Neither knew one wanted to admit they knew why they were doing what they were about to do. Although they both knew that they were not in love with one another they did not want to admit that, not yet. Maybe their unity was out of revenge on America, for all of the cruelty he had done to them both. So just for this one day they were going to pretend that he did not exists. England knocked at Mexico's front door. How he hated having to wait for Mexico to come and open the door; although her house was sometimes falling apart she would do her best to make it seem as hospitable as possible. She sometimes didn't have much but that never stopped her from making her guest feeling comfortable. She didn't have much but whatever she did have she was willing to give it to those who were in more of a need than her.

'What is taking Mexico so bloody long?' England thought feeling rather irritated as he knocked at the wooden door once more. Mexico's house was a beautiful one it must have at one point been the envy of the Americas but right now parts of it looked as if they needed fixing.

"Ay voy tengan paciensia!" Mexico's voice was heard from the inside of her house.

England could pretty much hear her feet running to the doorway. Tump-tp-tp-tp, click-clack,irrr. Then England would see Mexico's beaming face. At first England obviously didn't see the bruises that were on her shoulders hidden underneath her shirt.

"Hello, England, what brings you here? Is it winter already?" Mexico asked cheerfully.

"No, Mexico, it's not winter yet," England sighed.

"Well then what brings you here? If you mind me asking," Mexico cautiously asked.

"It's just that I wanted to see you, that's all or is it, wrong for friends to visit one another?" England questioned.

"Of course not, um please do come in," Mexico responded getting out of the doorway to let him inside her house.

England took of his hat and was amazed at what he found inside. He was half expecting to walk into an unkempt house that seemed rather messy or to find his nostrils filled with a horrible smell. However he was greeted with a lovely clean house and the only thing that filled his nose was the smell of Mexico's cooking.

"Do you want anything to drink, England?" Mexico asked closing the door and locking it.

"No, I am fine, thank you, Mexico," England replied.

"Oh, okay, um make yourself at home. I need to go and turn off the stove, I don't want my soup to get burned," Mexico chirped right before running towards the kitchen.

England walked over to a desk that stood in the center of the living room. England smirked it was an old desk that he had at one point owned himself. He had given it to Mexico, since she argued that all it needed a good spit shine and it would be good as new. He didn't want to argue with her, sometimes no matter what it was she would always see someone's, in this case something's, true potential. There were pictures on top of the desk; it didn't take a genius to know who exactly were in these pictures. In one of them stood a fourteen year old Mexico with son Texas in one arm and her daughter Arizona in the other. Texas was smiling at the camera, Arizona was kissing Mexico's cheek, and Mexico was just smiling at the camera, she looked so happy. They looked like the perfect mother and children picture, but how would they know that in a year or so they would have to be apart. The one right next to that there were six babies sleeping in a row and England knew exactly who they were; California was one of the boys with blond hair and dressed in blue, Nevada was one of the girls with brunette hair dressed in yellow, New Mexico was also a girl with black hair and she was dressed in pink, Utah was a boy with black hair and dressed in grey, Wyoming was a girl with blond curls and dressed in lilac, and last but not least was Colorado he had copper brown hair and he was dressed in green. Mexico would soon lose those kids too; America would by his children from Mexico. There was another picture this one must be older than the rest because it was in black and white, there was a little Mexico, or maybe he should say New Spain. There she was in Spain's arms, smiling at the camera she looked so happy, more than likely this picture was taken before she found out about Spain's cruelty.

"England, what did you want to talk about?" Mexico asked almost appearing out of nowhere.

"Oh, wow, Mexico, you scared me," England exasperated.

"Sorry, but anyways what brings you here?" Mexico asked.

"Like I said before I just wanted to see you," England explained.

"See me?" Mexico asked curiously.

"Well, I thought you might want some company, is all," England sighed.

"Oh, okay, so what do you want to do?" Mexico pried stepping closer to England.

"I just wanted to see how you celebrate, May 5th," England mumbled. He felt like kicking himself for not having a plan on what to do once he got here.

Mexico's eyes widen as if England had just hit her in an unhealed wound.

"I hate to tell you this, England, but I don't celebrate May 5th here, that is something you do over at America's place," Mexico explained.

"Oh, right, I am terribly sorry, Mexico," England apologized.

"That's alright and besides I am not mad, I would be more upset if you were America. Heh I've told him for almost all my life that May 5th is not my birthday. Bueno que vamos acer. Well, anyways do you want to go to the back yard, and play a one on one football game?" Mexico asked.

"I'd loved to, Mexico, but as you can see I am not dressed for that sort of game right now," England explained making a hand gesture to his attire. He was wearing a navy blue suite and fancy black dress shoes.

"That's alright I have something you can wear," Mexico declared.

"Alright, Mexico, but I don't think your clothing is going to fit me, seeing as I am seven inches taller than you," England argued.

"Oh just come with me," Mexico said pulling at England's hand.

England was amazed by how soft Mexico's hands were, he was so sure her hands would be as rough as sand paper but no they were as soft as a baby's. England followed Mexico into a bedroom that was usually the one in which he would stay in during the winter sometimes. Mexico let go of England's hand and quickly walked over to the closet and took out a clean set of soccer gear.

