Perfect Penmanship by DD Agent

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Hola campers. [I always get the strong urge to say Hola Probie when I give that greeting. No one else would get it! It blows]. This was another entry for the ncisdrabble100 comm on LJ, the prompt being 'book'. Now, I've decided to get my game plan in action and get back into writing. I've had a good two weeks slow burn, and the last few days off the whole thing. My question is - what project/series should I update first, or do you want one of the oneshot ideas I have? :D

All your awesome reviews make me so damn happy, you lot are freakin' awesome. Hope you enjoy this xxx

He was packing up the last of Hollis' things she had kept at his place - a toothbrush, a shirt, a couple of books. She had left the tidy box of his belongings on his doorstep yesterday. It was now time to return the favour.

He found the last two books; one was a trashy romance that he shoved without looking into one of the boxes he had bought for moving house. The other book, and the last piece of Hollis Man he had in his place, now rested on top. He looked over the cover and smiled at the picture of the Eiffel tower. Paris. Flashes of him and Jenny overrode all his senses, and as he leant against his boat, he had to stop himself reaching out for his phone in order to call her.

He flipped over the back of the book and tried to read the blurb. "Christian Hibbs and Wendy Farmer are two federal agents stuck working dangerous and just on the right side of legal operations in Paris, France. As the operation grows out of control, so does their desire for one another…"

His voice droned off as he turned to the front of the book, and then round to the back, something bothering him about the familiarity of it all. A small smile crept over his face as he opened to a page and started to read.

Christian couldn't keep his eyes off of her as she moved across the small attic space. He knew she was watching him in the brief moments his back was turned to her. Electricity crackled between them as their eyes met for the first time that afternoon. He felt his smile increase as she pulled her red hair off her lily white neck.

He started to laugh before turning to the print date. Two thousand and three - two years before Jenny had become Director. He went to the front of the book for the author's name. Darien F.J. Rhespen. To anyone else, they wouldn't even assume it could be the same name. But he was damn good at cracking codes, ciphers….anagrams.

Grinning, he reached over for his phone and toyed with calling Jenny's number. He decided to put off calling Director Rhespen until he read the rest of the book.

He definitely wanted to see if Jenny had managed to put in everything they had done in Paris.