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80 Years Alone

Chapter 4

2061 A.D.

The next morning

I was barely aware, in the back of my mind, that this was a dream.

But it was just me and Rin on top of this black mountain, surrounded by rumbling thunder, so I was happy to suspend common sense and just enjoy it. He looked like a teen again, and every instinct I had was instructing me to walk up and ravish his body with my hands and mouth. I was panting, burning, and drooling, and he hadn't even said anything yet. Everything I'd repressed was just tumbling out.

"I love you, Primula," he finally spoke, his eyes melting with so much unrealistic affection that I moaned out loud. "So what do you say? Will you belong to me?"

I couldn't reply faster. "OF COURSE!"

"Come here, then," he murmured, approaching me as he said it.

Fear and uncertainty briefly clouded my resolve, but I shoved them aside, wiped away my tears, and sprinted to him, leaping into him with my arms and legs spread open. I was choosing to trust him, despite my fears and better judgment that he would just drop and abandon me like he'd always done.

Unlike reality, Rin's strong arms lovingly caught me, wrapping themselves all around me in a sexual, dedicated support.

"Oh, Primula," he breathed, sounding much more turned on than ever as his arms explored my body. My mind crashed with the euphoric pleasure of feeling him grope everything that I am.

I just squeezed him as hard as I could, unable to think or do anything else except try to keep him there.

"Am I your King, Primula?" he whispered as he reached down my pajama shorts.

I momentarily blacked out and hissed intensely from the soaring, acidic pleasure. "Yes! You are my King! Please use me however you will!"

"Thank you, Primula," he said, kissing my sensitive neck, his fingers still stimulating me. Something was wrong, though; my heart was beating, not with lust, but with alarm. What was going on?

I looked deep into his face and blanched white. His face had changed into Ryo's, not Rin's! And his hand was still down my pants!

I whimpered, shudders coursing through me. "Stop."


"I can't, Ryo! I'm sorry!" I cried, now feeling no pleasure at all. I twisted myself away from him, covering myself up once again. He looked at me with concern and anxiety, a look I'd seen on his face so many times before.

"But…you said I'm your King."

"I didn't mean it…" I shivered. "I…how long have you been here?"

"It's always been me, Primula. What are you talking about?" he grinned gently. As thunder clapped around us, he kneeled down in front of me, making me gasp.

"No, you shouldn't…"

"I don't care about etiquette. I worship you, Primula. I've always wanted you."

I threw my hands up in the air in frustration. "Look, Ryo – I'll be honest with you. I like you, alright? I AM attracted to you. I've even fantasized about you." Indeed, a couple times, I'd pleasured myself with dirty, sick thoughts about molesting him. Afterwards, I'd berate and punish myself for being such an evil pedophile. "But it's WRONG for me to like you like that, okay?"

"…huh?" he said, looking at me in confusion.

I nodded, feeling more resolved. "I'm going to tell you a secret, okay?"


"I'm 76 years old," I said, smiling sadly.

"No way! You're joking," he grinned. It was a beautiful smile. I wanted to lick his teeth.

I walked up to him and kneeled so that I was face-to-face with him. I sighed and looked into his face. "I am an old hag, Ryo. Although I look like this on the outside, I am a decayed, ruined, dried up shell of a woman. There is nothing for you to like about me at all!"

He shook his head slowly, his eyes bright and so loyal-looking my heart pulsated. "Primula…I'll still love you, no matter how you look, or how old you are. As long as it's you, you're all I'd ever desire."

"You…can't mean that," I said, exhaling with weariness but smiling at him gratefully.

"I do. If you were to suddenly look like an old hag," he began, wrapping his arms around me. I suddenly became very aware of how little I was wearing as he pulled me in. "I'd still worship you, Primula. You are the reason I do everything, the only thing that keeps me from going crazy and killing the rest of my family. You are my guiding light. My goddess."

"Ryo…" I gasped, now feeling quite in love with the boy. And wanting to run my hands all over him and make out with him for hours. My emotions shattered through my misgivings about the age difference.

"I love you, Primula," he said, his eyes burning with an almost edible adoration for me.

"Oh, Ryo! I love you too!" I cried, giving in to my emotions and tackling him backwards to the ground, my lips meeting his forcefully. As I humped him and sloppily kissed his full lips, he massaged my back with one hand and squeezed my butt with the other. I cried out into his mouth, letting my red-hot passion jump into the driver's seat.


My mind received a violent jolt and I felt my energy bleed away me. I woke up.

"Mmm," I moaned, rubbing my eyes. My skin was still hot to the touch. I was so horny for Ryo right now that I could kill myself. I wanted him.

Wait, WHAT?

Hold on a second…what's wrong with me? I…I WANT Ryo?

I can't be allowing myself to have these feelings for Rin's grandson, my student, who is 62 years my junior. And whom Lamica had already told me I couldn't mess around with at all!

STOP IT! STOP IT, PRIMULA! You're a freak! You're sick! It doesn't matter how amazing he is, or how much you love him – you CAN'T!

"Ahem," I heard Sarina's voice from right next to me on the bed.

Wide-eyed and terrified, I turned to look at her. I'd completely forgotten that she was spending the night with me to get away from her father! SHIT!

Sarina was sitting against the wall on the opposite side of the bed, arms wrapped around her knee. She smirked at me, evoking the proverbial cat chewing on its hopeless canary prey.

"So? How was your sleep?" she asked, impishness dancing on her tongue. This is bad. She must have heard me say something.

"Good," I said, pressing my face into my pillow.

"It sounded like it. Sounded like it was PRET-TY good."

"Don't. It-it's not what you think," I said. Which is true – I really hadn't started DOING anything yet before she woke me up.

Sarina laid back down on her side of the bed. "Is that so?"


"Theeeeen all your hissing and saying 'STOP!' and 'OH, RYO!' and 'I LOVE YOU, RYO!' and 'I've always wanted to touch you like this' are just…things you say in all your dreams, huh?"

I blushed furiously, kneading my pillow. "Did I seriously say all that?"

"Uh-huh," Sarina grinned. "I always thought there was something there, but DAMN, Primula! You are INTO my brother! You can't deny that."

"Well, I'm denying," I said, glaring at her. "I don't want to be involved with him."

She laughed derisively, readjusting her underwear to hide her mutilated parts. "Would you like me to repeat what you were saying again?"

"No. Anything but that. It's just…" I sighed, combing my fingers through my sweaty lavendar hair. "You can't really help yourself when you're having a dream, you know? It doesn't mean that's what I want to do."

"Primula, listen to me," Sarina said, gripping my shoulders and looking at me seriously. "You ARE in love with my brother. You can't deny that anymore."

"Watch me."

She rolled her eyes. "You are SO hopeless." Then a newly malevolent grin appeared on her lips. "I'll tell him. I'll tell him what you were saying in your sleep…"

My eyes couldn't get any wider. "You wouldn't!" I gasped. "That would sabotage my entire student-teacher relationship with him! Things couldn't ever go back to normal!"

She shifted around, eying me craftily. "What's to stop me from doing it? I mean, you do know that's something he'd like to hear, right?"

"Sarina…" I groaned, thinking. "Okay. If I admit that I like him, will you promise not to tell him or your parents any of this?"

She poked me in the nose. "Only if you're truthful in how much you say love him. You've got to spill it, okay?"

My heartbeat quickened even more. I'd never done anything like this. I'm so BAD at all this romantic stuff. Not to mention, I feel guilty and evil for even harboring these feelings for a 14-year old in the first place.

I…can't do it.

That's right! I don't love him! I don't have feelings for him! Just an amoral physical attraction to him. Whew. It's decided!

"Sarina…" I said seriously. "I DON'T like him that way! Why should I? He's still so…immature."

"Ah, he'll grow out of it," she said with a wave of her hand.

"You've got it wrong. I DO think he's hot, which is probably why I had that dream." Ugh. There. I've said it. I shivered.

"You do?" she asked, delighted.

"Yes. But I'm telling the truth when I say that I have no desire to date him. Alright? Please believe me."

Sarina sighed. "I see. I guess it was too much to hope for, then."

I furrowed my brow. "Why do you want us to get together so much, anyway?"

Sarina giggled into her hand, looking at me with smiling eyes. "No reason, really. It's just that you're my two best friends, and I've always thought you'd be cute together. I love you as much as I love him, you know. Nothing would make me happier than for you two to get together."

I ruffled her hair. "Don't hold your breath, Sarina! Oh, by the way…"


"Has he ever said anything about me?" I asked her with a grin. "Along those lines, I mean?"

"Oh, what's this?" she asked craftily. "Does Primula want to hear my brother's fantasies about her?"

"Ummmm, on second thought, no. No, I don't." I said, rolling to face away from her.

"That's probably for the best," she giggled. She sat up again with a stretch. "I'm going to go take a shower now, okay?"

"Sure, that's fine."

"Don't have any more naughty thoughts now, alright?"

"GODS, stop it," I cried, holding my face in embarrassment.


After she closed the door, I let myself relax again, squeezing my personal blanket between my legs. So…he did fantasize about me, huh? He really did want me. I invaded his dreams, too!

I sighed with a smile, stroking my chest. It felt nice to have someone desire me and want me, for a change. Not guiltily and in secret, like Rin did, but to actually WANT me as a woman. I don't know what Ryo's feelings are for me, exactly, but there is definitely an upfront physical desire between us. It was naughty – well, fundamentally amoral, to be precise – but it was so reassuring and welcoming to know that he liked me that much. If he was in my room at the moment, I would probably have made out with him immediately (hoping he wouldn't take it much farther than that, of course).

There is now someone who seriously thinks I have a place in this world, and his name is Ryo. When he finds out I'm an old hag and artificial, he'll probably leave me for dead, but…why not enjoy his actual physical feelings now, while I can still fool him?

Perhaps one day, when Ryo's eighteen…I'll approach him…ask him to come to the Quartz Crypt…and give him a passionate, sweat-dripping birthday present. I hugged my sheets and blanket to myself and rolled around with delight and embarrassment at the idea.

Suddenly suicide seemed much more stupid of an idea. I should at least wait until the day comes that he inevitably hates me before killing myself.

Weariness swept over me. I really am an old crone now. I sighed, facing reality again. Ryo really doesn't deserve someone like me, who's probably on her last few legs. As mourning loneliness choked me and I thought back on how much more athletic and in control of myself I used to be, repressed memories of the war came rushing back.

As usual, they gravitated towards that one, horrible day. My last day in active duty.

I shuddered and tried to switch tracks. Fucking Space Demons.

I was positive I'd be even more useless now, if another war were to start.

Now…I'm THIS old…and broken. I'm unable to satisfactorily serve my King in his service anymore. Any shot at a death in battle now would assuredly involve acting against Rin's orders. There goes my one chance at sputtering out with any honor.

I'm a shadow of my old self. Whatever anyone tells me, I know I have to fake every chipper action I do – I really am a dying old woman.

I never had anyone to grow old with.

