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Secrets at the Yule Ball

The Yule Ball was the most looked forward to event of our 4th year at Hogwarts. It was supposed to be a night of wonder and celebration during the time of the Triwizard Tournament, showing the cooperation between the three magical schools: Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang. From the start of the year, when Dumbledore mentioned the Triwizard Tournament and the ball that would be held later that year, everyone seemed to grow excited for the wonderful ball to come about. However, things seemed to grow tense between the three schools when Harry Potter's name was withdrawn from the cup, showing that along with the three other competitors, he too would be competing in the tournament. Although everyone seemed to despise that Harry had managed to somehow get his name put inside the cup to be considered for the honor of being Hogwarts champion, Harry was just a displeased as everyone else. He knew that this tournament was dangerous and would have liked to take no part in the tasks set forth for the champions to complete for a chance to win the almighty prize. However, once one's name was withdrawn from the cup, there was no turning back; there was no way out of the dangerous tasks laid before him. Harry was terrified and hoped that he would survive the three tasks in one piece, but one could only hope.

Harry was currently standing in the middle of the dance floor with his date for the dance. Since he knew he couldn't ask the one person he wanted to, Harry had to ask one of the Patil twins, getting the other one to go with Ron. Harry briefly heard the music start when his date spoke urgently to him.

"Take my waist," she said hastily. Before Harry knew what was happening he moved his arms into position and they were gliding along the dance floor with the 3 other couples that were starting off the night filled with lovely and hopeful memories.

By the time the song ended, Harry was dreadfully tired as the Weird Sisters started to play, flooding the Great Hall with loud music and screams from the fans in front of the stage, dancing happily. Harry and his date grabbed some punch from the table in the back of the hall before going to sit by Ron and his date's sister. At the moment, he could really care less about the twins, he could barely even remember which one was which as his eyes drifted slowly over to the wall across from him where his secret crush and their date were standing. He quickly reverted his gaze back to the stage, as to not have anyone catch him staring at the one person he should never even glance at unless he was filled with anger.

Harry's crush and their date moved to the dance floor, although his crush seemed to be weary about going at all. Harry inwardly smiled, seeing how uncomfortable his crush was, just like he himself was. As he saw the pair start dancing to the music, and rather close for that matter (closer than Harry would have liked to see), he started seeing green. He had never felt this way before, but the jealousy came rising through his entire body and he could not believe what was happening. Before he knew it he had risen from the chair he was sitting in, ignoring his date and the other two sitting with them, and made his way to the crush he had been eyeing for over a year. Before he could stop himself, he had grabbed the arm of Pansy Parkinson, almost in a death grip and tugged her roughly away from the body she had been clinging to.

"Get away from him" Harry nearly growled at her.

"What the fuck, Potter?" Pansy screamed shrilly. By now, the music had stopped and everyone was looking the trio at the edge of the dance floor. Harry's eyes widened after realizing that he did indeed move across the dance floor to try and get his crush to himself, almost fainting when he realized he had not in fact been day dreaming, but the reality of the situation kicked in suddenly. Harry looked around and saw everyone around them with their mouths gaping, wondering what the hell was going on. Harry's eyes started to fill with tears, knowing that his secret crush was most likely known by almost half the school by now and he couldn't believe he had just let that happen. His eyes moved over to land on his crush; the one that he was not supposed to have fallen for. Draco Malfoy's eyes were gazing back into Harry's. Confusing etched all over his face. Harry opened and closed his mouth, looking like a fish before turning and running out of the Great Hall and away from everyone's prying eyes. He ran to the closest bathroom before collapsing into a heap on the floor and sobbing painfully.

How could he have let this happen? Why couldn't he just control his emotions better and not give a shit that Pansy Parkinson was all over the man that he wanted to be wrapped around. Not only did he realize that everyone probably knew that he festered a deep longing for his childhood nemesis, but they would have figured out that Harry Potter was gay. Harry Potter was not only a homosexual, but he wanted the one person in the world that he knew would never want him back. Nobody can help who they fall in love with. Harry kept telling himself that all the time, not knowing how to react when he realized it himself that he was highly attracted to Malfoy, of all people. He heard the door slam open followed by a pestering voice.

"Who the fuck do you think you are, Potter? What in the hell are you thinking?" Malfoy all but screamed at Harry. Harry whimpered and scrambled to sit up against the far wall, trying to cower as far away from the angry man above him as possible. He covers his tear stained face with his hands and tries to disappear, hoping that the floor beneath him will open up and swallow him whole.

"Potter? What the fuck's wrong with you?" Malfoy yelled again, although not quite as loud as he previously had. Harry can't stand to say anything as his sobbing his making it difficult to breathe, let alone say something to the man he once called his enemy. He felt Draco standing right in front of him and tried to lean further into the wall behind him. When Harry looked up, he saw Malfoy's wand out and pointing in his direction.

