Diana Trent is jolted awake in the middle of the night. The warm presence next to her wakes her up, not because he's moving but because she's still not used to it. Tom still manages to startle her when he kisses her cheek in the morning.

Diana slips out of bed and her feet hit the cold floor. She needs to think. Her relationship with Tom has progressed rapidly and she hasn't been able to process the situation. She pours herself a glass of gin and stands at the glass door to the patio watching the rain pour down. She puts her empty glass down and wraps her arms around her waist protecting her from the cold permeating the window and the thin fabric of her nightgown. She doesn't know how to deal with the situation she's in at the moment. She hears bare feet pad across the cold floor and she leans her forehead on the cool glass. She doesn't want to deal with Tom right at the minute.

"Diana," Tom says quietly. He doesn't want to startle her. "Are you alright? It's awfully cold in that bed all by myself."

"Tom, what are we doing? What is this all about? What is the point of all this?" Diana asks as she turns around very slowly.

"What is the point of what: life or what we're doing?" Tom asks as he pours himself a drink and sits on the couch looking pointedly at Diana.

"What we're doing." Diana whispers. She's never been scared in her entire life, except when her niece asked her to be in the delivery room while she was having her baby, but she is now. She pads over and sits next to Tom.

Tom looks at Diana and smiles. He knows she doesn't deal with emotion well and her question proves it. At their age: mid-seventies, living in a retirement village they can't afford to waste time. "Diana we're doing this because we love each other and because we don't want to be alone anymore. At least I thought you loved me."

Diana sighs. Tom used a ploy to perfection; she has to surrender as she has so many times before when faced with how much he loves her. She hates when he pulls this, but it also helps her remember why she stays with him. "Of course I love you, you twit." Diana says as she leans her head on Tom's shoulder. "I just struggle with my emotions sometimes."

"I know." Tom says quietly. "It's late. Forget all this now and come to bed. We don't need more haranguing and morality from Jane about our sexual habits if we look tired tomorrow." Tom says slyly as he stands up and extends his hand to Diana.

"Cheeky devil. Trust you to say something like that. I don't need morality from Jane at all, especially not on that particular topic." Diana says giving Tom her hand and allowing him to pull her up.