"Here you go, England, now will you play with me?" Mexico asked giving England the soccer gear.

"Alright, I'll play with you, just step outside so that I can change," England ordered.

"So you are going to play, England," Mexico cheered, running out the door so that England could get dressed in peace. England closed the door behind her, but took one quick glance at Mexico and noticed how her long straight hair seemed to bounce in the air as she ran to her room.

'Why does she want to play this game so badly?'England wondered talking off his jacket.

'I mean its just a game, it's not like she can't just play it with someone else,' England thought taking off his shirt followed by his under shirt.

'Surely, there must be someone that would be willing to play with her?' England asked himself taking off both his shoes and socks.

Then it his him, there really wasn't anyone who would actually play with her. No one really took any interest in her unless if it was to escape the bitter winters in their own homes. Those who did come during the rest of the year were only here on their way to America's place. England began to unbuckle his belt he unzipped his pants and took them off.

He folded all off his clothes neatly and began to dress himself up with the soccer equipment he had placed on the bed. Wow he felt so nice and soft, and it smelled almost as if it had been watched not too long ago. Damn he was about to put on his cleats when he realized that he didn't have any socks. He may as well just tell Mexico that he can't play with her since he didn't have socks. England walked over to the door and opened it. Right in front of him stood Mexico holding a clean pair of socks in her hands giving them to him. Mexico was all dressed in her soccer gear already and she had her hair done in a ponytail.

"I thought you might need these," Mexico mumbled.

"Thanks, Mexico, I was about to ask you for some," England admitted taking them from her.

"You're welcome," Mexico said quickly turning around, "I'll wait for you in the living room."

"Okay," England said closing the door.

Now he put on the socks and the cleats. England walked toward the door and opened it making his way to the living room. Mexico quickly looked at him and smiled.

"So are you ready to play?" Mexico asked.

"Um sure," England mumbled.

Mexico quickly began to walk towards her back door, with England right at her feet. Mexico opened the door that would lead into the backyard it was pretty big probably the size of an American football field. The inner walls had plants put up against them but there was still plenty of room for them to play. Mexico got a piece of chalk and began to draw goal on the wall that didn't have any vegetation against it.

"Mexico, won't your boss be upset if you write on the walls?" England asked.

"Nah, I could just easily get rid of it with water," Mexico replied dropping the chalk on the floor next to her. Then she leaned one of her legs straight up in the air against the wall and began to stretch herself. Once she was satisfied with one her leg she moved it straight down and brought the other one up and began to stretch that one out. Then Mexico felt like as if someone was staring at her. She quickly looked at England and smiled.

"Aren't you going to stretch?" Mexico asked.

"'Course, I am, I was just um wondering what you where doing is all," England exasperated quickly looking away. He felt almost as if he had just been caught peeping.

"It's alright, England, you can tell me you were staring at my body I don't mind. I actually like the idea that someone noticing me, it just means I am still healthy" Mexico grinned.

"Wait, you don't mind at all, Mexico?" England asked blushing madly looking back at Mexico.

"Of course not, England. If you were America or a pervert like Spain or France, then it would be another story," Mexico replied, "anyways, aren't you going to stretch, England? I mean you don't want to pull a muscle."

"Right, we wouldn't want that now would we?" England asked.

"No, we wouldn't," Mexico replied smiling as she continued to stretch her legs.

After five minutes of stretching their legs they started to play. (Since I do how to play the game, I am not going to tell you how they did. I will probably change this part when I learn how.) Forty-five minutes later once they were don't playing and were both tired and out of breath. Mexico lay down on the grass with England right next to her. England couldn't help but notice every single drop of sweat that trickled down Mexico's face and body. Why was he having these feelings now? The same feelings he had thought had died several centuries ago, he was sure they had died.

"…loved me?" Mexico asked.

"I am sorry, what did you say?" England asked blushing a rosy pink.

"I said, do you remember that one time you said you loved me?" Mexico asked sitting right back up.

"Not really," England responded feeling rather uncomfortable.

"I do, I remembered that one time when I created Texas and Alabama with America. I began to compare both you and America. While you accepted my rejection and left me alone America on the other hand did not, instead he ravished me forcing himself onto me. You let me be once I told you no, America didn't let me be he would pursue me until I told me that I loved him. Once I was able to make him believe that I was in love with him and could not live without him, he began to feel utter repulsion for me and walked away taking our children with him. The truth is that I never did love him I didn't love him then and I certainly do not love him now," Mexico confessed.

"So in a way you think I am better than America, Mexico?" England asked getting closer to her.

"Yes and no. Yes, because from what I experienced you didn't harm me although there are those that have told me to stay away from you if I know what's good for me; however, I don't believe them. I think that at one point you must have been a wild lion, who could easily destroy anything that was in it's path, but now you seem more like a domestic cat. America on the other hand has the mind mentality that says and I quote 'If I want a woman, I simply steal her from her man,'" Mexico responded.