No one ever offered to give me their shoulder to cry on.

I disappointed everyone.

I am a CREATURE…only every pretending to do all her actions…only pretending to even exist.

I should NEVER have been born. There's nothing for me here.

I should have never tried to steal people's friendships and love. I didn't have a right to.

I don't have a right to love, either, nor to have anyone comfort me.

I can't wait until the day that I'm lying dead and cold, six feet in the ground, my spirit channeled uselessly into a gemstone, to be forgotten forever. Forgotten, like all who die, by all those who are important to me.

I grimaced with anguish and pain, shaking in my bed. I would give so much to have just Sarina and Ryo think of me from time to time after I die. Even a "Oh yeah! Remember how we used to hang out with that Primula girl? It's a shame she's DEAD now" would be nice.

There is only so much loneliness and dejection a person can take…and I was damned from the beginning, by the cruelty of my very creator, who forced me to look like this throughout my entire pathetic life.

Sarina came back in from taking a shower, wearing a bath towel. "That was weird, taking a bath with other people in there!" she said with a shiver and a sweet smile. In my dejected state, I saw only how transient and transparent she looked. I could tell that she had physically aged further than I ever had. Even Sarina wouldn't stop to stay for me.

But of course she'll age. She's not a monster, like me.

"Primula? Is there something wrong?" she chirped, walking up to me and looking in my eyes with concern. "Does the thought of dating Brother really bother you so much?"

"What? Oh, no, no, that's not it," I said brightly, blinking and trying to mask my dark emotions. I stood and stretched. "So…do you want to go visit your rescuer?" I asked with the same slyness that she was using on me earlier.

"Um…y-yes, I'd like to," Sarina said, much redder than her hair. "But what should I wear? And how should I have my hair? What do you think? Does he like girls to dress older or dress younger?"

I found it cute how concerned she was, when she really couldn't possibly have anything to fear from Shin's appraisal. However, I was having trouble focusing on what she was talking about. My heart was starting to move on from this world.

"And should I dress like a slut? How should I act? Do boys like it if you touch them a lot? Should I wear perfume?" she kept sputtering off questions, regardless of the fact that I hadn't answered any of them.

I smiled and put my hands on her shoulder. "Calm down, Sarina. You can do whatever you want – I'm sure he'll like it just because it's what you chose to do."

"That's so unhelpful, it's not even funny," she told me with a glare. "You do realize I've never, ever tried to get a guy to like me, right?"

"Oh, right. Well, I guess I can help you a little. You should know that I have very little experience in these matters, though. Do you want to wear one of my outfits, since we're here?"

Having found a suitably winning outfit from my wardrobe for the princess, and thereafter spending an hour on preparing her hair and face, she and I came to Shin's chambers.

"Are you sure he's already out of the hospital?" she whispered.

I nodded. "He'll be in there, most likely. And his mom's working right now. So, it's just you and him!"

"A-a-and you too, right?" she said, blushing comically.

I laughed and patted her on the shoulder. "You don't have ANYTHING to worry about, Sarina. Just remember to be calm, courteous, and talkative. Trust me. The more you talk, the better." I knew, on the other hand, that the more Shin talked, the more disastrous their meeting could end up being.

"I-I can try," she said, taking her thousandth deep, steadying breath that day. "Could you please knock for me?"

"Sure." I knocked.

"Just a second!" A voice came from within. A few seconds later, a pajama-clad Shin opened the door with a smile. He actually looked very cuddly, and he had a much hotter body than I'd thought at first. "Hello? Oh, hi Primu…GAAAAHHHHH!" he screamed in evident terror when he saw Sarina standing there. He fell on his ass, figuratively and literally.

I sighed. What was wrong with this kid? Way to make a good first impression, moron! Sarina looked like she was dismayed, scared, and disgusted by him.

"Hey!" I said, snapping my fingers in his face. "You are before the Royal Princess! You must compose yourself."

"Sorry, sorry," he said, standing up and looking very unsteadily at Sarina before bowing low to her. "Your Highness, I am forever in your service. Wh-wh-what can I do for you?" He then whispered to me, at levels entirely audible to Sarina, "You should have told me she was coming!"

Sarina held her head high. "Inviting me in your chambers would be nice, for a start."

"Oh, uh, um, absolutely, Your Highness!" he said, moving swiftly out of our way and gesturing for us to come in.

Like most of the maids' rooms, the place was kept immaculately tidy and pristine. Shin's looked slightly more sparkly than the rest, though. Sarina seemed to become more at ease as she breathed in the scent of cleanliness. Shin seemed to be looking more deranged by the minute, in contrast.

He shakily pulled out two padded chairs for us next to his bed and then collapsed on it, looking between me and Sarina nervously.

"Sorry, Your Highness, I'm still tired and in a lot of pain," he said, trying to use that as an excuse. "Um, um…there's tea on the stove if you'd like some."

"I can take care of it, Shin," I said. "You just take it easy."

"A-a-alright," he said. I hoped he didn't piss like last time. Or vomit. He sounded as though his panic levels were approaching that threshold.

Sarina seated herself on the chair closest to his bed. "Hey, Shin – I wanted to formally thank you for saving me from my father yesterday."

He steadied himself a bit as she complimented his actions. "You're welcome, Your Highness. Th-there's, um, nothing I wouldn't do for you, if-if-if it pleased you."

Sarina smiled, putting a hand on his shoulder – he froze in shock when he did. "What you did pleased me, Shin. And I'd like you to keep pleasing me from now on, if you'd like."

I snorted as I approached them with a tray of tea. "Did you really just say that?"

"Shut up, Primula! Oh, i-is something wrong, Shin?" Sarina said, looking at him with adorable concern.

It was apparently a bit too adorable for Shin to handle. He had already been stalk-straight, his face blue from not breathing. But when he saw her look like that, he finally let out the breath he had been holding in, and with it, all the pee he had been containing.

Acting fast, I slammed the tea down, leapt onto his bed, grabbed his entire body (making sure to hold onto his still-pissing crotch, hoping to hide it from Sarina) and dashed toward the bathroom. "Excuse us, Sarina!" I called behind me. Once in, I plopped the red-faced, squinting Shin on the toilet, kicking the door closed behind me. "Do you need any help?" I asked him gently.

"I got it," he said irritably. "But, thanks." He yanked off his pajama pants (not wearing anything under them), and began emptying his bladder in the correct place.

I gasped. It was the first time I'd really stopped to look at a penis! How grotesque! What the fuck?…It's just like a growth erupting from the body!

Shin made no move to hide himself from my gaping eyes. He looked truly despondent. "Do you think she saw?"

"Even if she didn't, she probably put two and two together," I said, trying to take my eyes away from his dick…but finding myself unable to do so. It was fascinating…I'm supposed to take one of those inside me? "You, um…you might want to work on breaking this habit."

"I wouldn't have the problem with anyone else, though," he said, looking at me earnestly. "It's only with Sarina. She just…breaks me."

"Well, hey, if she hasn't ran away screaming by now, then at least now you'll be able to talk to her without pissing yourself anymore, right? At least until you have to piss again."

"Yeah…" he said with a nod. "Um…could you go get me some more pants?"

"Sure, I'll…" I opened the door and jumped when I saw Sarina standing there.

"GAH!" Shin exclaimed from the pot.

"Oh!" she said, her eyes widening, flicking between Shin and I. "I, um…" She was holding a pair of Shin's boxers. "I thought that maybe, um, he might need some new underwear."

"Sure, come in!" I offered, standing out of the way.

"Primula!" Shin seethed at me in panic. I shot him a "Man up!" look.

"Oh, um, is it alright, Shin?" Sarina asked him politely.

"Ah…" he kicked off his soaked pajama pants and slid them aside with his feet while putting his hands over his crotch. "Absolutely, Your Highness. Feel free to do anything you want, ever, in any way, while you're in my chambers. You don't need to ask…"

"Alright then. And, please, call me Sarina." She walked in even as Shin began hyperventilating at her extreme closeness. "Listen, don't worry; I understand."

"Y-you do?"

"Of course! I know my evil monster of a father damaged your bladder and entire digestive system with his attack – I know you normally wouldn't piss yourself for no reason."

He relaxed visibly. "Um…that's right, uh…"

"And…I flipped through your journal."

He tensed up again immediately. "You did?"

"Yeah. It had my picture on the cover! How could I resist!" She smiled at him, now blushing, herself. "Did you mean what you said about wanting to live every day for me, and never, ever leaving my side, and never making me do anything against my will?"

Holy crap!

He nodded resolutely. "Absolutely."

"Well then," she breathed.

What now?

She walked over and surprised me by kissing him full on the lips. Shin was surprised at first, but quickly let go of his crotch and pulled her into him as he kissed back. She put her hands on his muscular thighs for support. It looked very intense!

She pulled away, a stream of saliva briefly clinging to her lips from his. Putting a lock of her hair behind her ear, she smiled at him and said. "You said I could do whatever I wanted to in here, right?"

"S-sure," he said, looking much more confident now.

Sarina let go of one of his thighs and grabbed his boxers from the sink. "Do you mind if I put this on you?"

He shook his head aggressively.

I blushed. "M-maybe I should leave you two alone. It seems like things are…"

"Yeah, I think I've got things under control. I trust him," Sarina said as she stooped down to Shin's feet, slipping his boxers on. "Besides, even if he did want to do something, I think he's earned it, from almost dying for me." She smiled at him glowingly.

"Alright, see ya!" I said, feeling a little lonely now. Sarina had already found a very special person for her…and good for her!...but I'm still just the same old, abandoned shell of a woman.

"You should go find Brother, and save him from that evil sex witch!"

"I…I don't know if I should," I said, looking back at her sadly. "I don't want to ruin anyone else's life."

Sarina finished pulling on Shin's boxers and hugged him once before walking straight up to me. "Hang on, Shin! Me and Primula have to talk really quick!"

"Th-that's fine," he said, sounding thoroughly confused and delighted at this new twist in his fortunes.

"I'll be right back!" she said, pushing me out and closing the bathroom door behind her. "Okay, so…what are you doing? Look at what I just did. I was DYING with nerves, but it was still THAT easy to get someone to like me. All you'd have to do is tickle my brother…or pinch him…or even kick him in the nuts, probably, and he'd fall in love with you! What's your damn problem?"

"Sarina," I groaned. "I'm destined, by my very nature to be alone, every day, until the day that I die. One day I'll tell you why, but…I just can't be with anyone. Fate doesn't allow me to FEEL. Whenever I, as an outsider, meddle in the true order of things, bad things happen."

Sarina just stared at me like I was crazy. "Do you think I feel like I have a right to love? Do you WANT to know what my father does to me? How can I feel like I have any place in the sphere of love, when I feel as used, broken, and dirty as I do? Not to mention, I'm HIDEOUS! But I'm still trying! What the hell is wrong with you?"

