniel once again shot Lindsey an uncomfortable glance, which Lindsey received coldly.

Lindsey laughed, "You know what? This was a dumb idea. Never mind. I'll sleep in the park or something."

She went to turn around, then Daniel called out to her, "Lindsey!"

She turned back around with her things, and Daniel motioned with his arm for her to come inside. Lindsey thanked him with a smile, and went into Daniel's messy, unorganized, less than pleasant home. They both sat down on his couch, which was scratchy, and smelt strange. Lindsey felt like things were crawling on her, thinking maybe it was fleas, but she didn't see anything with her eyes. She continued to look around the room, and she noticed there were a couple of nice pictures of Daniel when he was younger hanging around, "Wow. You're mom must think you're really special." Lindsey said.

"Nah." Daniel said quickly, and then changed the subject, "Lindsey, what are ya doin' here?" He asked.

"I told you. I got kicked out."

"Yeah, but why did you come here? I hope you weren't like, expecting something to happen between us."

Lindsey moved herself away from the back of the couch, "No!" She said, with a look of distaste.

"Well - I'm just sayin'. I mean, it's okay with me, but your friend Kim might get mad."

Lindsey stood in the middle of the room, "Daniel! That's not why I came here. Kim is your friend too. She's practically your girlfriend."

"Listen, Lindsey. Kim isn't my girlfriend. We're done. Officially." Daniel corrected.

"You know what Daniel. I don't care. You guys break up, like every week, and I don't care what you think. I'm not here because I like you. You know what? I don't like you. You're why I'm here in the first place. You made me turn into-into a freak. You made me homeless-you made me turn into you."

Lindsey turned, and walked down the hall, and soon slammed a door. She could hear Daniel yelling from the room she was in.

"Lindsey! I'm not homeless. You're in my house!"

Lindsey's eyes were closed, but when she opened them, she was in Daniel's room. There were posters of bands, along with records, a guitar, and even some books that Lindsey picked up, because she was interested in knowing what Daniel Desario could possibly be reading. Lindsey was surprised, it was sophisticated literature, compared to what one would expect to find in Daniel's room. Lindsey sat down on Daniel's bed, and in the dark, quiet room, is when she realized the reality of her situation. She put her back to the bed, and began to cry.

"I can't believe I'm laying on Daniel's bed." She said aloud. She quickly got back up, after thinking about how many people may have been in that bed. She wiped away tears, and continued to sit, till hearing a knock at the door.

"What is it?" She said.

"Hey, do you want some food, or are you just gonna barricade yourself in my room?" Daniel asked.

Lindsey sniffled, but then she opened the door, and was greeted by Daniel's stare.

"Were you crying?" He laughed.

"No. Let's go eat." Lindsey walked by him, and into the kitchen, where she saw his mom sitting.

"Oh, hi." She waved awkwardly.

The small woman said, "Hello."

The three of them sat eating spaghetti. Lindsey tried keeping her eyes on her plate, as she held up her head with her hand. Daniel kept looking at her from across the table, waiting for her to say something.

"Lindsey is going to stay here for a few days." Daniel said.

"Oh." His mom said. She wasn't thrilled, Lindsey could tell, but the woman didn't say much else.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. You won't even know I'm here. I promise." Lindsey said.

The woman nodded with an unsure smile. Lindsey looked at Daniel who was smiling at her, but Lindsey wasn't in the mood to smile back. She ate till she was done.

"Thanks for dinner. It was good, um, Mrs. Desario."

"You're welcome." Daniel's mother replied. "Daniel, take some food to your father, please."

"Oh-I'll do it. I'm going to bed anyway. I had a long day." Lindsey suggested.

Daniel got out of his seat quickly, "No. That's okay. I'll do it. I got it."

Lindsey looked at Daniel oddly, "Oh. Okay. Well, goodnight. Thanks again." Lindsey smiled, and walked back to Daniel's room, as Daniel stayed behind to take food to his father, who Lindsey hadn't seen. When she passed by a few doors, she imagined his father was behind one of them. She walked into Daniel's room again, which seemed to have a depressing atmosphere every time she stepped inside. However, it was better than sleeping on the infested couch and floor. She didn't exactly tell Daniel she would be sleeping in his room, but she didn't feel bad either. It wasn't even that late yet, but Lindsey got into bed, without even changing, and went to sleep.