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Of Prejudice, Magic & Love…

Chapter One – Evolutionary Ways

November 9th 1841

The bells around the kingdom were giving the happy message: Her Royal Highness Queen Victoria had given birth to a healthy son, most possibly the next King of England and Emperor of India, after her own reign. Everyone across Britain was joyous with the news of the Queen's second healthy child, across the fields of the country people drunk in the health of the newborn Prince Albert Edward.

'Oh I can't wait until we have our own little ones…' the blond young woman gushed happily as she kept pulling at the cords of the corset of her friend's, the brunette before her gasped and frowned as she gave a sound between a chuckle and a inhale.

'Luna, stop making me laugh and pull once more, I think I will still be able to breathe,' Hermione Jane Granger said and this time gave a huge loud gasp as her petite friend pulled harshly on the cords once more, her strength surprising Hermione. 'I think I'm wrong,' she croaked as she felt the corset almost crushing her ribs.

'Oh do not whine like a ninny, Hermione… it will be alright,' Luna Lovegood said as she moved before her friend and admired at the new dress her best friend was wearing. Beautiful open neckline for the shoulders and cleavage to be out, posh at the height of the bosom for a lady of Hermione's class. Beautiful skirt of fine silk and satin with amazing patterns and all in a pale blue color and white. Hermione's hair was up in an elegant bun just with small little flowers pinned in.

'I'm so glad your father returned from France with all these amazing dresses…' Luna said and Hermione grinned as both ladies looked around in Hermione's bedchamber. Edward Granger had once again spoiled both his daughter and adopted daughter.

'And as always, we can change the things we don't like with magic…' Hermione said as she looked at a dress with small yellow and blue patterns, she liked the blue but not the yellow so much…

'We will but first, we must go downstairs, your parents have called us for breakfast and after it, you could play the piano for us, since it's too rainy for us to go outside…' Luna said and Hermione smiled, placed the dress back on the mattress and turned at her friend, dressed in pink and green, making excellent contrast with her blond hair.

'I'm so glad papa is back…' Hermione whispered and Luna smiled and nodded her head as she approached and hugged her friend.

'Of course he would be back, the war is over, and he and your mother are allowed to go wherever they like with no fear… muggles are under no threat anymore… thus they're free…' Luna said and Hermione smiled almost tearfully.

'I wish your father had made it too through the war,' Hermione said honestly and Luna smiled sadly.

'He fought valiantly for the Cause. Well I'm sure he's up there watching over us along my mother, and after all, I have your family now, and I'm quiet happy about it. I always wanted a sister and got you ever since our years in Beauxbatons… now we're also under the same roof… a little longer and we'll be nursing little children of ours in neighboring manors…' Luna said and Hermione laughed at the end.

'You and your persistence to get enslaved by a man and his offspring…' Hermione said, faking exasperation.

'You and your persistence to die a spinster withno one around, because lady, I will be in my husband's sweet warm bed when you will be calling for company, be sure I will not oblige you…' Luna said and Hermione slapped at her friend's forearm shocked. Luna Lovegood could be an outspoken, daring lady, like Hermione herself but the brunette was always shocked at her friend's indications of intimacy with men.

'I have you informed that I have my cat, Crookshanks!' Hermione said after a few moments of not knowing how to respond. They had been through that so many times over, Hermione wanted freedom, to be herself, to decide upon her fortune, to make books, to read books and to travel the world, something she wasn't allowed to do with the war raging on in the Wizarding world and her blood status of a Muggle-Born… now she was finally free and safe to do whatever she liked with herself.

The two girls moved down the halls of the Granger manor in a hurry when the maid finally called for them. The manor was located outside London, to the north of the World City, a few miles from the Regent's canal. The manor had been renovated to the Victorian style, like every household in Britain that wanted to be called decent and proper. After the obnoxious and unlimited years of the Regency, Queen Victoria was the one to put everything in order. In terms of fashion as well, the necklines and accessories had turned stricter with each term and the Season for the young to find husbands and wives had became once again the most important priority. Only the thought of what was taking place during the Regency era, with everyone only trying to please themselves through means of sensuality and wealth were done for.

'My beautiful girls!' Edward Granger greeted gently the little ladies as he called both girls ever since their Beauxbatons years.

'Papa!' Hermione exclaimed and hugged her father happily. Outside the walls of their household, the Grangers and their adoptive daughter were most proper and formal, but within the house, Edward and Jane Granger had made sure their daughter and later on both she and Luna were happily raised with the affection of the parental figures.

After Luna also greeted her adoptive father and the girls kissed good morning Jane they sat on the right and left side of the table, Hermione by her mother's right and Luna opposite Mrs. Granger. They started their breakfast cheerfully with Edward telling them amusing stories of his and the ship he was on, bringing him from France to England. Both girls laughed and faked disgust every time he mentioned huge rats and awful black cats on the ship, using his fingers like spiders that approached the girls' plates on the tables as to amuse them. The talk went on happily until breakfast was almost over and the family enjoyed the aftermath.