"I'm just worried, Sarina," I said, patting her on the shoulder and putting my finger to her lips to calm her down. "I am very proud of you for this, though…you've succeeded in a way that I'll never have, and did so effortlessly!"

Sarina patted me on my shoulder with a sigh. "Well, alright…if that's the way you feel, I guess there's nothing I can do about it. You'll have to decide for yourself when you actually want to pursue your happiness."

I was a bit offended that she thought she was in a position where she could give me such advice, but I still nodded in response. "Thanks, Sarina. I'll see ya!"

I moped around the castle for a long time. Rin passed me, surrounded by an escort of armed guards. I would have said hi, but all I could do was return his wink, since he looked very busy – nobles were hanging off his coat sleeves and begging him for favors, land, and money. I felt bad for him, and looked longingly at his retreating back until he disappeared around the curve of his palace.

Everything here seems to serve to remind me that I'm alone. But it is my home…and Rin's here.

I walked toward the gardens and saw Ryo and Raze sitting together on the palace fountain (reminding me of Lamica and I), on the far side of the grove. The sight of him looking so satisfied and happy without me made me want to cry. I could smell Raze from here, so she must have been rather strongly aroused. Not that I blamed her – Ryo was a gorgeous boy. I thought back to my dream about him and immediately became a little aroused myself, when I smelled the other Space Demon, Zillia, approaching.

I turned expectantly. "Hello, Zillia. It is a beautiful morning, is it not?"

"I know who you are, Winterbane. I've seen your records," the monstrous-looking woman said. Danger emanated from her dark body as she approached. "I know what you did."

"I am the Winterbane, you're correct. It's not something I'd ever try to hide."

"So you are not ashamed of the fact that you alone are responsible for over a million Space Demon murders?"

I heard a gasp behind me. I turned to see that Raze had joined me from the back.

I responded, "It wasn't murder, it was war. And I regret that it had to be done, yes, but I do not regret doing it." I steadied myself to begin launching spells if the need arose. My magic power had waned considerably in the years since the war, so I wasn't sure if I could take both Space Demons at once, especially if they sandwiched me. "Back down; I don't want to fight you."

"Come now, where's your famous killer instinct?" Zillia grinned.

"You are the King's guests, so I won't battle you except to defend myself."

Ryo came running up beside Raze. "Whoa! What's going on, Primula?"

Zillia took advantage of my momentary distraction to launch at me, a midnight sword of energy extended from her wrist.

Fortunately, my battle reflexes were still active. My body moved almost by itself, casting a prismatic shield between us.

"What are you doing, Zillia?" Raze cried from behind me. "You'll ruin everything!"

"Y-your Majesty, don't you know who this is?" Zillia shouted.

"NO! Stop!" I cried, not wanting Ryo to know.

Zillia cast a spell that I was unfamiliar with, which summoned tendrils of solid laser that broke through my shield and constricted my arms and body.

"D-dammit," I growled, my hands glowing with ready-to-use magic. I couldn't assume the proper casting stance with Zillia's spell containing me, though. I grinded my teeth as the lasers lightly singed through my bare skin.

"DON'T take another step, you FOOL!" Raze burst through the laser net, cloaked in a dagger-like cloak of magic and landing between Zillia and I.

Zillia looked at her witheringly. "If you don't let me kill her, Princess, you're no patriot! You're not fit to take your father's throne!"

"And if I kill YOU, the throne's MINE, you dumb bitch! Going against MY will doesn't make you much of a patriot, either!"

Before the conflict could escalate further, a whipping sound that was familiar to me burst through the hall from behind Zillia. As she turned around in confusion, she squawked in panic and pain as a set of disembodied hooks dug into her flesh and bone, ripping through her with ease.

Hook magic was Lamica's specialty.

"You will stand down, NOW, scum!" Lamica ordered in a magically-altered voice to make it more commanding. She appeared out of the darkness, wearing a magnificent violet dress and looking quite pissed at the Space Demons.

"Princess Lamica…" Zillia said, wide-eyed, trying to stop the blood from oozing out of the giant holes in her flesh. "It is a pleasure…"

"Which is not returned by me," Lamica said, whipping her hooks through the lasers that had ensnared me, allowing me to collapse on the ground like the weakling that I am. "Now, Regent Zillia, I hereby banish you from the planet."

"I-I wasn't…you can't…"

"Oh, yes you were, and yes I can. Any questions? You have twenty minutes to exit the palace. Any suspicious activity, whatsoever, whether within the palace or on the planet on your way back out into space will result in your prompt execution. Any questions, Regent?" Lamica rattled off, sounding quite professional and, dare I say it, sexy. Or perhaps I just felt that way since she just saved us all from something messy.

However…this could easily result in something just as bad. This complex political strife is EXACTLY why I thought we shouldn't have let the Space Demons in here.

Holding her broken bones, Zillia dragged herself up off the ground. "You filthy, sinful terrabound demons. You never change! Even millions more deaths couldn't slow your steady corruption." She looked at Lamica and I menacingly before turning to Raze. "Are you coming?"

Raze laughed derisively. "Of course not. Go on, enjoy your last few days in power."

Zillia looked hurt, then angered, and finally strangely calm before walking down the hall, towards the guest rooms.

I got out my walkie. "Kule. Send a group of guards to tail Regent Zillia, who is en route to the guest rooms from the royal garden. Have them shoot to kill if she does anything even vaguely suspicious."

"It's done, Primula!" I heard him order some guards to move out. "Anything else, my sexy lollipop?"

"Nope. Thanks, Kule. I'll pleasure you later as thanks, m'kay?"

"I'll jack off about you as soon as you hang up. Have a great fucking day!"

"You too, bitch!" I said, grinning and standing up. I froze when I realized Lamica and Raze were staring weirdly at me. "Um…"

"She just jokes around with him," Ryo said hurriedly. "He's married."

I quickly nodded in agreement. How embarrassing! In front of two princesses and a prince! GODS! I really need to take up suicide as a hobby.

"Anyway, are you alright, Primula?" Raze said, coming up to me and slipping her blue arms seemingly unnecessarily around the more sensitive parts of my body as she caressingly lifted me off the ground. "I would hate it if something happened to you! I'm so sorry that my stupid, stupid underling did that to your pretty body!"

I rubbed her arms graciously, although I didn't really like her being so horny around me. It made me feel quite weird and tingly. "Thanks, Your Majesty," I told her.

She hummed and kissed me on my cheek with her plump, perfect lips. She whispered, inaudibly to the others, "You're welcome. It's an honor to be friends with someone who massacred so many of my kind."

Okay, now I'm shivering in a much different way.

"And thanks to you, especially, Your Highness," I said, bowing to Lamica as Raze finally let go of my breasts and pelvic region. "You saved me, and prevented some horrible interstellar political problem from happening…I hope."

"You don't need to thank me, Primula."

"No, you were awesome, Mom," Ryo said, walking up to us. "Good timing, too."

"Thanks, Ryo!" Lamica smiled warmly at her son and played with her own hair. "Why don't you go run off with the Princess here? I have some business to take care of with Primula, if you don't mind."

"Not at all." Ryo bowed his head to his mother politely.

"Oh, actually, I'm going to go have a little chat with some of my people," Raze said, which perked my interest. "But I'll see both of you very soon, when we go swimming, right?"

"Sure!" I smiled.

"See you later, then, Primula! And…Ryo!" she said his name bashfully, her navy skin darkening with embarrassment as she fluttered her long, lovely eyelashes at her romantic quarry.

"Bye!" he waved at her embarrassedly, too. Once Raze was gone, Ryo gave me a quick hug (I gasped loudly from the unexpected contact and pleasure), whispering, "I'm glad you're safe!"

I just giggled and pushed him off, saying something nonsensical and idiotic as I shooed him away.

Once Lamica and I were alone, I turned to her and beamed. "No, seriously, you sounded so mature there! Well done!"

She looked at me stonily. "Don't talk to me as you do my children," she said acidly, seeming to imply that there was a problem with a way I talked to them.

"Uh, ah, I apologize, Your Highness."

Lamica walked around me, looking at me up and down. "Primula…I'd like to believe that it isn't true, since I've known you for many years…"

I tensed up. This certainly didn't sound very good.

"But I've received reports from several guards and palace staff, recently, that tell me they believe you are in an…intimate relationship with my son," she flicked her eyes to me.

I shook my head as emphatically as I could, my heartbeat rising. "That's absolutely not true, Your Highness, I would never touch him or, or, do anything inappropriate with him!" Rather childishly, I pointed in the direction Raze had gone. "Raze is the one you should be worried about – she's completely all over him!"

"That is noted, but they are both children, so it doesn't bother me. Besides, she is hoping he will ask her to marry him after all, in order to forge an alliance with the Space Demons and ourselves," Lamica said, tapping her lips. "At least, that's what Daddy told me. I don't trust any of them at all, but Daddy seems to think Princess Raze is the exception, for some reason."

I groaned. "I thought that might have been it." I REALLY didn't want Ryo to marry that weird alien whore.

"Aha! See? Why are you so upset? Are you not worried that the Princess will steal your beloved Ryo from you?" Lamica said, staring at me.

"No, it's…I'm worried for a completely different reason."

"Primula…ordinarily I would be inclined to believe you, given your long-standing loyalty to the throne. But I've seen so much evidence recently of your inappropriate relationship with my son that I, too, am now questioning how safe it is to keep him with you."

"Your Highness, you have my word that…"

"Look me in the face, Primula. Look at me and tell me that you're not a pedophile!" She leaned over and leered into my face.

"I am NOT a pedophile!" I said, quite truthfully, gazing right back at her. "You are correct that, at times, our physical contact has gotten out of hand, but trust me when I tell you that there wasn't anything inappropriate in it! You can trust me on this, Your Highness!"

Lamica stared at me as hard as she could before standing back up with a sigh. "Very well, I'll believe you. However, see that you stop your despicable flirting and physical contact with him from now on."

I bowed to her. "Yes, Your Highness."

Lamica turned from me and cast a spell to tell the time. "I must leave soon to go on a countryside tour with my pathetic lout of a husband. In the meantime, do your best to keep Ryo from copulating with Princess Raze, would you?"

I grinned a little and bowed again. "Absolutely, Your Highness."

"Very well. I will leave you to your duties, then, slave," Lamica said, whirling and walking away vigorously.

I visited the healers to restore my skin to an unblemished state. Then, after much more meandering and time wasting, simultaneously checking on all my workers to make sure the Palace was being cleaned correctly, I somehow found myself in front of Ryo and Sarina's chambers.

I sighed. Lamica's warnings were still fresh in my mind, and I didn't intend to break them…but I thought it might be nice to see Ryo, if he was in here. My dream of him had managed to stick around with me all day, and, despite my growing disdain for myself and life, a large, instinctual part of me wanted to see my beloved student. Whom I thought was very sexy. Though I certainly didn't want anyone to know that but me. Oh, and I guess I already told Sarina. She's on our side, though, even more than I am, so I think it'll be okay.

