OK, guys! exactly one year after the end of the movie franchise, i decided to end my second most succesfull fanfiction, thank you all so much for the support for the past 11 months and 19 days, this fic had been so demanding for me, maybe as much as From Light to Darkness had been because of the different setting and content but i loved making it and i am so glad you loved reading it :) so here is the final chapter of this work, i promise more is to come soon

the story of harmony with the arthurian legend blended in continues on and possibly, one more fanfic will be started after my August trip to London and Rome, I need a break after all this hard work of the past months so for now it will be only the crossover and maybe some shots here and there

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A Happy Ending

July 1847

Hermione sighed as she put down her quill and rubbed her eyes with her palms, making sure not to touch her ink-stained fingers against her beautifully made hair or face. She took her wand and cast a quick spell to her hands, cleaning the skin before she could rub her belly that was too big for her to sit comfortably on a chair.

Hermione sighed again and looked at the many pages before her, her eyes falling on the fake name she would use.

Currer Bell

It was what Luna had suggested, a fake name, a fake image for the muggles of London while she could keep publishing her work, keep loving every minute of calmness in her true home. And as Luna was a tragic character with those dreamy eyes she had created an entire lie over the Bronte family and how they would work through everything to make the books they wished.

Only Muggles hadn't been as open-minded as the wizards so "Charlotte Bronte" had been too feminine for her first book in the muggle world and as she realized after a few failed attempts, another fake name to cover the first fake name would be ideal, Luna and her ideas….

Next to Hermione, Luna had decided to try and make a book as well, this time under the fake name of Emily Bronte, Hermione was still unsure of why she had decided to do all that but she had to admit: this little trick had worked wonders for her, anytime she wished to stop and start something new, maybe in the Wizarding world exclusively, she would just "kill" Charlotte and move on as Hermione.

At the thought she smiled and stood up with a little difficulty, wondering if she would keep up breeding like her majesty the Queen Victoria as for the past years, she had been giving birth to a child with a difference of months from the sovereign of Britain. Her majesty the queen was now pregnant with her sixth baby and Hermione was expecting her third little one.

Hermione moved close to the large windows of the ground floor in which her study was located and she looked outside at the sunny day, she smiled and fixed her beautiful purple dress as she spotted her family close to the fountain of the patronus as Harry called it.

He was right there, sweaty with his sideburns and raven hair, his face a mask of joy and happiness as he chased the little children before him.

James Sirius was running first, trying to catch his dad while the younger Edward Harry was trying to chase his brother and father, screaming and laughing all the while in his white clothes of satin and lace. Hermione smiled and caressed her belly as she watched her sons, green eyes for James, brown eyes for Edward, she was so curious over how her daughter would look like. The boys had inherited her brown hair, she hoped little Lily Jane would have Harry's eyes, no matter from whom she inherited her hair, they would be in trouble braiding and taming it as bushy or messy were not good options for a lady but they would work through that bane.

Hermione moved away from the window, with a wave of her wand, she cleared everything up from the desk and took only the papers with her. She closed the door of the study and smiled as before the door could close completely, she glanced at the portrait above the fireplace of the room she was leaving.

A muggle portrait, as both she and Harry wished for it. Hermione in her beautiful wedding dress, all of it beautifully surrounding the chair she was on along her veil, while Harry stood by her side, his hand on her shoulder. The wedding had been amazing, all their friends there, the Malfoys far away, the will had became theirs and so their eternal love, so their union.

A few months after the day Hermione had worn her beautiful white wedding dress, she was screaming and pushing in that very house for her first son to be born. James Sirius had been shown first to the portrait of Harry's parents by his father and then to everyone else as the Grangers were rushing to reach Godric's in the night of the delivery by Neville's help.

Hermione had been scared at first, worried that a baby and her marriage shortly before would indeed take her down and away from her wishes of becoming a writer, yet, while little James was still breastfeeding, she started writing, the harmony of her household, the liberty not to be going to London all the time, the scenery around her and Harry's immense help with the baby made her feel ready.

Her inspiration had been limitless from the moment she focused on her work, and her family.

She loved the smell of her house in the mornings while the enchanted magnolias' fragrance made her sigh and take James outside, she loved the smell of the ink and parchment, the sound of the quill scratching the parchment lightly. Sounds and smells she had connected with her house, her life, and she couldn't imagine her life without them.

And then, Harry's smile, Harry's smell, his voice and touch, the major part of her life, her husband, her friend and advisor, the man she helped, the man she saved and loved like no other. She could hear his laughter as she moved outside and the three men of her life stopped on their tracks the moment James spotted her first and stopped, making Harry and Edward stop as well.

