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257pm. Dammit.

I was gonna be late. I sped down the freeway, almost reaching 100mph. It wasnt that long of a drive to Malibu from my apartment in the Hollywood Hills, but my family expected me at 3pm. My sister was getting married this weekend & everyone in the wedding was expected to stay at my parents' Malibu residence until the wedding. It was being held in the backyard, which overlooked the beach. She didn't rly want a big wedding, but hey. A wedding is a wedding, & whatever she wanted, we were good with.

My sister, Felicia Vega, was the oldest between me and my youngest sister. She was 24 & she worked at the record company her fiance was signed to as an assistant. She was getting married to her high school sweetheart, Rodney. He was a rapper / singer and it was great to see him doing it big, just like he dreamed of. I was glad they were happy, & they most definitely were the cutest couple around the block.

Then, there's me. The middle child 21. I was fresh out of college, working as a pediatric nurse assistant at a local children's hospital. I was more than satisfied with my life, having to do what I loved doing as a job, having my own place and being the girlfriend of LA Lakers very own Shad Johnson. He paid a visit to the Children's Hospital to liven up the kids' moods & we hit it off from there. Things havent been as great with us, but we're getting by day by day.

Last, there's our little sister, Amanda Vega. She was 17, just ending her junior year in high school. She was definitely boy crazy, but she always knew how to keep focused on school and basketball. She had her nerdy side, her boy crazy side and her tomboy side. The full package.

"Christina! FINALLY. God, I've been waiting for yoou!" My sister yelled from the door.

"I know, I know. I'm late. Sorry?" I said with an apologizing tone in my voice. She pulled me into a hug and we entered the house.

"Christina, you always seem to be a pro at coming late." Amanda said in her basketball shorts, a shirt, crewsocks and jordan slippers. I hit her on the arm and pulled her into a hug.

"Hi to you too, babysister." I kissed her ontop of her head and she pushed me away with a mumbled 'ew.' I laughed and continued to make my way within the house.

"Oh, look who it is. The last Vega sister to arrive." Rodney said with his arms open. I smiled and gave him a hug.

"Hey Rodney!"

"Where's your stuff?"

"Well your fiance here kinna rushed me out of my car so, it's still in the backseat. I'll get it in a bit." He nodded and laughed. I said hi to my parents and my aunties, uncles and Rodney's parents. Me, Amanda and two of my aunties were Felicia's bridesmaids. I hadn't met his groomsmen yet, but I was told they were to arrive soon. I took that as my cue to get my stuff from the car and head up to my room. I laid my luggage on the floor and plopped on my bed to check my phone. No new messages. I sighed. I mean, I guess Shad was busy. But that's been his excuse a lot lately. I took off my white pumps and my blazer to get relaxed in order for me to start hanging up my clothes and arranging them in the drawers. About a couple minutes later, there was a knock. Felicia peeked her head through the door.

"Hey, Christina. Rodney's groomsmen are here. Come and say hi." I nodded and she closed the door. It wasnt that cold outside so I decided to just put on my pumps and stay in my skinny jeans and my pale pink ruffle front cami. I fixed my hair and brought each side to the front before heading downstairs. As I was making my way downstairs, I noticed four guys standing in the center, talking to Rodney, Felicia and Amanda.

"Oh there she is." Felicia looked up at me, giving the rest of the group the green light to stare at me too. I made my way over to them and smiled, realizing who the groomsmen were.

"CHRISTINA!" Carlos yelled. He ran to give me a bear hug and spun me around. Of course Carlos would greet me this way. It was always like that, since the first day we met.

"Christina, you remember Kendall, Logan, Carlos and James right? From that one day in the studio.. like way back when." Rodney said. I nodded and smiled.

Felicia and Christina walked into Rocque Records, only to be welcomed by pillows being thrown their way and screaming. They stopped at the end of the hallway, only to see Rodney and four other boys pillow fighting and throwing things around the room at each other.

"Oh.. Hey, babe." Rodney said holding a pillow. A latino boy continued to throw a pillow at him, making Rodney glare at him, then smile back at his girlffriend.

"So this is what happens when I leave for a second.."

"Well, not rly Felicia.. You see... What happened was-" A dirty blonde boy started.