Besides, Lamica and Arou had to be gone by now! So I'd have him all to myself for the first time since he'd met Raze!

Taking a deep breath, I knocked on the door, flinching when it opened to the impact. "Ryo?" I asked into the dark, lightless room. The pattering sound of a shower in progress emanated from the room.

I crept in with trepidation, shutting the door behind me. What was I doing? I wasn't planning to…no, no, I wouldn't ever do that. But I still didn't really know why I was here. I normally valued listening to my head rather than to my body, but it seemed to be driving me now.

I'm just going to joke around with him. Yeah, that's right. I don't desire him in any way. I only love Rin; Ryo's just my precious student. There's no danger of me doing anything depraved while that's the case.

Unlike Shin's room, Ryo and Sarina's chambers were nasty, covered with human fluids and trash. I didn't know what went on in here, and I rather didn't want to know – if I found out, I probably wouldn't be able to hold myself back from murder.

I hissed with disgust when I walked past a pile of degrading, bloody photographs of Lamica and Sarina on top of a dresser – it must have been Arou's.

Coming to the bathroom, from which I could hear Ryo singing a poppy, summer love song, I noticed a towel hanging on the doorknob.

Oh yeah. Just desserts! I remembered, quite vividly, Ryo seeing me entirely in the nude when I came back from my shower. This is only fair.

Snickering quietly, I peeled Ryo's towel off the doorknob and skipped back to the beds. I analyzed both and guessed that his was the one with Nerine-blue hair on the pillowcase.

Pleased in my own cunning, I flopped onto his bed (which smelled a LOT like Ryo, much to my body's obvious delight) and got comfy against his pillow.

As his shower went on, my anxiety slowly climbed. What should I say? Will he be creeped out by me being here? How flirtatious should I be? Should I take a picture? No, no, definitely not that last one. BAD Primula!

After a while, I came to the conclusion that the more turned on he was, the less likely he'd be upset with me. I was just wearing my standard maid outfit, but I thought he might like a little more skin to be shown. Nervously (and quite aroused, for no reason that I could say without landing me in prison), I pulled off my shirt and began unzipping my corset. There. Now he can see lots of shoulder and neckline. He should like that.

I brought his towel up to my nose and inhaled its scent worshipfully…it looked fairly used, and it was certainly his, judging by the smell. To think…Ryo used this to dry his NAKED BODY. All the time. He rubbed it across his entire, gorgeous self, over and over and STILL over again, to dry himself.

Sweating and becoming flat-out horny, I feverishly dragged my nose across different parts of the towel, sniffing and kissing it. This. Was. AMAZING! It smells so RYO!

I heard the shower go off and immediately dunked the naughty towel into my lap, blushing with shame and perversion. My heart beat madly.

I'm…SO bad, it's not even funny! I should never have accepted him as my student…I'm too lonely and despondent! Too crazed and inhuman! I…

He's coming out. I have to pull myself together. Come on, Primula. Be cool. Don't rape him. This is just for kicks. You're only undressed to make him comfortable. You can do it. Oh GODS…this is going to go so badly!

I heard Ryo's wet feet slap against the floor and immediately became soggy, myself. "That's weird," I heard him say. I grinned and blushed.

After a moment he threw the door open, looking around in curiosity, completely stark naked! I suppressed a moan as I visually consumed him as much as possible. He jumped a little, but didn't make a move to cover his very lovely-looking crotch. "Why, hello Primula! How do you like the show?"

"It's just perfect, Ryo," I said, blushing horribly and trying to look at his eyes. I think I was going to be the one that got the most embarrassed here. So much for vengeance. "And, um…it seems that your towel has somehow found its way to my lap. How in the world did that happen?"

"Whoa, that IS weird!" Ryo said pleasantly, walking over to me. His penis bounced and swayed along merrily. I could see it start to harden, just a little, which was fascinating to watch!

"Do you, um…like me, seriously?" he said, a little more bashfully this time and still not covering his treasured region up.

Laughing nervously, I shoved the towel into his arms and cleared my throat.

"You look very sexy, yourself," he said, his eyes going down to my nearly bare chest. "You're like an angel!" He pulled the towel around his hips, finally cutting off my sinful staring.

"Oh, I'm FAR, FAR from that," I panted. "Um…"

"No, listen – no matter what you could ever do, Primula, you are GORGEOUS. And adorable," he said with a smile.

"Ryo…" I whimpered, not knowing what to say. I really was attracted to him, obviously, but my heart was entirely Rin's.

"And, I never thought I'd have you in my bed!" he said, leaping onto it and laying alongside me. I gulped as I saw the tentpole action going on within the towel. My whole body shivered with want for all of him. "By the way…I didn't get a chance to tell you earlier, but I had a dream about you this morning," he said casually.

I stared at him in amazement. There's no way – could it have been the same dream? No, of course not, stupid Primula! That's impossible!

"That's nice," I said, snuggling up to his almost naked body. His chest was chiseled and gorgeous. I wanted to lick ice cream off it. "Was it a pleasant dream of me?"

I am beyond aroused – I'm like in mid-climax by this point.

He pressed into me as well. "Yeah, pretty much. You said some weird stuff, like that you were 76 years old, and that you fantasize about me. But that's impossible, right? Most of the dream was really nice, though."

I blanched. I…I…WHAT? Did he…he MUST have…I have no idea! Either he was spying on me or something, or we DID have the same dream!

If we did, then that means all that stuff he said…that he would worship me no matter how old I was or what I looked like – those were his words!

I put a hand to my mouth, sitting up in bed. Perhaps…he really does love me…but can anyone really love someone THAT much?

Besides, I…I…I've already sworn my heart to Rin! I have no space in it for anyone else!

"What's wrong, Primula?" he asked with touching concern.

I smiled slightly and caressed his bare, moist chest. "Oh, it's nothing…I just, um…I just, uh…I just, um, remembered that Sarina and I were going to head to the town soon to do some quick swimsuit shopping! I…"

At that precise instant, the door to the chambers opened. Me and Ryo simultaneously jumped in panic, both standing up on opposite sides of the bed.

Sarina came in, panting and red-faced. She looked extremely upset. "PRIMULA! Here you are! I'm…"

"What's wrong, Sarina? Did he try something?" I gasped, running over to meet her.

"He? Who's 'he?'" Ryo asked obliviously.

"Wait, wait, wait," Sarina said, holding up her hands. "Hold it. Primula. Are you trying out a new style, in which one wears just an unzipped corset?"

I giggled nervously, zipping it back up. "W-w-w-w…"

"And Ryo," she said, smirking at her brother. "I thought you were bigger than that!"

"H-hey!" he said, trying unsuccessfully to hide the poking shape at the top of the towel.

"Trust me, nothing happened," I assured her, my heart beating fast.

Sarina stared at me in disbelief, although I didn't know whether she was doubting my own intelligence for NOT doing something with him, or that she couldn't believe that I thought she would fall for that. Oh well.

"Well, anyway," she said, shaking her head. "Put some clothes on, Brother, I don't wanna see your happy stick any more than necessary."

"But it's so glorious!" Ryo smiled, crouching behind the bed. "So anyway, what's upsetting you besides my one-eyed gopher popping out?"

"EWW, shut up!" Sarina curled her lip.

"No one's asking you to look!" he said in exasperation.

"No one's WANTING you to be wearing JUST a towel!"


"Ahem!" I intervened, now mostly dressed but still mostly drenched down there. "Sarina, what happened with Shin?"

"Oh, well," she said, her voice immediately turning worried, "He was really nice…and SO, so sweet…and very shy and respectful of me."

"Who the hell is SHIN?" Ryo asked, standing back up and now wearing some boxers. I commanded myself to stop panting at his glistening body and listen instead to what Sarina was saying.

"He's a guy I met! Anyway, the whole time, I was doing all the touching…"

"I'm not listening!" Ryo shouted, plugging fingers in his ears. "NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH…"

"But I finally encouraged him to give me a hug goodbye, on my way out."

"NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH…" Ryo continued, quite maturely.

I nodded. "And then what?"

Sarina's face turned pale and terrified. "I…I hated it! I felt like I was going to die?"

I stared at her. "What? Why?" Meanwhile, Ryo carefully took his hands off his ears to see if it was safe to listen in again.

"I don't know! It didn't make any sense…I wasn't in any danger…but my mind was just SCREAMING at me that I should be terrified! His skin felt nice when was feeling it earlier…"

"Heh…you said 'feeling it!'" Ryo said wryly. I rolled my eyes and threw a stapler at his face.

"But it stung when he barely even touched me!" she looked close to tears. "I don't think I can handle it…what's wrong with me? Can I never date anyone? I felt so hurt, sad, and scared, just from him hugging me alone! He'll never be able to touch me at all! How could he want to be with someone like that?"

"Sarina, please just calm down," I said, wrapping her in a tight hug. She squeezed me back as hard as she could, planting her face in my shoulder. She was shaking against me. "This is only the first time, right? I'm sure there's a way we can work through this! It's all in your head, and it was probably all put there by your pathetic shitbag of a father. Excuse my language."

"No, you're right. He is a fucking sick bastard," Ryo growled, sounding quite ferocious. I nodded at him approvingly.

"But…I don't want to feel that way again – how I felt when Shin touched me. I know he's a nice guy, and that he would never do anything against my will, but…I just might be too damaged now to ever really enjoy a relationship with someone," she finished quietly.

Ryo and I looked gravely at each other. I patted Sarina on her back as I continued massaging her soothingly. "I'll think of something, Sarina. I promise. I won't let you lead a life of loneliness, okay?"

She sniffed and pulled away, looking at me hopefully. "Th-thanks, Primula. I don't really think there's any chance, but…"

I ruffled her hair. "Would you like to go swimsuit shopping now? Or do I need to give you some time to clean yourself up?" Her mascara was running, after all.

She giggled sadly. "I guess that'd be good."

I patted her. "We don't have much time left before our set time to meet Raze there! Let's hurry!"

As she rushed into the bathroom, I walked up to Ryo and rubbed his forehead. "Are you alright? I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"Nah, it just kind of glanced off," he said, smiling at me. "So, do you think you'll be able to outswim me?"

I giggled. "I doubt it. You're like a machine in the water!"

"The ladies tell me I'm also a machine in the SACK!" he grinned, giving me a coy wink.

I slapped his shoulder lightly, grinning back. "You are such an idiot, I can hardly stand it! By the way, um…" I cleared my throat awkwardly.

"What can I do for you? I am your loyal and willing slave," he joked, bowing deeply to me. His head brushed up against my aching crotch, causing me to accidentally hiss.

"Um, n-n-n-not much! I was just wondering if I could have your opinion on what kind of swimsuits guys like?"

"…ohhh reeeeaaaaaallly?" he said, looking up from my crotch with a naughty grin on his face.

"YES! And it's not for me, but for Sarina! She wants to impress Shin, of course."

"Oh, well…that's a mood killer. Mentioning my sister like that," he muttered, straightening up.