"Please don't hurt me. Please, Draco. I'll stay away from you, I promise. Just, please don't hurt me. Please" Harry ended with a whispered cry. He was fearful that Draco was going to hex him, perhaps even murder him, right here right now in this bathroom. He never would have expected Draco to put his wand away a crouch in front of him like he did; to move his hand to Harry's face and carefully push away the fringe that was hanging in Harry's eyes, making it hard to see. He never would have expected Draco's voice to come out sounding so soothing or comforting, but it happened.

"Hey. There's no need to cry. I won't hurt you, I swear" Draco started softly. Harry looked up cautiously to see Draco's face full of worry, which is definitely not something he was expecting. "What happened back there? You acted as though you…" he stopped before he could say what he was thinking. Harry's face showed hurt and embarrassment as his cheeks were dusted with a light pink blush. "Do you?" Draco whispered. Harry turned his head to the side as to not look at Draco's expression. It hurt already knowing the he would never be able to have the man who was currently acting as though he truly cared for him. What surprised Harry even more was when soft lips touched his cheek lightly before leaving almost just as fast, it almost seemed like Harry's imagination. "Do you… Harry?" Draco whispered again. Harry waited a minute before turning his head extremely slowly to stare at Draco's, which was a lot closer than he anticipated, making his heart speed up considerably.

"Mal-Malfoy. I don't… I can't. No. It's not…" Harry doesn't know what to say and whimpers in frustration. He so badly just wants to lean a little further and kiss Draco's lips with his own, but he can't do that. Malfoy must just be messing with him. Harry thinks about how if he spills his darkest secret that Malfoy might just try and use it against Harry to try and embarrass him in front of the entire school. But he called him Harry… does that mean that Malfoy feels something for Harry as well? Harry can't think straight with Malfoy's face so close to his own and it takes all his willpower to push at Draco's shoulders to try and get him to move away from him.

"Don't touch me. I know what you're doing. It's not going to work. You can't make me spill my secrets so you can blackmail me or embarrass me, you can't, okay? Just get away from me," Harry whispers but still in a serious tone that showed he meant business. Draco just stares at Harry, not knowing what to say. It's hard to determine just what Draco's facial expression is saying about how he's feeling, but Harry thinks Draco looks hurt. He can't explain it, but he wishes he wouldn't have pushed Malfoy away from him; he wishes he would've instead pulled him close and hugged the life out of him, just being able to be that close to him for one second would have maybe gotten it out of his head that he wanted Draco. Badly. Without thinking his hand reaches towards Draco and Harry lets a low whimper, not knowing what he wants for sure anymore. Draco looks him over carefully with a curious expression.

"What? Harry, tell me what you want." Draco says slowly and takes a step towards Harry. Harry can't speak, so instead he just points, showing Draco that he wants him. Draco turns his head to look behind him before realizing that Harry means he wants him. Draco nods once before taking slow, careful steps towards Harry, giving him the time he would need to change his mind and stop him from coming any closer. When they are standing in front of one another, Draco is somewhat startled when Harry's hand that was reaching out towards him before comes to curl into the front of his dress robes while the other one moves to rest lightly over Draco's rapidly beating heart. Harry whimpers quietly, but Draco hears it and moves a little closer, not wanting Harry to become more upset about anything.

"Can I… Draco, will you let me… Kiss me. Please?" Harry whimpers again. Draco licks his lips slightly before nodding and moving his hand to the back of Harry's neck and moving their heads closer together before pressing his lips gently against the other male's equally soft ones. Harry's hands curl tighter into Draco's robes, enough where his knuckles are turning white. Sensing that Harry is gripping his robes too tight for his own good, he moves his hands down Harry's arms to cover his hands. Moving his fingers softly over Harry's knuckles, trying to get him to relax his grip on his new dress robes, not wanting them to get too badly wrinkled. Harry loosens his grip enough that his hands seem to go slack and Draco releases Harry's lips from his and brings Harry's hands up to kiss both of his palms softly.

"I should go" Draco whispers to Harry, who nods in understanding. He knew this was too good to be true. At least he was able to kiss the gorgeous blonde one time before he would have to go through the rest of the year trying not to think about Draco and the perfect kiss they once shared. Harry lets his hands drop to his sides when Draco lets go of them before he turns to the door to walk back to the Great Hall and most likely back into Parkinson's awaiting arms. Harry closes his eyes so he doesn't have to see Draco leave his presence, but his eyes snap open when Draco speaks softly to him from across the bathroom.

"Meet me tomorrow, Potter. Prefect's bathroom at midnight," he says before winking at Harry and walking out the door. Harry licks his lips nervously and takes a deep breath before straightening his robes, ready to go up to Gryffindor Tower to sleep for the night.

"Can't wait" Harry whispers to himself and smiles before heading off to bed, anxiously waiting another 24 hours before seeing Draco again. Hopefully soon he would be able to call him his own.

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