"Do i wanna know?" They stayed silent for a minute before continuing all together, "Nope." She nodded and had a confused expression on her face. "Wait, where's Logan and James?" A taller brown haired boy and a pale raven-haired boy appeared from behind the couches with food stuck up their nostrils, mouths, etc. They spit it out, only to be blushing at awkwardly waving at Felicia and her sister.

"Well... Christina. You came on a good day." Christina laughed as Felicia continued to introduce her sister to the boys.

"Dang, I havent seen you guys in forever."

"Well, you never kept in touch like we told you to. I mean, we gave you our numbers for a reason." Kendall added. I playfully pushed him.

"I know. I've been busy." It stayed silent for a bit.

"Logan is your partner, by the way." Felicia butted in. I nodded. I looked at him and I realized he was still staring at me with a certain daze in his eyes. I bit my lip and looked down so I wouldn't start laughing. It was flattering but remember Christina, Shad.

"Who's my partner then?" Amanda said with attitude, chewing on her gum. I hit her on the back.

"Be easy." I whispered. She looked at me and pouted, then looked back at Felicia.


"Oh okay. We're gonna be the best ones out there." Amanda said holding up her hand to give him a high five. We laughed and continued to talk about which room the boys were staying in. They were gonna be staying upstairs where Me and Amanda were. This house was huge, so they had their own rooms. After a bit of talking, we headed to our rooms to get situated. I wanted to be in comfier clothes, so i threw on a black Disneyland crewneck, shorts and light brown Uggs. I plopped on my bed, flipping through channels, passing an interview of Shad on the ESPN channel.

"So Shad, the ladies want to know, are you a free agent?" He laughed and loooked at the camera.

"Free as can ever be."

I rolled my eyes and flipped the channel. That's all they ever seemed to care about. I didnt care if he didnt put our relationship out there, but what bugged me the most is that he acted so cocky about it. Whatever, Shad was a cocky person in general. I sighed and lowered the tv down. Damn, did I rly have the tv that loud? It was alrdy at 20, but it wasnt that loud.. So, what was all that extra talking in the background I heard? I put the TV on mute, listening to the conversation I heard that sounded like it came from right outside my door.

"Are you sure this is her door?"

"Im positive! I mean, we just ran into Amanda's earlier, so it kind of just leaves this room to be Christina's." I giggled.

"Okay? So what are we waiting for?"

"CARLOS NO-" Just then, Carlos was the first to run into my door with a huge smile.

"GUYS! IT IS HER ROOM!" He plopped on the bed next to me. "Hey Christina! We were just wondering where you were."

"Well you found me." I chuckled as the rest of the guys poured in. "Whatsup?"

"Nothing rly. We should be asking you that, Miss I dont like to keep in touch with her bestfriends in the whole wide world." Kendall said. I rolled my eyes.

"Oh please Kendall, dont even start."

"Why not? We havent seen you in like, years! Is that how you rly feel? Christina, we gave you the best years of your life and this is how you repay us!" He said acting overly dramatic and Carlos continuously nodded next to me. I laughed and chucked a pillow at him, making him laugh. "No srsly though, what have you been up to?"

"Well, i've just been working as a nurse's assistant at the St. Rose Children's Hospital."

"God, that makes it even worse. You probably live pretty close to us to be working there & you still didnt keep in touch." Kendall said.

"Are you ever gonna let that go?" He shook his head and I laughed.

"Are you, like dating someone?" Carlos said in my face. I backed up and looked at the rest of them. They all had curious faces. Especially Logan.

"Yeah.. I am."

"Who?" Carlos rose his eyebrow.

"Shad Johnson."

"From the LA Lakers?" James asked. I nodded, smiling. But it quickly faded when I saw Logan look down and turn towards the window. "Wait, so you guys hide your relationship?" Kendall hit him and he worded out an 'ow' before looking back at me.

"Well, I guess. He said it was better bcos he didnt want publicity getting in the way of our relationship." They nodded suspiciously.

"I mean I guess he could just call himself a free agent and be happy about it on tv." James said shrugging. Logan and Kendall hit him again and glared at him. "What? Im just saying.." He mumbled.

"I know. Its whatever." I shrugged.

"How long have you guys been together?" Kendall asked.

"It's gonna be one year pretty soon." They nodded. "Enough about me. How about you guys? What's new?"

"Nothing. Just been busy recording. Doing concerts here and there. Signings." They all chimed in. I nodded.

"Aw look how much you guys have grown. Any one of you taken?"

"Nope." They said confidently. Amanda popped into the room.