"It was meant to be. Well, how about it? What kinds do you like?"

"Hmm…" he said, tapping his chin thoughtfully. "I honestly think it's difficult to go wrong, as long as the guy likes the girl. All women's bathing suits are SO form fitting, that it's to the point of it seeming almost wrong to look at them while they're wearing one, you know? I mean, it's tough to find a normal swimsuit that will really turn a guy off. Nothing DOESN'T show off the body, you know?"

"Not all guys value the body as much as you do, Ryo." I grinned, rubbing my hands sensually down from my neck bone to my crotch in an imitation of Raze.

"If they don't, then they're gay," he said decisively.

"What if they're just not as perverted as you?"

"I'm not a pervert!" he said, gesturing wildly. "You just always assume the worst of me for some reason."

I licked my lips. "Maybe that's because you always stare at my tits…amongst other things."

"I…um…that is…" he said, turning a deep scarlet. "I don't mean to be…Anyway, I guess what I'm TRYING to say is, that wearing a one piece or something more modest, to me, shows that a woman respects her body. Which is attractive to me."

"Are…you just saying that to get points with me?"

"NO! I swear! Listen, say I had a crush on Raze, alright?"

"Okay, I will: "I had a crush on Raze!""

"You are SO…anyway, say I did…"

"I did," I said, licking my teeth and winking at him.

He glared at me in mock annoyance. "SUPPOSE I did have a crush on her."

"Eww! Why would you do that?"

"Quiet! Now, then. I would actually be happier for Raze and more attracted to her if she wore something less risqué. I value women a lot – more than you think I do – and it would please me much more to see her in a one piece rather than a microkini or something like that."

I smiled. "Good answer. I don't know how honest you were being, but I still think you're right…Shin will probably appreciate her more in a tankini or one piece than…um…less."

"So, how many points did I get!" he asked excitedly.

"I think you got about 20 experience points."

"And how much to the next level?"

"Uh…is this level the one where I fall madly in love with you?"

"Yeah…either that OR the level where you stick out your butt to let me spank you every time I walk past you!"

"…I'm thinking you're gonna need about 10,000 more."

"Well at least I've got a start!" he beamed.

I patted him sympathetically on his rock-hard chest. "The closer f(x) gets to infinity, or to an arbitrarily large number, the more the limit of x approaches A but cannot equal it."

"…you and your calculus metaphors…" Ryo muttered.

"My offer still stands! If you can pass Calc 3, I will let you take a shower with me."

"But math is insane! I CAN'T UNDERSTAND IT!"

I giggled. "I know you can't."

Sarina and I stopped for about the hundredth time as we neared the palace pool on our way back from town. I had selected a strapless, daring, pink bikini – which was made of some interesting material that seemed be trying to make love to me as I walked. It was SO comfy, and SO cuddly!

Meanwhile, Sarina had chosen a very cute yellow-and-orange tankini, which complemented her impressive body very well.

However, she didn't seem to believe me no matter how many times I told her.

"I…I just can't go in with this on!" Sarina moaned, biting her nails. "My body is ugly. I'm fat."

"No, Sarina, you're HOT." I said. "Even if you don't think so, Shin does! He told me so!"

"I…well, that's very nice of him to say, but…he'll know the truth once he sees me in this!" she hissed. It seemed her self-image had taken another plunge after her panic attack in Shin's room. "And, and, and…the water will take off my makeup and he'll see how hideous I really am!"

"Sarina…" I sighed. "You don't have to worry…"

"Look at you! You're drop-dead gorgeous! You're psychotically perfect! But look, even through this swimsuit, you can see how mutilated my useless vagina is…oh my gods…" she moaned, hunched over, trying to look at herself. It was true, the bathing suit was a little transparent…and, thus, the damage her father had inflicted on her was vaguely visible. But all the other suits we tried on were even worse at hiding it!

"That's it - I'm just going to go home! I'll j-just sit in my room, get raped every night, and then become a spinster, all alone, when my father dies," Sarina gasped.

I felt quite sorry for her…but we'd already had this conversation several times, and I didn't want Raze to spend yet MORE unmonitored time with Ryo.

"Sarina," I said, hugging her tightly again. "TRUST me when I say that Shin is a very, very sweet guy. If ANYONE will love you against all odds, it's him. I don't know if he'll leave you when he finds out you're infertile…"

"And that I look like THIS!"

"…I know, I know…but you've got to at least try! He's one hundred percent on board with you! Don't give up until he gives you some sign that he doesn't like you – and even then, give him time to think about things. You're a really, really amazing girl, Sarina – you're smart, beautiful, and more fit to rule than most kings and queens who have ever sat on the throne of the Demon Realm! If I was a guy, I would DEFINITELY date you, I swear. Mutilation and panic attacks and all. Okay? And so, I don't see any reason why Shin, who likes you at least ten times as much as I do, could ever stop liking you. EVER. Even though you just met. But still."

"D-do you really think so?" she asked, holding her crotch.

"OF COURSE I DO! I've already told you ten times! Now, can we please go? Raze is probably raping your brother as we speak."

"Okay, I'll…I'll do it," she said, setting her jaw in determination.

"That's the spirit! Now come on," I told her, dragging her by the arm for the last few meters to the pool entrance.

"Hello, people!" I said cheerfully as I walked in, grinning at the three who awaited us. Raze was wearing ONLY straps. There was nothing covered, period. And she had such a sexy body that I wanted to impale her on a pike exactly where she was sitting and waving to me with such a cute smile on her face.

Ryo was wearing…JUST…a speedo. A purple speedo. Which was being stretched out quite a bit, due to his erection. So much for me respecting him whatsoever. He stood up and stretched exaggeratedly to me, to show off as much of himself as he could. Against all my reasons not to (which were MANY) I couldn't help but gasp out of arousal at the sight.

Shin got out from the water and smiled brightly at Sarina, his swim trunks clinging erotically to his lower regions. He was blushing tremendously, and was in almost as good of shape as Ryo, but he somehow made himself look sexier. Perhaps it was the fact that he was wearing swim trunks, like a normal person.

Sarina gave him a tiny smile, but seemed totally overcome with bashfulness and self-loathing, seeing as she immediately shot her face straight down. Her hands were conspicuously covering her crotch.

"Sarina, move your hands," I whispered.

With an anxious expression, she put them to her side, which looked even more awkward.

"Hey, Primula, Sarina," Shin said, as Raze went back to giving a chocolate banana fellatio in front of Ryo's face.

"Hey, yourself!" I grinned. "Were you able to make a good impression on the big brother and the psycho alien slut?"

He laughed. "I-I think so. Neither of them has talked to me that much, but they both seem really nice."

"I think they probably are, they just do their best not to show it," I laughed, winking at him. Wow, he's pretty easy to talk to! Come on, Sarina! Say something! I nudged her.

"U-um, hi, Shin," she said, finally lifting her eyes up to meet him, if not her head. "You're a l-lot more buff than I thought you were at first!" She laughed rather pathetically at the end of her sentence.

"Nah, not really," he said, looking quite bashful, too, now that he was talking to her. "But you look…INCREDIBLE! I, um, love your swimsuit."

"Oh, it…it's nothing compared to Primula's..." she said, looking at mine with reverence. I had to hold back from facepalming. Is she trying to pawn him off on me?

"Well, with no disrespect to Primula," he said, nodding to me with a sweet smile, "I think yours is just gorgeous, Sarina. I mean it. I've always found tankini's to be very sexy!" Pretty good, pretty good… "But, um…you're, um…you're even sexier than it!" He shoots, he scores! Well done, my blushing, weak-bladdered friend!

Sarina looked a bit terrified for some reason. "Thanks, Shin…I-I'm glad you think I'm sexy…" Her hands clamped back down onto her crotch. Which, of course, resulted in him looking down there. She gave a tiny cry of panic.

"Um…" he said, "I'm sorry if I did something wrong earlier today. I would never want to ever upset you, Sarina." He bowed straight down to the ground. "I beg your forgiveness!"

"Y-you were totally fine, Shin, um…" she looked around in panic. "W-would you like to go swimming?" she asked, sounding near tears.

"Sure!" he said, standing back up. "I would be honored to swim with you, my princess!"

"Okay, let's go then!" she said hysterically, running past me and diving expertly into the water.

"Was that alright?" Shin asked me worriedly.

"Yeah, you were great," I said, nodding. "Just be very careful not to touch her, alright? Unless she specifically says you can."

"Oh, I wouldn't dare to! I almost died from worry after our time earlier ended that badly. I wouldn't dare mess up again!"

"Shin! Come on!" Sarina said, snapping her finger from within the pool. She was smiling now – being in the pool must have cheered her up. Another factor, of course, was that her body was now mostly veiled by the water.

"A-alright," he said to her, rubbing a hand nervously through his hair.

"Good luck," I whispered. "She's very fragile, but I have faith in you."

He nodded. "I will do my best to let neither you nor her down in being there for her."

As the "S couple" reunited in the water, I reluctantly went over to check on the "R couple."

"So, I also have a…" Raze was saying. "…a crossdressing fetish!" I jumped when I heard that. "I like my men to wear miniskirts, see? And then I can reach up and spank them, and…"

"I-I see. You're combining two fetishes there, huh?" Ryo said, looking a little uncomfortable next to the gorgeous, navy blue young lady.

"Oh, I can juggle all kinds of fetishes, if you want me to…" Raze said in a mix between a purr and a murmur, gazing at Ryo with vivid desire. "What do you like your women to do for you when you make love to them, my adorable prince?"

"I…don't know, because, um, I'm, heh, I'm still a virgin!" he said, lifting his hands helplessly in the air.

"AWW, I love virgins! They turn me on the most!" Raze said, molesting herself.

I cleared my throat. "Ahem. I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

Raze looked up at me and smiled sweetly. "Hi, Primula! You look SO…sexual today, with that bathing suit on! I…can…can I touch you?" she panted a little, making me blush.

"I'm good on that for now, thanks," I said nervously. "Um…you, uh…you…have green nipples?"

She looked down at her strangely attractive, multicolored breasts. "Why, yes, I'm very proud of them. My lineage was purposefully bred to preserve the greenstem gene!" She fluttered her eyelashes at Ryo. "Do you like them?"

He looked at me apologetically before saying, "I'm gonna have to say that I do. They're very pretty!"

All three of us were blushing deeply, now.

"You are SO slow, Shin! Come on, you're not even trying!" I heard Sarina taunt Shin from the water. Her confidence seemed to be soaring back now.

"W-would you like to suck on them, Prince Ryo?" Raze asked breathily, looking nervous. "I would be very, very honored to have your lips on me in such an intimate way!"

Judging from the further swelling of Ryo's crotch, it seemed I should intervene in this situation as soon as possible.

"So Ryo, you never told me what you think of MY bikini!" I sighed, fake-dejectedly, with both of my thumbs through the sides of my bikini bottom and stretching it out. I teasingly lowered the loose fabric up and down a bit, winking at him.