'Momma!' Edward screamed first as he started running closer to her. Hermione smiled and could only hug him with one arm as he wrapped his arms around her leg as her belly and the stack of papers didn't help. James rushed closer right after, kissing his mother on the cheek and staying by her side as Harry moved closer and took the papers from her hand, wrapped an arm around her fuller waist and kissed her lips tenderly while their boys started chasing each other around them.

'How are you feeling?' Harry asked quietly and she smiled and stole another kiss.

'Great…' she said and he smiled and glanced at the papers he had taken from her before she could look back at him with raised eyebrows.

'It's finished?' he asked excitedly and she nodded with a huge smile and he kissed her once again. 'I'm so proud of you, Mrs. Potter, or should I call you Ms Bronte? Or Ms Currer?' Harry asked and Hermione chuckled and patted his toned chest above his shirt, waistcoat and robes.

'Mrs. Potter is just fine, it's perfect actually.' Hermione whispered against his lips and he smiled and stole yet another kiss from her.

'What if we call Luna, so she can take the boys to her house and play with the little Longbottoms there, and we can stay here… read pages of the book and then give you a good massage… I am sure my little daughter is tired of you sitting all the time… a satisfactory massage to the mother would help wonders…' Harry offered and Hermione gave him a smile that shared both tease and gratefulness in it.

'Oh Harry…' Hermione moaned as Harry smiled and kissed her neck. He was sat on the bed with his back supported by the headboard of the huge bed while Hermione sat between his opened legs. At that moment she was resting against him with eyes closed, completely relaxed in her husband's arms while his hands massaged up and down her sides, belly and hips, having finished with back and waist already. His hands travelled on her bare belly as he had preferred to have her naked in his arms for the massage.

'I am sure our baby daughter is more than happy with the massage…' Harry whispered in her ear and Hermione smiled and turned her head slightly for their lips to meet.

'I don't know about her but I'm truly grateful, I needed that so much, sweetheart, thank you.' Hermione whispered and Harry smiled and held her face tenderly with one hand on her jaw.

'My pleasure, Mrs. Potter.' Harry whispered when their kiss ended, his other hand was still on Hermione's belly and received a good kick. 'Hello, young lady over there,' Harry added with a smile on his face and Hermione chuckled and rubbed the spot their baby had stretched, for the past days every kick caused small discomfort because of the baby's size and the final positioning for it inside her but she didn't complain, the healer said every time you feel it kick, everything goes well.

'Thank you…' Harry whispered after a moment and Hermione looked at him in confusion.

'For what?' she asked as he looked at her with tender emerald green eyes.

'For promising back then, for promising to give me a chance, for letting me try and take nothing for granted. Thank you,' Harry added and Hermione's hormonal state didn't help as her eyes filled with tears.

'I should be the one thanking you, for letting me fight for you, for not giving up on me when I broke that promise by not trusting you,' Hermione said and sighed through a sniff and Harry smiled and kissed her salty lips as he took away the tears.

'Ssh… I shouldn't have said a word, I didn't think I would make you excited and I should have thought of the little one. No more melodramatic conversation over how much we thank each other.' Harry said and Hermione chuckled right after another sniff and a nod.

'I just want you to know that you made me happy and bringing down every wall of mine was indeed worthy by your side,' Hermione said and the sincerity of her words took him aback for a moment. Of course he knew, they had been married for years now, but as he watched this beautiful woman in his arms, naked and pregnant with his third child, like a prime goddess of the old tales of Gaelic myths, he could only compare her to the woman he had met back then when she had pointed her wand at him.

They had made such a long way with each other, in every department, they had been two strangers and now they were each other's life, along with their children. They had been so different and so similar at the same time, she had not been afraid to scream at his face for his wrongdoings, he hadn't been scared to share a piece of himself with someone else when it considered her, because he knew she would rather die than hurt him.

Harry realized his eyes burnt and he felt the need to sniff himself and rub his face, Hermione gave a teary laugh and stole a sloppy kiss from his lips.

'OK, enough with all this… we're exciting the father as well,' she teased and he laughed but guided her face closer for a slow kiss. When it was broken they just rested their foreheads against each other's and closed their yes, their free hands on the spot their daughter had kicked within Hermione's womb.

'I love you,' they whispered at the same time, putting all the feelings, all the memories and experiences they had gone through from the moment they had met.

'Forever,' they added and smiled at each other, the promise of forever to be fulfilled for sure.

I hope you liked the blended history in it :) by the time Hermione is to give birth to Lily Jane, queen Victoria would be giving birth to princess Louise, i hope you all liked it, please write something for the epilogeu of my work bellow :)