Chapter 17

Alice POV

Ever since the last accident we haven't took too many ventures outside the house. It's been four days. Currently I lay in bed with a sleeping Bella beside me. I couldn't help but worry about her. On the day of our accident she had a full blown panic attack, not to mention now she was scared to step inside any car. I looked down at my stomach that was now significantly protruding. Letting out a lud sigh I placed my hand on my belly.

"How are you down there baby girl? Hopefully you aren't as stressed out as your mommy here. I hope by the time you are born that this big mess will have brushed over." I whispered to her.

"Alice?" Bella asked sleepily before turning over to face me.

"Yes Bella?" I asked, giving her my attention.

"Why aren't you sleep? Not sleeping isn't healthy for the baby." She asked genuinely worried and placing a hand on my belly.

"I know love. There are just a lot of things on my mind." I told her, giving her a weak smile.

"I can imagine. Well how about we just clear our minds for an hour or two?" she whispered to me before placing chaste kisses on my neck.

I couldn't help but smile and welcome this distraction. Due to all of the drama we hadn't had any time to ourselves, which automatically excluded time to fill our sexual needs. Her lips worked down my body in magical ways, unclothing me the further down she went.

By now wetness pooled between my thighs. Her lips worked on my hardened peaks and I let out a raspy moan as I pressed her head more into my breast. As she continued, one of her hands found its destination of between my thighs. Bella's finger slipped though my panties and into my folds, caressing them for a couple of minutes until one of her fingers brushed my clit teasingly. A breathless sigh left my mouth and I arched into her hand to the best of my ability.

"You like that Ali? Tell me where you want me to touch you." Her raspy aroused voice sent shivers down my spine, as she flicked my clit teasingly again.

I let out a groan of frustration. "Bella please, I need you to touch me!" I begged her urgently.

"Bu where?" she whispered in my ear.

"My pussy!" I cried out.

"As you wish Ali."

Then her fingers began to play me like an instrument. She made quick work of taking off my panties and traveling further down south. In no time her mouth was devouring and driving me towards a powerful release. Her tongue worked over my clit ferociously as three fingers plunged into my heat, thrust after magnificent thrust. I was right there; ready to explode and she knew it.

"Yea, that's it Ali, just let go." With a hard thrust and a nibble to my clit I was sent over the edge, crying out her name in unbelievable ecstasy.

She came back up to me and gave me a hard, passionate kiss, allowing me to taste myself on her lips.

"Your turn." she told me.

"No, that's okay Alice, I know your probably tired." She said lying down beside me.

I propped myself up on my knees and looked at her. "My turn." I told her more firmly.

Bella knew better then to argue. I realized that Bella still had her bra and boy shorts on, and tisked her. "This just won't do."

I helped her strip down before placing myself between her spread legs. She glistened, wet and ready for me. I couldn't lie on my stomach to lick her but I sure as hell will work magic on her with my fingers. "Play with these beautiful things for me Bella." I instructed, giving each nipple a soft pinch. Her hands began working at the tender flesh and I eyed her for just a moment, admiring her beauty.

I slid one finger into her and the other onto her clit, working her over in slow rhythmic motions as she whimpered softly, still caressing her breast. I then added another finger and sped up, moving my hips at the pace of my hand. I angled my fingers right to hit that spot I know she loved me to hit.

"Oh Ali fuck yes! Just like that!" She cried out, thrusting her hips in time with my hand.

Soon I had three fingers deep inside her, driving her further and further to the edge. Bella's hands still working at her breast, gripping and rolling them in her palms. She looked absolutely stunning right now. She looked down at me before groaning and biting her lip. I knew she was right where I wanted her.

I'm so close, so close…." She whimpered.

"Let go baby." I thrust into her hard, hitting just the right spot and she went tumbling. Her body arching up as my name fell repeatedly from her lips, as if it were a chant.

"Oh Alice I love you" she told me as she came down from her high.

"I love you too Bella." I whispered to her, giving her a soft kiss before curling into her side. Her arms wrapped around me and I felt my eyes get heavy. Sleep was finally coming for me.

"No matter what I'll always protect you and the little one." She whispered to me. I looked up at her. She was in deep thought. "I was wondering…when the baby is born what will I be to her?" she asked curiously before looking down at me.

I had honestly never thought of this and the question had stumped me. Hmm what would Bella be? I wouldn't be able to introduce Bella to my child as a best friend, and definitely not an aunt. Bella is my girlfriend, and probably will be my wife sooner or later. I could not imagine living without Bella, without her always being there to bring a smile to my face. Well maybe Bella could have the same role as me and be her mom?

"Hmm how about I'll be mommy and you can be momma or maybe momma Bella? Whichever you prefer."

Bella's face lit up before quickly getting nervous. " I don't know Ali, that's a big responsibility. Are you sure about this?" she asked.

I only giggled; she was so cute when she worried. "Of course I'm sure silly; you'll make a great mom." I told her giving her a kiss on the lips.

"Now let's get some sleep. You wore me out." I said with a giggle.

"Because I'm good like that!" Bella joked and I rolled my eyes sarcastically.

"Okay magic mouth, get some sleep." I laughed.

I can get use to that nick name." she whispered in my ear before cuddling up to me.

We drifted off to sleep in comfortable, content silence.

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