Ryo blushed and stood straight up – almost as stiff as his cock! HAH! No, wait – BAD Primula! Behave your mind! "Um…why don't we all join them in the pool?" he proposed.

"But I don't like swimming," Raze sighed dramatically. "Why don't we go to the hot tub instead?"

"Ryo, I'd LOVE to go in the pool with you," I gasped, wetting my fingers with my tongue and trailing them down the back of his neck. His body relaxed at my touch. "Remember how you wanted to race me, before?"

"Prince Ryo, I really want to get to know you better!" Raze cried out throatily, pressing her entire (more-or-less) nude body up against his right side, her thigh against his crotch. "And I won't be here for much longer! How will we ever be able to talk if we're busy swimming?"

Damn it – I'll have to work really hard to compete with that much contact!

"Ryo," I said, taking his left hand and sensually kissing the back of it. "If you can beat me in a race, I'll wake you up every morning with a full-body massage…"

He shivered, "Um…ladies, can we…just try to, um…"

"My Prince! You can't have both of us!" Raze gasped, snuggling with him as much as she could. "You have to make a decision…it's me or her. I know you'll make the right choice!"

I smiled shyly at him and placed his hand against my chest so he could feel my rapidly-beating heart…and, completely coincidentally, my quite hard nipple.

"Uh…" he looked between us nervously. "I, um…I choose…"

"Primula!" I heard a Kule's voice shout from behind us. Out of instinct, I jumped about four meters away from Ryo.

"W-what is it?"

My green-haired war buddy and loyal second-in-command skidded to a halt at the edge of the pool, looking stone-cold serious.

"The Queen summons you! A great tragedy has happened!"

My eyes widened, expecting the worst. "Wh-what is it? What's the matter?"

He licked his lips, trying to find the will to say it.

Rin was dead.

My life, himself, was dead.

I went through a momentary need to do something when I heard the news. I hysterically investigated his death as much as I could. The medical examiner said it was natural causes – that he just collapsed and died of a common virus, despite being completely healthy the day before. I didn't want to believe that – I wanted to blame someone, anyone, for the death, so I could have my revenge! It wouldn't have helped my sanity to get revenge, but it certainly would have felt good to massacre someone.

The truth was, however, that all the primary suspects had aliases. Zillia had left the planet earlier that day, Lamica and Arou were in town, and Raze was with me at the time. Slowly, as my investigation refused to progress at all, I realized that I just had to accept the painful fact that I had lost the only man I'd ever loved…the man whom I'd always lived for.

I briefly broke down, crying, but it came as fast as it went. I was sad, of course, but so blatantly empty-feeling that I couldn't seem to come up with the soul energy I needed to cry much more. My vision faded, giving way to despair. That was all I could feel. I locked myself in my room, lying in the fetus position on my bed, not blinking. Pain, brokenness, and anger at myself took over my body completely.

I don't know how long I've been here…all I've been doing is letting out one long, deep groan as I ached and suffered with loss…I wanted…SOMETHING…really bad, but I couldn't put my finger on what it was.

I…I've spent so much of my life selfishly avoiding Rin, my only lord and king, simply because I was jealous and felt denied. But I could've given SO much more to him! I wish he would have called me to him! But, of course, he'd choose Nerine. I'm less than nothing to him. And he's always been more than everything to me.

But, dammit! He revealed his feelings for me the other day, while I was on his lap! I could feel his hard crotch poking against mine! Why, on EARTH, didn't I just rape him while I could?

He told me he'd had those feelings all along…if I hadn't been so avoidant of him all this time, perhaps he could've eventually given me a place in his bed, as his concubine.

We should've had so much more time to live together…

I thought I felt empty before. But NOW I'm a broken, unsalvageable wreck of a woman!

Someone knocked on the door, interrupting my mental rotting. "Primula?" it was Ryo.

To my own bitter dissatisfaction, I felt my heartbeat increase and my body begin to long for his touch…just from his damned voice. I sighed, threw on a loose, partially-buttoned jacket to cover up my pathetic excuse for tits, and walked over to the door, mumbling "Coming." To be honest, there wasn't really anyone else that I felt like seeing besides him.

I unlocked it and shakily met my dirty crush's eyes.

"Hi…" we both said at the same time.

"Are you alright?" he asked me with vivid concern on his blatantly Rin-like face. He was only wearing a tight tee and boxers. Very improper for a prince to be wearing, but also sexy as hell! Besides, I was only wearing a thin jacket and panties, myself, so it wasn't like he was dressed down or anything.

I gasped, feeling a rush of affection that sprung from some part of me I didn't know existed. "Come in," I whispered, grabbing him by his bare arms and dragging him forcibly in my room, shutting the door behind me.

"What's going on? And y-you don't look so good," he said with concern.

"Oh, but you do," I said, eyeing him with starving, half-closed eyes. The more I fed this feeling of newfound desire for him, the more my pain dissolved into nothing. I looked quickly down to his crotch, and his boxers didn't do much to veil the fact that his mind was starting to get very much in the gutter about me.

I gulped, feeling guilty and sinful. But I did want him for his company.

"You're acting a little weird," he said, casually covering erection with one hand.

"I'm just in mourning. Thanks for coming to check up on me though, Ryo. I'm really grateful." I bowed to him.

"P-please don't bow to me, Primula."

"Are you saying that you're having dirty thoughts, so you're not worthy to be bowed to, at the moment?" I asked him with a hungry grin.

"Something like that," he said with a nervous chuckle. He was blushing like crazy, and looking crazy-desirable.

"Come on," I murmured with a smile, pulling him to my bed with me.

"I-I don't know…WHOA!" he said as I pushed him onto the bed. I climbed in after him and pulled the covers up around us.

"Don't worry," I said soothingly, caressing his spiky blue hair and staring into his eyes. "We'll keep it under control. I just want someone to snuggle with, is all. I feel very, very alone, you know."

"Okay," he said, staring back at me with a curious mix of fear and fascination.

"Is it okay if I snuggle with you, Your Highness?" I murmured softly. I was already moist from the excitement of having my unspoken crush here with me in my bed.

He smiled gently. "Of course, Primula. It would be my honor."

With an accidental moan of excitement, I burst forward across my bed, spreading my legs around his pelvis and my arms around his back. I nestled my head against his desperately.

Ryo readjusted the sheets so that they properly covered us and then squeezed me closer. His incredible warmth and psychotic heartbeat flooded my body.

I felt his engorged member, which was much larger than I ever realized, throb against my own, soaked, longing crotch.

"Ryo…" I gasped into his hair.

But I WOULDN'T go all the way with him. I just couldn't!

So, instead, I just purred and held him against me.

As I gave into his gentle caresses across my body and his huge dick's random thrusts against my crotch every once in a while, I slowly felt something ugly creep into my mind.

It was a dark feeling. Against Ryo. I tried to shake it – ever since he'd come here, I'd felt so much better! Why should I feel anything bad at all about him? But it kept rising and rising.

I soon found myself wondering if I hated Ryo. I realized I no longer wanted to feel his erection against me, or for him to touch me at all!

Despite my body's obvious interest in procreation, I wordlessly disentangled myself from him.

"Are you feeling better now…?" he asked, smiling at first, but frowning soon after. He must have seen something unexpected in my face.

I finally placed the feeling – he looked so much like Rin, and is just as sweet as him. That's the only reason I was letting him touch me like this! It was a mistake, and disrespectful to Rin, to want, lust for, and touch his offspring like I had been doing! It was an insult to his memory!

ALL THIS TIME…I've been using Ryo as a doppelganger of Rin!

"Primula?" he asked in concern. Dammit, Ryo, don't look so fucking adorable all the time! I almost…you almost just seduced me based purely on the fact that you're my new Rin! I won't stand for this!

"I'm here for you, Primu…" he said, extending his arm towards my shoulder.

"Don't touch me!" I snapped, smacking his arm away.

He looked at me in pure shock, which seemed to egg on the dark feelings in me against him. I leaned towards him on my arms.

After he looked, wide-eyed, at my bare breasts for a moment, he looked at me intensely and said, "I…I know you're suffering from the King's passing more than most people…I just want to help…"

"You can't," I said coldly. I glared at him. How DARE he look like Rin so much! He's just using me! He doesn't give a shit about how I feel! He just wants some action. He's nothing like Rin! I HATE him!

"Primula…me and you…we like each other, right? So…"

"Is that what you think?" I shouted with a sneer. "Whatever gave you THAT idea? I couldn't think LESS of you!"

He shrunk back against the wall, his penis going decidedly limp now. "Well…I like you. And I'm gonna stay here and help you."

I pointed to the door. "Get out. You've helped enough, Ryo!" I said with a sneer. I'm done. I don't want this pathetic kid anywhere near me!

He didn't move. "Isn't there…ANYTHING you'd like to use me for, so you can feel better?" he said, his voice resounding in a way that would have made me rip my clothes for him only an hour ago.

"Just WHAT are you implying, you asshole?" I grinned, my eyes wide and delirious. I grabbed him by the hand and ripped him off my bed.

"I-I'm just offering…"

"You make me SICK!"

"I didn't mean it like that…"

"Ohhh, I'm SURE you didn't! Do you remember what you did when we first met?"


"Let me help you out there, PRINCE Ryo! You farted in my face. Then, you fell down a hole like an idiot and shit and pissed all over yourself. And I had to carry you up because you were too scared to do it yourself! Ask yourself - how the hell could I EVER love someone like YOU? How could I want to fuck someone like that?"


"Are you a MORON? You are a pale, wimpy, weak, piss-drenched shadow of the king! You'll never amount to SHIT!"

His face morphed into complete horror.

"Hell," I continued, "You'll never even measure up to your FATHER!"

He growled and stepped forward dangerously. "Take that back right now!"

I just walked forward and started screaming at him. "Your father may be a sick child molester now, but, once, he was a noble, glorious warrior! YOU, on the other hand, can't even learn a SINGLE thing in my class! You're a lazy sack of shit and an idiot, and I can't stand idiots! I'm kicking you out of my class! You think YOU can understand ME? What I'm feeling? RIGHT NOW? How the hell could you EVER know what it's like to be me?"

The room echoed for a bit. Ryo was now crouched below me as I glared at him with ferocity.

"I'm sorry…I'm sorry, Primula," he whispered.

"Get….the fuck…out of my room…" I said, pointing to the door. "And never come back."

He looked absolutely betrayed, shocked, and wounded, but pulled himself up with some remnant of dignity and walked away without a word, leaving me alone to my chilling emptiness once again.

I dragged my feet back over to the bed and collapsed in a numb heap, feeling no remorse for the way I treated Ryo.

What felt like days passed as I continued to fall into the abyss of nothing that engulfed my being. Ryo, Sarina, and Nerine all came to try and talk with me, but I wouldn't let them in. The prince apologized often, but I couldn't bring myself to care. I just wanted to be left alone to wither and die in peace – was that too much to ask?

