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He should have been more worried about the notebook. After all, it was what he'd kidnapped her for anyway. Bait for Yagami so he'd bring the notebook without a fight. He didn't intend to hurt her. He had nothing against her, no reason to kill her other than if her father didn't deliver. But now he was afraid. The way he'd felt, a dread deep in the pit of his stomach, as his men had brought her in unconscious, wrapped tightly in rope and duct tape stretched across her mouth…it bothered him. And he couldn't afford to be bothered.

His chocolate cracked as he bit off a piece and let it melt slowly on the tip of his tongue. He watched her on the monitor; she stared blankly at the wall, unmoving. She had spent the last three hours crying for help. At one point her tears had loosened the adhesive on the tape and it had come free. She'd screamed at the top of her lungs for a good five minutes before his men had replaced the tape. At that point she'd given up, choosing instead to try and bore a hole in the wall with her gaze. He'd gotten used to her seemingly endless supply of energy. The sudden quiet bothered him; her abrupt resignation unnerved him.

"Why aren't you trying any more?" he said quietly. He wanted her to try. He didn't want to see her drained of life. He'd watched her for days before kidnapping her, learning her patterns so he'd have the perfect window of opportunity to snatch her without anyone knowing. She was a typical teenage girl, complete with a lack of common sense, boundless vigor and a knack for getting herself into sticky situations. And that was exactly what had helped him catch her.

For a moment he let the thought of what he was doing to this poor girl's mind catch up with him. She would probably never be the same. She might recover, but after spending hours in an empty room with doubts and fears rampaging through her mind she would never feel truly secure again.

"Why do I care?" he asked himself, and then answered automatically, scared to consider the truth. "I don't."