"Hey weirdos. Food's ready." She walked back out looking down at her phone.

"I smell barbecue!" Carlos raced out of the room.

"Carlos PLEASE, we have other guests here! Dont eat like you do at home!" Kendall said running after him. James followed with a laugh, leaving me and Logan to walk beside each other.

"Hey." I smiled at him and he smiled down at me.


"You havent said a word to me all day." He looked down and chuckled.

"It's not bad. I'm just surprised to see you, all grown and doing your own thing."

"What? Did you expect me to stay 17 all my life?" I said sarcastically and he shook his head.

"No. But im glad your happy." I had no idea what that meant, but I smiled in return.

"Aw. Did Logan miss me?"

"Not at all." He said sarcastically. I playfully pushed him and we laughed. Logan definitely matured since the last time I saw him. They all pretty much did, but he got taller and his muscles were a bit bigger. We got to the dining room area, seeing my Dad arranging the pans of bbq chicken / ribs, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, greens and biscuits in front of the crowd. We all grabbed our helpings and the boys had their helpings to bottles of Heinekein Beer. After dinner, we took one shot of Bacardi Melon. Felicia wanted us to take a shot everyday until the wedding. She's crazy, I know.

"Oh my god.." Carlos said chugging his shot down. "WOO!" He yelled.

"I rly dont know if it's a good idea for you to drink after the wedding.." I said laughing.

"What? WHY. Christina dont be such a party pooper!" He pouted.

"Okay lightweight." We all laughed and he glared at us.

"You're rly gonna give Amanda a shot?" Logan asked worried, looking at Amanda hold a red cup.

"Felicia." I said, giving her a serious look.

"I know! Im just giving her a little bit. Its not fair if everyone else is taking shots and shes over here watching!" I rolled my eyes as she poured a bit into Amanda's cup. We watched her take the shot with a sour face.

"Felicia, WHAT the fu-" Amanda yelled.

"Language!" My mom yelled coming into the kitchen. She took a double take at Amanda then back at me and Felicia. "I know damn well you guys did not give your little sister some alcohol."

"Hey, dont look at me." I said with my arms up.

"It was just a tiny pinch!" My mom gave her a look and walked away. I mocked my mom's look and Felicia started laughing. We all continued to watch TV and I continuously checked my phone. Still no messages. Whatever. I couldnt take it anymore, so I went outside and called Shad. Giving in again, huh Christina?


"Hey baaaby, Are you busy?"

"Oh hey baby! No, not at all. I was just about to call you." I smiled, relieved at his comment. He didnt forget about you after all. "How's Malibu?"

"It's great. Everyone in the wedding's here. Plus I reunited with some old friends."

"Oh is that so?"

"Yeah! Remember those 4 guys I told you about? And how me and my sisters were close to them?"

"Mhm. I do." He chuckled. "Just make sure none of them are tryna persue my woman." I giggled.

"Not at all. How was your day? I missed you. I wish you were here."

"It was alright. Same old, rough practice and everything. I miss you too though. I'm still trying to see if I can come out for the wedding." I frowned.

"You dont have to if you cant."

"You sure? Im still trying though baby, promise." The line stayed silent. One of his promises, again. "Hello? You still there?"

"Yeah, yeah. Sorry. Weak signal." I lied.

"Its cool. Well, text me later okay? Go have fun with the fams."

"Uhm, okay. Bye Babe, i love you." The line was silent for a bit.

"Yeah, me too. Bye babe." I rolled my eyes. He definitely wasnt tryna have a conversation right now. Whatever, again. I walked inside, seeing everyone scattered all over the place.

"Hey, whats up with the long face?" Amanda said coming up to me. I shook it off and shrugged like nothing was wrong.

"Nothing. Im fine." I patted her head and walked over Felicia. The thing about Amanda is that she knew something wasnt right between me and Shad. She knew it better than I did, but i refused to think about it. She never liked him in the beginning. But, we were fine... right?

"I kind of want to go on a jamba juice run." I said grabbing my keys. "Do you want anything?" Felicia shook her head.

"Nopeeee. Hey, does anyone want Jamba Juice?" Carlos raced over to us with Kendall trailing behind him.

"I do!" I chuckled.

"Alright Carlos. Kendall did you wanna come?" He nodded.

"Logan, James! Do you want anything from Jamba Juice?" Kendall called out. They shook their heads. With that, we headed to the car.

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