So long…ever since my first memory, I'd only lived for Rin. So, I'm far, FAR too old to go on living for some new purpose, like Ryo. You can't teach an old bitch like me new tricks. WHAT would be the POINT, anyway?

My whole life's been one, long, unwinnable race. I wasted everything.

I put all my love and sanity into Rin – a keeper whom I long ago knew would never take care of them.

My heart is spent now! Anything I ever knew and cared about has bled out from my system.

As soon as Rin died, I did, too. Or, at least, I NEED to die, now that he's gone.

I took a knife out from my bedside dresser and examined it as I would a prospective lover. I lowered it to my lips and kissed it, sucking tenderly on its tip. Congratulations, knife – you now have my first kiss. I gently slipped my tongue around it, caressing it from every angle. I didn't mind that some blood seeped out from the lithe slashes on my tongue.

I blew on it sexually and traced it lightly down, through my thin jacket, to my ugly, tiny, bare breasts, carving just past my right nipple.

If everyone hated me as much as I hate myself, then this would be much easier. It would be much less selfish. But I really don't have a choice.

I've been living in a candy-colored dream that everyone, including myself, constructed around my life. And I want out.

I hate it. I hate faking my happiness when none can be had! I hate everyone! Everyone always uses me! They don't really care for me! I have NO friends! I have NOTHING!

With a gleam in my eyes, I held the knife up over my heart, preparing to plunge it in.

Here I go…one last act of bravery for a wasted, pointless, useless life.

Someone knocked at the door.

"DAMMIT!" I shouted, stabbing the bedding next to me instead of myself. "Who is it now?"

"It's an old friend," said an old woman's voice I didn't recognize.

I glared between the door and the knife for a moment before groaning and standing to go see yet another person on the mortal plane.

When I opened the door, alien warmth spilled out from my heart again.

"K-Kaede?" I whispered, relieved at seeing my old friend again after all this time. Her white hair still had a whisper of orange, giving it a very delicate look. She looked quite healthy, bright-eyed, and cute, and, like Nerine, had stayed in surprisingly good shape. Itsuki must enjoy her on a regular basis.

"How are you, Primula? I've heard you've holed yourself up here since our old roommate passed away," she said. I noticed her voice quivered when she alluded to Rin.

That was all I needed to explode into tears.

For the first time since his death, in Kaede's wrinkled arms, I really, truly sobbed uncontrollably. I stood in place, allowing the shudders to crunch painfully through my body, my emotions bursting out from where I'd buried them. It burned to feel them.

Ice magic oozed uncontrollably out of my fingertips, so I backed away and aimed away from her so I wouldn't harm her.

Kaede didn't say anything, but just walked up to me and held me to her from behind, caressing me like a sister.

"I missed you," I sobbed.

"It's alright…it's alright," she said soothingly.

Without caring about whether she thought it was awkward or not, I squeezed her hands against my bloodied chest.

I need to know that I'm not alone…I need to feel some small, safe comfort from a friend.

Kaede…you're my only real friend left…

Please…help me!

The funeral came the next morning. By now, I'd finally pumped out the unnatural pain and darkness – the putrid nothingness that had been choking the life out of my soul – and was able to attend it like a normal person. I was still choking on my tears, though, except they weren't out of self-pity, now.

They were for Rin, like he deserved.

Rin…I'll miss you. I'll never forget you, until the day I die.

I sat next to Kaede and Itsuki, my head bowed in reverence to my fallen love.

Nerine administered the proceedings, giving a heartfelt speech that I allowed myself to empathize with her on. Her eyes met mine with a kind smile several times. I didn't feel worthy to have her look at me like that, after I'd ignored her when she came to cheer me up, after I'd constantly wanted her husband to cheat on her with me, and after I'd left her son to die and chewed out her grandson for absolutely no reason. But, even after all that, she still had some sympathy for me. She didn't look at anyone else in the room that way. I didn't know what to say or think about that. It seems that Rin really did choose the better girl between the two of us. Wait, who am I kidding? I'm the worst choice of all!

Chanting, Nerine blessed Rin's body for preservation in the Void. She then asked all magic-users to join in a chant with her for his soul's exodus. We all tapped into a neutral magic line and opened our magic veins for Nerine to use. During this, I flicked my eyes over to Ryo and Sarina, who were standing next to their parents. I was proud that they could participate in this due to my teachings. I met Ryo's eyes, and he quickly looked away from me. Sarina's black-ringed eyes smiled at me, though.

They were both sweet kids.

The room darkened as Nerine drew from our magic to guide Rin's soul from his body. Clouds of purple energy bubbled around the queen and her fallen husband, centering on his heart. A dark navy orb of energy burst from his heart, quickly becoming trapped by the purple spell. It slowly guided the orb down to the prepared crystal ball, which awaited Rin's soul.

With a bright blue flash, Rin's soul had successfully been transplanted into the ball, contained in there for future rulers and nobles to consult for advice in the generations to come. It would be prepared with a protective shield and a marble base, and then Rin would join the other crystal-ball-contained kings out in the Holy Grove, taking his place next to Forbesii's.

I started to choke up again. Rin wasn't really gone, now, but he'd lost his physical form forever…so in a certain sense he really was gone. I now realized, for the second time that week, how hopelessly stupid my urge to kill myself was.

I also felt, strangely, like I could finally close the door on my long, painful adoration of Rin…he had left the material world behind, and so I, too, could be free to start a new, fresh life. If I could make it work, that is. I didn't want my life to be as useless and lost as it had been up till now.

It seemed that Princess Raze had, wisely, left the planet in the aftermath of Rin's…demise. If she stuck around, she would have soon run into trouble with the Space Demon-hating locals.

I hoped that Rin found time to tell Nerine about his plans to banish Lamica and Arou from their family…but, like he said, there was a good chance she wouldn't ever consider doing that, even had he told her.

After Nerine concluded the ceremony, I made my way up to her and her family to give them my condolences. It took a long time, though, and by the time I made it up there, Ryo and Sarina had already gone elsewhere, filling me with regret at my inability to be there for them the last few days.

"Lamica," I said, nodding to her in compassion. "I am so very, very sorry for your loss." Indeed, she looked beside herself with despair.

"Oh, Primula!" she wailed, acting completely unlike her normal, bitchy self. She enclosed me in a tight, shaking hug, which I happily returned. It was very rare to get positive attention from Lamica.

"It'll be alright," I said, my voice shaking a little, too, with my own tears. I caressed her back.

She squeezed me tightly in return. "Primula…can we talk later? I know you know how I feel…"

"I think it's a little different," I said with a teary chuckle, "but of course I'd be happy to talk with you!"

"Thanks," she said, pulling away. The fact that she was so depressed over Rin's death gave her definite points in my book.

Arou, on the other hand…

"Heh, that was pretty hot, Woman!" he chuckled to his wife as he fondled his genitals. "Why don't you go hug her for a little bit more? I'm almost finish-"


He let out a whimper as Queen Sia demolished a folding chair on his head. "GODS! This is a funeral! How could anyone POSSIBLY tolerate such idiocy?" she cried, her pretty, dainty shoulders rising and falling as she seethed with vindictive anger. Sia had aged even less than the other girls, looking like she could pass for being in her late 40s. She was still an image of beauty and perfection, and, while having never married, had settled for having five close concubines whom she was in love with and had grown old together with.

Arou, on the other hand, was completely unconscious, no small amount of blood spilling out from his head onto the floor.

Lamica chuckled. "I think you should come around more often, Aunt Sia."

"Hee-hee-hee! I've still got it!" Sia bragged, wiggling her fingers proudly.

"Nice job on the entire ceremony, Nerine," I told Nerine in the meantime. "You've done Rin great honor."

"Thanks, Primula. I appreciate you coming," Nerine said knowingly, her eyes deep and wise. She stroked my shoulder reassuringly. "And thank you…for respecting our marriage all those years."

"AWWW!" Sia said.

"Oh, don't…it wasn't…" I sighed, embarrassed. "I would never dream of trying to ruin what you two had."

"Oh! AWWW…again!" Sia continued.

"Not many would feel that way in your position," Nerine said. "I'm very fortunate to have such an amazing woman raising my grandchildren."

"Th-thank you, Nerine," I said, bowing my head to her.

"And where are these supposed grandchildren? I want to see them!" Sia said with glee. I shrugged to her.

"So, Nerine!" Itsuki said, coming up with Kaede. He was pulling off the grandpa look fairly well, and had remained lean and spry. "It seems you're off the market now, eh?"

"Yes she is, but YOU'RE not!" Kaede muttered with a sadistic grin, squeezing his ass.

"HELL yes, I'm not!" Itsuki shouted in agreement.

"What is wrong with you two?" Lamica groaned at them as Itsuki forced Kaede's pouting lips onto his hungry ones.

"That's just the way they are," Nerine said, looking around at anywhere else.

"Okay, okay, no fondling," I finally commanded after they continued for a bit. It felt impossibly good to be here with everyone again! It was like breathing again!

I heard Sarina's voice say, "C'mon, she's up here!" and looked around for her.

Sarina spilled through the fray of old folks and grabbed onto me affectionately. "Primula! Oh, it's so good to see you again!"

"I…Um…Hi, Sarina," I said with embarrassment, trying to shake her off my arm while I played with her hair with the other. I nervously looked back to the direction she came from – Ryo stood there, looking at me furtively. He didn't say anything to me, though. My heart sank. Had I screwed our closeness over for good?

"Oh my gods, you all look so cute!" Sia squealed, stamping in place. "What's wrong with you, Nerine, having such adorable grandchildren?"

"Yes, how dare you?" Kaede grinned.

Ryo blushed, despite himself.

"Hi everyone!" Sarina said, before quickly turning back to me. "What are you doing with all these OLD people, anyway?"

I chuckled awkwardly. "They're my friends. By the way, I know you guys know Sia, but this is Kaede and Itsuki. They're very close to me."

"I see," Sarina said, clearing her throat and curtseying to the Midoriba's. "I am Princess Sarina, and I am sexier than anything you've ever seen in your wildest dreams!" Nerine, Lamica, and I all slapped our foreheads in unison.

"Yes you are!" Itsuki said, giving her a thumbs up. "I like the way you th-GUHAHAHAHH!" he started screaming after a fake-smiling Kaede reached her hands down his pants. I thought I probably didn't want to know what she was doing.

"Oops, that came out wrong. Even if it is true. Oh well!" Sarina grinned. "I actually meant, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, you lowly peons!"

"Ooh, I like her!" I heard another familiar voice say from the other side of the group. It was Asa, who came with the ever-lovely Kareha and their husband, Fuyuki, a human photographer who most magazines regularly rated as one of the luckiest men alive. Demands used to regularly go out for him to release photographs of him and his wives' activities, but he never gave in, to his credit.

I introduced each of them to the kids, before saying, "By the way, Ryo, um…"

He looked at me with a start, his eyes wide and unreadable.

"I just wanted to say," I said quite rapidly, "that you look great in that suit." It was very true. He looked exceptionally yummy.

