The occupants of the back seat go very quiet. They merely revel in their current happiness. Diana secretly hopes that no one at Bayview will be awake when they get back. She wants time for themselves.

"Home again," Tom says a moment later. Diana hadn't even noticed her surroundings as they drove past. "Thank you Sarah."

"Did the ring fit? Did she like it?" Sarah asks as Diana climbs slowly out of the car.

"I don't know that she's had a chance to judge anything yet which is probably a good thing." Tom says as he puts Diana's wrap around her shoulders.

"Let's go and have a drink and celebrate." Diana says firmly as she takes Tom's hand in hers. "Thank you, Sarah. Be careful on the drive home."

"You're welcome, auntie. Enjoy your evening. I'll call when I get home to let you know I'm safe." Sarah says as she hugs her aunt.