A Divine Intervention

Summary: Aphrodite is fed up with the Doomites' constant invasions ruining her plans all the time. So she decides to use the power of love to change them from the inside. The question is can it work?

Pairings: Lotor/Allura

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I own nothing


Aphrodite was fuming; she had just caught Ares cheating on her with some Doomite captain! Honestly, she didn't know what Zeus was thinking when he created them; they were a repulsive race of beings, not only were the cruel and vicious, they were hideous to look at too. She'd lost count of how many times she'd worked her fingers to the bone to get a couple together only to have the Doomites kill them, or enslave them on different planets or force them a part some other way. This was the last straw; she'd had it up to here with the doomites and their stupid invasions and their hideous bodies. She wanted to just get rid of them all.

After a while, she settled herself down and looked at it logically; in order for the gods to destroy a whole race all 12 Olympians had to agree to do so. The Doomites where Ares' people, he loved war and the Doomites were always fighting somebody. The chances that Ares would agree to destroy them were slim to none, so if she wanted them to stop interfering with her plans, she would have to find some alternative means to do so. Eventually, a thought occurred to her perhaps she could get them to change their ways somehow…yes, if she could get one of their leaders to fall in love perhaps. So she headed to planet Doom for the first time in centuries to see if she what she could do. King Zarkon was absolutely horrible, not only was he completely hideous, but he was too much in love with himself to ever possibly care about anyone else. That didn't matter much though, he was also very old and clinging to life with magic potions, Hades would only let that go on for so long before he decided to bring him to the underworld; no mortal was ever allowed to avoid death. Hades owed her a couple of favors maybe she could persuade him to speed things up on that front. For now though, Zarkon was irrelevant so she set about looking for his successor crown prince Lotor.

Eventually she found him and was rather pleasantly surprised. Unlike most Doomites he was a fine physical specimen; under different circumstances she might have even considered taking him as a lover herself. Instead, she looked into his heart and discovered he was already in love with someone, princess Allura of planet Arus. From what she saw of the fair princess in the prince's thoughts, Allura was not only beautiful, but she was also very kind, compassionate, and gentle, exactly the right kind of person for what Aphrodite had in mind.

She quickly jettisoned over to Arus to examine the princess with her own eyes. Her observations confirmed what she had learned from the Lotor's thoughts; she then proceeded to look at what was inside Allura's heart. She sighed Allura's feelings were very confused and conflicted, on the one hand part of her was terrified of Lotor and repulsed by the crimes he had committed, and yet at the same time another part of her was attracted to him for reasons she didn't fully understand and that made her feel ashamed of herself. Aphrodite deduced that Allura's feelings were so convoluted that she would never act on them by herself, which meant Lotor would have to make the first move.

She looked into Allura's memories and groaned out right. No wonder Allura's feelings were so mixed up, Lotor had made plenty of attempts to win her but he was going about all the wrong way. Clearly, if he wanted to win his fair lady's heart, he was going to need some expert advice, luckily for him, Aphrodite was the best in the business; after all she was the master matchmaker, she'd been doing it for millennia. Briefly, she wondered if the fates were using her; the situation seemed almost to perfect, it fit perfectly into her designs. Then she decided it didn't matter, what was important was getting Allura and Lotor together. She was the goddess of love, it was her job.