He gave me a strange half-scowl and quickly looked away. An awkward silence descended on our group. Sarina looked at me sympathetically.

"Ohh, DENIED!" Arou said, pointing at me and laughing while trying to contain the blood spilling out of his head.

"I-I wasn't…" I said, looking at the floor and blushing. I couldn't let the others know about my newfound pedophilic attraction to Ryo! "I didn't…"

At this point, Lamica whirled and stalked away from the group, pulling Arou with her. "See you later, you GILFs! I'm always open for a little sumthin-sumthin, you know what I mean?"

Kaede cleared her throat awkwardly. "So, Princess Sarina – do you have a boyfriend?"

"No, not yet," she said, smiling shyly with her hands folded behind her. "I'm working on it."

"She's…kind of…seeing Shin, Mayumi's grandson," I explained.

"Ohhh, MY, MY, MY, MY, MY!" Kareha screamed, going into spontaneous, brightly-lit orgasms at the evident romance.

"That really is sweet!" Sia said, leaning over to smile at Sarina.

"You shouldn't encourage her, though," Nerine said softly, "she's only 12."

"Oh, I can handle myself," Sarina said with resolute nod.

"Right. I believe you were already in love by the time you were 12, anyway, right?" Sia said sweetly.

During all this, Ryo had been looking like he wasn't sure if he should be there. It seemed like something (quite possibly me) had sucked out all his normal, riotous energy. Sarina was doing her best to share the load, or something.

"So, what about you, Prince Ryo?" Asa said, putting a hand on her hip and smiling. "Do you have anyone special in mind for yourself?"

All eyes immediately went to Ryo. Both he and I blushed intensely.

"I…" he stammered, grabbing his sister's arm for support. "I don't know…"

"Oh, come on – you're certainly cute enough to land a major babe!" Sia said with a physics-defying grin.

"Well…" he continued. I looked away, trying to figure out the best way to get out of there.

"You guys shouldn't bug him," Itsuki said. "He clearly has someone he likes, he just doesn't want to say it out loud."

"I agree!" I said, probably a little too quickly.

"Come on, Primula," Sarina said, tossing her gold-red hair and sashaying over to me, "let's go get our archery game on, to take our mind off things!"

"I'd love to, Sarina, but I think I need to stay here and catch up with my friends a bit. Tomorrow, though, I will. Okay?"

She looked quite disappointed (and I didn't see Ryo's reaction, since I was purposefully not looking at him the whole time). "Oh, okay…" With a little wave, she led her brother out of the fray of gossiping old ladies (He smiled briefly at everyone, even me! When his face turned to me, I felt my whole body tingle)

"I think we're kind of taking over your whole service here, Nerine," Kareha said. "Is there somewhere in private we could go to just relax and catch up with each other?"

"Absolutely! Primula, could you lead everyone to the first Blue Room? I'll join the rest of you when I can," the queen said. I guessed she would probably be glad for the peace, and the chance to continue mourning for her beloved husband.

"Certainly," I said, bowing to her. "Right this way, everyone!"

Almost as soon as we were settled, something unexpected happened.

"Primula!" Kareha.

"So, Primula!" Kaede.

"Primula, you've gotta tell us, what…" Sia.

"You're so lucky, Primula!" Asa.

"I'm getting to be more of a fan of going commando, here in my old age!" Itsuki.

I laughed nervously. "Um…can I help you guys?"

Sia descended on me like a desert eagle. "You and Prince Ryo! How long?"

"…is his penis?" I guessed.

Everyone laughed.

"W-well, that wasn't really what I…" Sia stammered, grinning wildly.

"But that doesn't matter! The better question is, do you KNOW how long his penis is?" Itsuki said. Kaede chuckled from on top of his lap.

Everyone looked at me expectantly.

"Um…" my whole body felt like it was burning from embarrassment. "Yes…?"

"GAAAAAHHHH!" Everyone screamed so loud that it hurt my ears.

"What's wrong? What's going on?" Nerine said, looking around in alarm as she walked in the room, closing it behind her.

"Primula's…MWUH!" I stopped Sia from talking by slapping my hand over her mouth in fear.

"She's been getting jiggy with your grandson!" Asa grinned.

Nerine paled, gasping on shock.

I had to stop the madness before I got guillotined!

"No, no, no, no!" I said hurriedly, running up to Nerine and shaking my head. "I would NEVER do that! I swear! I…I just happened to see his erection, is all. I swear!" I thought it might be prudent not to mention that I had pressed my crotch against said erection. In bed with him.

"Awh, boring!" Kareha complained. Her husband rolled his eyes.

"Come here, won't you sit down?" I invited Nerine, my vocals shaking from anxiety.

"Certainly, thanks…" she said as I took her arm, leading her to the armchair I was sitting in.

"Well…" Sia said grumpily. "There's definitely something going on between you two!"

"No there isn't!" I said with exasperation. I'm getting pretty sick and tired of defending myself against my imaginary love affair with Rin's grandson.

"OHH, don't deny it!" Itsuki grinned. "I saw the way he was looking at you."

"Wh-what do you mean? He doesn't like me, I promise. We even just had a fight a few days ago."

"Oooh! A lovers' quarrel?" Kareha asked, beaming.

"No, a normal quarrel. We're just friends, I swear!" I growled. Nerine nodded in support of my side.

"Listen, Primu," Itsuki began. "I KNOW guys, alright? And the looks he was giving you were looks of desire and adoration. He's sold out to you. I'd bet my left nut on it."

"Well…" I said, blushing. Stop hammering, you retarded heart!

"You all need to stop it," Nerine said, looking nervous. "It seems like it's a little, you know…dirty to talk about this…Primula's almost 80, you know, and he's just 14."

"You can't stop the call of love, Nerine," Kaede said gently.

"Yeah, just like you and me, darli-"

"Shut up, Itsuki," Kaede muttered. "Anyway, isn't it alright, since Primula still looks so young? It's not like she can date someone who looks like my husband, here."

"Despite his intense hotness," Itsuki finished with a grin. "And gigantic penis, of course."

"SHUT UP, ITSUKI!" Kaede and several others said.

"So Primula, how about it? You like Prince Ryo, don't you?" Asa asked me.

"No, of course not!" I said, my face burning.

"Are you suuuure?" Kareha said.


"Don't you think it's a little suspicious that you're denying it so strongly, when he's so cute?" Asa followed up.

"Maybe, but…"

"You're blushing!" Itsuki snickered.

"And that's the face of someone in love!" Kaede said decisively.

I looked to Nerine, begging her for help. She just shrugged unhelpfully, sipping her tea.

"So Primula, when's the last time you had sex, anyway?" Asa said. "I bet you get passes made at you all the time when you look like…"

"It's significantly less than you'd think," I said bitterly. "I'm still a virgin, you know."

"WHAT?" said everyone but Nerine.

"You NEED to get laid!" Itsuki informed me.

"How…how is that even possible?" Fuyuki said from behind his wives. "For 80 years…and you look like THAT?"

"It's not like I couldn't have if I wanted to," I complained. Although I wasn't even sure if that was true. "I just want it to mean something, obviously. I'd have to have commitment, connection, and love with that person And I certainly don't have anyone like that at all, right now, and I likely won't ever by the time I die. All I have are you guys…and the kids, I guess." Dammit, now I'm getting all self-pitying again. It was truth, though.

There was an awkward silence again. "So, are you friends with the kids, at least?" Kaede said at last.

"Well, I guess so. I'm really just their teacher, but we have some kind of friend-like aspects to our relationship."

"I think it'll be dangerous for you if you don't allow yourself to become closer to them," she said with concern. I remembered that she saw how utterly broken I was yesterday. "If you don't make friends you can rely upon, then I think you'll be in a bad place."

I nodded. All these guys, my dearest friends, would soon leave me to myself again…Once again, I'd be without any true peers.

"Maybe you're right…maybe what I've been needing all this time…isn't love, but just friendship!" I said with relief to Kaede. "I never thought about it that way before!"

"Prince Ryo did look hurt, though," Itsuki said. "I think you should go make up with him. I promise he'll leap at the chance to be friends with you."

I nodded in agreement. "What do you think, Nerine? Is it alright for me to befriend them?"

She smiled at me. "I think you already have, really, even if you haven't admitted it to yourself yet. I'm sure they both consider you their best friend already. But Itsuki's right – you really should go fix things before they get worse with Ryo!"

"Okay…alright…" I said, smiling. They were right. This was all I needed. "I guess I'll go, then! See you later tonight, everyone!" I waved at them all and ran out to make my way to the archery range.

To my surprise, Ryo was the only one there. He was standing in perfect stance, putting all his concentration into his shots. I stood, watching him from the doorway in silence and pride. I was a little nervous. Any time I was alone with him, things always seemed to get strange between us. Thinking back, though, it had probably always been my fault. I just got too caught up in teasing him, and didn't give myself any boundaries on how I should interact with him. I think I know, now, that what I really want from him is just…friendship.

After he'd gone through his quiver, I decided to speak up. "Hey Ryo."

He jumped a little and snapped his head towards me. "Primula!" He sounded merely surprised, not angry or anything.

I walked out towards him on the creaky wooden floor, holding myself across the stomach. "Where's your sister?"

"Oh, she left with Shin just a little bit ago," he said with an embarrassed grin. "Can you believe he's already a better archery shot than me, even though he just started a couple days ago? The nerve of that peasant!" he said jokingly.

"Really?" I said, smiling gently. "That's terrible, Ryo."

"Yeah…" he said, turning to the barrel of arrows to ready a new set. "It's, um…good to see you back out here, again."

"Ryo…I…am SO, SOOOO sorry," I finally said, looking up at him in fear.

He hesitated before turning around to see me, looking much more serious than usual.

"I really, REALLY want you as a friend," I sighed. "Everything I said and did that entire time was absolutely wrong, uncalled-for and stupid."

"And untrue?" he asked.

"Yes, of course! I didn't mean or believe any of the things I said! Please forget all of that, if you can!"

He sucked in a deep breath before smiling at me shyly. "I'm sorry, too, Primula. You were kind of right – my intent wasn't in the right place."

I felt a rush of blood when he said that, but mentally commanded my hormones to control themselves.

"I promise, from now on – I won't think of you in compromising ways," he said at length.

"Would you do that for me?" I gasped, grinning widely.

He blinked at me and nodded. "I'll think of you as a friend…as a sister, how about? Would that be acceptable?"

"Yes! Absolutely!" I said, squeezing him in a tight hug. That was exactly what I wanted to hear. "Let's just be friends now. I…I need you as a friend, Ryo," I said.

"I feel the same about Primula," he breathed into my hair, running his hand through it.

I paid attention to his crotch – to my satisfaction, and to his credit, he wasn't hard, for once. He was pleasantly limp against me. He HAD really meant it – this would be the beginning of a new relationship between the young prince and me.

I look forward to it. And I hope he won't disappoint me.

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