Hermione noticed immediately the momentary glance of her father to her mother before Mr. Granger could clear his throat and smile at the young ladies… She knew her morning would be ruined within moments…

'And now that I'm back and the Wizarding War is over as the ministry informed us…' Edward started and Hermione set down her cup of tea and waited with held breath. 'And the Season has actually started ever since September… but I wasn't here for almost a month… I'm sure we can have noble men arranging some appointments to meet my lovely daughters here…' Edward said and Hermione let out the breath in a groan she didn't meant to release. Her mother looked at her pointedly but Hermione was already looking at her father.

'Father…' Hermione was ready to say but Edward in a surprising for her gesture raised his hand for her to pause her words.

'Hermione Jane, no, I had enough of this already. You told me you didn't want anyone, you pushed away so many young, wealthy suitors because you were afraid of the war and the casualties and your blood status but now everyone is in peace according the ministry and I won't have you pushing away yours or Luna's luck any longer.' Edward started but Hermione interrupted him

'Father! We've been through this before, it's not only about the war… it's about what I want in my life…' Hermione tried but her father would not have this again.

'Enough with this… I want and expect things from your life as well… to fulfill your purpose as a lady of your class…you're already twenty three! You were supposed to be married years ago and the same stands for Luna here, twenty two and twenty three and still unmarried, you'll probably need years as to have issue and since you have turned down all these suitors… I have it upon me to find husbands for the both of you.' Hermione interrupted him again.

'Father! No! What—Mother say something!' Hermione tried to reason with her father, not with great success as she had expressed herself before and she knew they were across each other on the subject, the war had been a good enough reason to prolong this but now things were different. Jane looked at her daughter and shook her head.

'I agree with your father, Hermione… it is enough indeed, we allowed many things for your wellbeing, your education… magical and not… now it's time for you to take upon yourself your responsibilities…' Jane said calmly looking at her only child with those calmed hazel eyes.

'I'm done with these… evolutionary ways of lifestyle. You went to Beauxbatons since the ministry decided Hogwarts wasn't safe enough for people like you. I allowed you to go there even if I had no idea of your… gifts and what they meant exactly… You returned thank God unharmed but I had given my vow to Luna's father that I will make sure she'll have a good life, the same life I want for you as well. I waited for the war to be over so you can be safe but now… your mother is right. You need a husband by your side and you need to take care of our fortune, to have children, you must act as a lady of your class, books and music and poets and freedom are fine but reality is demanding and I recall you to stand proper for it.' Edward said and was left looking at his daughter who seemed as if seething in her chair.

Again and again the same nonsense, a woman needs a husband, a woman needs children, a woman needs someone to pull and push her towards the way others wanted… well she said different! She wanted to be free, truly free, no man was to rule her, no man was to put her under his arm and hold her there while she would be breeding his children and he would be having mistresses.

She was ready to shout and declare her independence, ready like always to storm out of the room, ignore her mother's pleads and her father's commands. Ready to slam her chambers' door shut and act all unlady-like as to pass her message across but one glance at Luna opposite her stopped her on her tracks. Luna looked quiet hopeful, filling Hermione with guilt.

She might had wanted a specific way of living for herself, but she had no right to stop Luna from what she liked to do with her own life. They were young, educated women and they both had their respective fortune, she would allow these new suitors come along but she would push away only her own luck again.

Apart of disliking the idea of being someone's wife and nothing else in her own right, in a marriage; she would also have to hide her actual nature, she was a witch and she was well aware that if she was alive about two hundred years before, she would probably had been burnt on a stake. She wouldn't change her life's ambitions, wants nor very nature for anyone, muggle or magical. But she wouldn't destroy Luna's dreams either… she had a sharp mind, if she wanted to push away someone, she knew great ways of doing so…

'Very well, father,' Hermione finally answered and both Granger and Luna looked at her dumbstruck.

'Very well?' Edward asked in disbelief, he like his daughter, was ready for a heated debate, some shouting across the house and then Luna's successful little spells as to calm his racing heart down, he knew Hermione would be the end of his but right now he couldn't believe his ears.

'Yes, very well, I will accept the new suitor's visit, as long as there will be one more for Luna,' Hermione replied and Luna looked at her almost thankful. Hermione would repel her own new demon but maybe he would do a good match with Luna, if not, it would be helpful to have one more for her.

'Eer, yes of course, there are actually two very good, young noble men coming this weekend. They were away in India as far as I know, serving for her Majesty the Queen but yes… of course,' Edward said as he shared glorious happy eyes with his wife who even if not that joyous, smiled at her husband the best she could…

'Good then, we shall be ready for this weekend, it will be quiet interesting, I suppose…' Hermione finally said and stood up from her chair, smiled at her father, waved for Luna to join her and avoided her mother's eyes that were pinned on her. Jane Granger knew better but at the time Hermione had her plan working even her cunning mother wouldn't be able to do something about it, so for now Hermione would rather avoid her mother.

She had sent away many suitors before, ever since she was seventeen and available… she would send this new suitor away as well…

Only she didn't know this suitor would be the love of her life….

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