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Part XII: Now and Forever

It was hours later and the boys realized that they had missed all their classes. In the moment though, they couldn't have cared less. They just wanted to be with each other again, to feel the other person's love. Their time together had been blissful, and they were currently cuddling in the middle of the giant four-poster bed that was provided for them in the Room of Requirement. To the room, they were extremely grateful. Harry's head was resting on Draco's shoulder and he was running his index finger softly over the skin of Draco's chest.

"So…" Draco started.

"Yeah?" Harry asked, looking up at Draco. Draco smiled, leaning down to kiss the man cuddled up with him.

"Are we…gonna be okay?" Draco asked. Harry nodded.

"Of course! We already are Draco. Nobody is going to come between us. This is perfect."

"I know…We're just…we're so young, Harry. I'm just afraid that…"

"Don't. Yeah, we're young. Really young actually…but we'll just take everything one step at a time okay?" Harry tried reassuring him.

"One step at a time…" Draco whispered longingly.

xxxxx TIME JUMP xxxxx

It was the end of school, of their seventh year. The last 3 and a half years have been crazy, yet the boys, now men, were able to get through it all. Everything that happened with Voldemort had only pushed the boys closer; feeling the urge to help each other every step of the way. They took one step at a time since their fourth year. Fights came and went, but they always stuck together; like glue. It was like they were meant for each. If only they had found each other sooner. Or at least become friends sooner. Maybe then their relationship would have been a little bit more normal. Who were they kidding, their relationship would have never been normal. Not when Voldemort and the other students were around. But Voldemort was gone now. It was just the two of them. School was ending, and the two of them planned to work together toward becoming Aurors. Although Draco had been weary at first, he was now fully on board. He was just happy to be able to spend his time with Harry, the love of his life.

They would forever have challenges to face. As long as they were together, there would be people who would disapprove of their relationship, even of their friendship. The Chosen One and the son of a Death Eater. Nobody would ever be okay with that. But they were. Together, they would fight those disapproving people who vied to break them apart. They were stronger than ever together. There would be no person, or no thing that would ever get between them again.

The issues they had their first few years of school went out the window when Harry yelled at Pansy during the Yule Ball. Now, neither boy could imagine life without the other. Even if they weren't in a relationship, they would be friends at least. They would never be enemies; never again.

They promised each other that day in the Room of Requirement to take one step at a time. That they would work to make this work. The two would fight to stay together, no matter what. They promised to love one another. Almost daily, the words would be exchanged, wanting the other to know just how much they meant to each other. Their love was strong, and could never be broken, not by anyone. Now and Forever.

The end.