Dean wrapped his arms around him as he got off the phone and gently nuzzled his neck.

"All done?"

"Done, I am now unemployed" he sighed as leant against him.

"You'll find something and I still have that job thankfully" he muttered as he placed gentle kisses under his ear.

"Stop teasing me" he whispered as Dean moved his hands up his t-shirt and placed his hands on his skin as he traced them along his ribs. Castiel shivered under his touch as he turned in his arms and kissed him fiercely.

"Okay you guys stop eating each other" Gabriel said as he came into the living room eating a sandwich.

"I thought you were at work" Castiel said as he frowned at him turning back in his arms as Dean held him again.

"I was its called sick leave" he winked as Castiel shook his head at him.

"We are going to need the money now Gabriel".

"I know, it's one day! Please forgive me".

Dean smirked as he kissed his shoulder gently.

"I'm going to see Jo" he whispered as he kissed him goodbye.

"Bye Gabriel"

"Bye Deano!"

Cas watched him leave as he sat down next to Gabriel with a sigh.

"What's up?"

"Just concerned, Zachariah is still out there and there has been no word, nothing and it worries me because I know him and he'll return".

Gabriel blinked as he considered this and shrugged.

"Maybe he's just gone? That embarrassed he was caught out and his little set up was foiled by you and his brother he fled"

"You think?"

"Hell yes" he grinned and offered him a sandwich causing Castiel to roll his eyes in response.

Cas' phone rang and he picked it up in confusion at the caller id.



His breath halted as he heard her voice.

"Anna, why are you calling me?"

Gabriel looked at him shocked as he pointed at the phone. "Anna?"

He nodded in response and gave him a look to tell him to be quiet.

"I'm calling to warn you, he knows Castiel and he's coming to see you now"

"Knows what?"

"You and that man…in a relationship?"

He gasped a little and his eyes went wide in fear as he looked over to Gabriel.

"Father is coming here?"

Gabriel's mouth fell open and it would have been comical if Castiel wasn't scared at this moment.

"Hold on, how do you know that is he coming and how do you know about my relationship?"

"Because he told us Castiel, Michael refused to warn you said you had it coming but I don't and I am telling you run now or confront him, end this fight Castiel!"

"Thank you"

"Good luck" he heard her whisper and then the dial tone as he hung up himself.

"Father is coming here and I bet you it was Zachariah who told him…I can't do this, I can't talk to him".

"So…you're going run?"

"I don't know" he said as Gabriel sighed and patted his arm.

"I was like the last to find out! I mean seriously you and the village priest?" she laughed as he shrugged.

"It just happened…I fell for him and he fell for me, it happens Jo!"

"Hey, I am not judging you, you make a handsome couple if I may so myself, shame you're both gay".

"Bi-sexual actually" Dean chuckled as she gave him a look.

His phone buzzed and seen an urgent text from Cas.

"I got to go"

"You only just got here" she whined as he nodded staring at the text confused.

"I know I'll make it up to you" he said kissing her cheek before rushing out and going back to Cas'.

"Okay where's the fire?" he called as he walked in and jumped when Cas pulled him into a hug.

"My father knows and he's coming to see me".

"What? How?"

"Zachariah is my best guess, ultimate revenge for him…I don't know what to do about it, Anna called to warn me and she told me to run or confront him".

He looked terrified as he even considered that and Dean held him close as he rubbed his back soothingly.

"Cas, we'll run if we have to okay? I won't let anything happen to you".

"I don't have a job Dean and neither do you, if we ran where would we go?"

"I have a lot of money in an account saved away and I bet you do to, right?"


"Then we'll find somewhere won't we?"

"I don't know" he murmured as he leant his forehead against his chest in defeat. He couldn't take Dean away from his brother and he didn't want to leave Gabriel, he knew he had to confront him once and for all.

"We're staying, I can't be afraid of him anymore Dean".

Dean nodded as he kissed the top of his head gently. "I'm here for you okay; nothing will split us up Cas, nothing".


Castiel was curled up asleep with his head in Dean's lap as he watched television when Dean heard a car outside.

Gabriel ran downstairs and darted in the living room.

"It's him"

Dean gently shook him awake as he moaned and sat up blinking.

"He's here Cas".

Castiel looked up at Gabriel who nodded at him as Castiel pushed himself up and looked outside to see a black BMW outside. Castiel opened the door to see his father and Zachariah waiting, Zachariah waved at him as Dean glared from behind and charged towards him.

Castiel reaching out and pulling him back. "No! Don't do anything stupid" he muttered as he dragged him back behind himself.

Gabriel came out as well as they stood side by side.

"Oh my sons, the sinners"

Gabriel barked out a laugh as he shakes his head in disbelief.

"Sinners? What, I ran away and Castiel here is gay? Oh yeah, real sinners daddy!" he shouted at him.

"Shut your mouth Gabriel! I have not seen you in years, you could have been dead for all I knew!" he shouted back.

"Would you even care! I mean it's all about Michael and Anna isn't it, it was also Castiel but you found him with another boy and that was it…forced him into the church but that didn't work did it!"

He glared at his eldest son and then looked at Castiel.

"You know why I'm here, how could you?".

Cas swallowed and looked at him determined. "Like Gabriel said, do you even care? I fell in love with a man, this man behind me and I don't regret a single thing!"

"You disgust me; this is against our religion, a sin!"

"Then I am not religious then, you can't pick and choose your sexuality and change it the next day father, it is who I am and who I have always been, I love him and no matter what you say or even do I will always go back to him and be with him".

Gabriel looked at him in approval and crossed his arms waiting for their fathers response, Dean peered over his shoulder as he touched the small of his back in comfort.

Zachariah shook his head and looked towards him as he also waited for the response.

"Then you are no son of mine, neither of you…"

"Going to disown us daddy? Disown your own flesh and blood, if anyone is disgusting it's you, we're your children" Gabriel shouted.

"No, I would never do that but I want nothing more to do with you, I accept and respect you as my children but that is it! I am so disappointed in you Castiel, so disappointed" he whispered as Castiel looked away.

"So am I, in you" he muttered in response.

His father shook his head as Zachariah gaped in shock.

"That's it? Don't you realise what your son is!" he said as he looked at him and up to Castiel.

"I guess a man of free will now" he muttered as Castiel looked at him shocked as he got into the car and drove off leaving Zachariah there.

Dean pulled out his phone and called the police.

"Zach, yeah you stay right there you dick! Police on their way right now!"

Zachariah gaped and hurried off anyway, Gabriel laughing amused as he turned to Castiel.

"That was bizarre, bye bye dad…for good! Can't say it's a tragic loss".

Gabriel went back inside as Castiel turned to Dean and walked into his open embrace.

"Wow, well done you, I am proud of you".

"It still hurts; I love my father even despite everything".

"I am not surprised, a lot of people would but look at us, and we are still together!"

Castiel looked at him and smiled warmly as he kissed him deeply with a huge sigh.

"Do you reckon we'll have any more after us?"

"Oh yeah, probably armies of Christians coming for your blood".

Cas smirked at the joke. "Will you fight with me?"

"Of course, bring it on!"

Castiel wrapped his arms around him and Dean held him tight in response as they looked forward to their future together.

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