"What do you mean by 'steal' you?" England asked feeling rather confused. From what he knew there was no one at the time that Mexico had an interest in.

"I was in love with someone else at the time I was with America, and I still am, but at times I do not know for sure," Mexico confessed.

"Who were you in love with?" England asked.

"I was in love with a human," Mexico cooed.

"A 'human'?" England inquired. It seemed silly since as far as they were concerned weren't they also human, yeah they didn't age like one nor could they die like one, but still weren't they also human. The answer was no, they may look like regular humans but they were nations.

"Yes at the time I had been in love with General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, you probably know him better as Santa Anna," Mexico confessed.

"Did he know?" England asked.

"No he didn't. He did almost everything to protect me, and how do I repay him? But by having children with another nation," Mexico chocked out.

"Why didn't you tell him?" England asked.

"I couldn't bring myself to tell him with my children on the way," Mexico replied, "would you have taken me knowing that I was having America's kids?"

"Yes, I would have, I wouldn't even care if they had been France's kids I would have gladly raised them as if they were my own children. I have always longed to have kids, Mexico," England answered leaning closer to Mexico.

"But then he got married without knowing how I felt about him," Mexico sighed looking at the sky above her.

"Good thing I let my Elizabeth know," England scuffed.

"You see, England, that is the one thing I envy about you. She knew how you felt about her, and was able to take that information with her to the grave. While, Santa Anna will never know," Mexico sadly replied.

"Good god, Mexico, do you think that he would be happy seeing you like this?" England furiously asked.

"No, but-" Mexico stuttered.

"No, Mexico, no 'buts' 'ifs' or 'maybes'. Mexico, 'Carpe dia,' it means 'size the day.' Don't ever live with regrets. You can hit me if I cross the line, but I just have to take my own advice," England proclaimed.

Before Mexico could even ask what England was up to, he had already captured Mexico's lips. Mexico didn't know what to do. The last time she had ever been kissed was when she belonged to France. True she had been kissed by so many different nations; America, France, Germany, even Austria. However none of them had ever been this sweet, and this passionate, it reminded her of her favorite candy chocolate both the kiss and the candy were bitter and sweet. Without even realizing what she had been doing the kiss stop for they both had run out of air.

"For how long had I wanted that?" Mexico asked. Not realizing she had asked the question out loud.

"I don't know but I had wanted to do this ever since you had been independent, Mexico," England responded, "Mexico, do you want to?"

"Wouldn't this be considered cheating to the ones we at one point loved?" Mexico asked shyly.

"The vows my lovely, Mexico, is 'till death do us part' not for eternity," England cooed.

"Alright but lets do it outside. Doing it in that house only brings me bad memories," Mexico said getting up.

"Where are you going?" England asked quickly asked getting up himself.

"I think we should take a shower first, and I should go inside and a blanket so that we can lie down on," Mexico stuttered.

"What ever makes you comfortable," England sighed.

"Um okay wait right here," Mexico ordered right before running to the house.

Ten minutes latter Mexico came back with a bar of soap, shampoo, a picnic blanket and two bathrobes. She walked over to England and signaled him to follow her into some trees. There behind the trees there was a shower head and a couple of feet away there was a hammock. Mexico placed the blanket gently over the hammock and placed the bathrobes on top. Then she walked over to the shower and placed the soap and shampoo down. She undid her shoe lazes and through her cleats and took her socks off, England had done the same. When Mexico started to undo her ponytail, England quickly intervened.

"No, let me," England demanded moving Mexico's hands away from her hair. He gently undid the ponytail that kept Mexico's beautiful hair neatly in place, and when he did her hair fell down like a cascade of a water fall.

Mexico's hands moved towards the shirt that prevented her from seeing England's chest. The kisses had started sweet and innocent; however, now they were violent and hungry as if they couldn't get enough of each other. Mexico quickly pulls away from England, to quickly turn on the shower. Freezing cold water hits Mexico's back, which she doesn't seem to care for. Both her body and England's emit so much heat that cold water seems practically lukewarm. England quickly walks over to her and begins to devour her with kisses as his hands move to begin the task of taking off Mexico's shirt. Mexico's body begins to shiver at the sudden lack of clothes but quickly brushes it off as soon as she takes England's shirt off. Then England sees them, the bruises on Mexico's shoulders that are in the shape of hand prints. He wants to ask her but he already knows the answer to his question so what's the point of even asking; unfortunately, he just had to be reassured that what he was thinking was right.

"Mexico, what happened to you here?" England asked.

"I got these when I was at America's house, but I don't want to talk about it," Mexico lamented. Then she took off both England's shorts and boxers.

"Alright then I will leave it alone," England cooed.

Mexico began to look at England's erected member, funny the last time she had seen one of these was when had accidentally walked in on Austria when he was taking a shower. And the last time she had been this close to one was when America had forced her suck, his had smelled gross maybe it must have been because she did not want to. Now it was different England didn't smell bad at all in fact she wanted to taste him. Mexico begins to lick England's tip and as soon as he is wet enough she quickly takes him in completely and begins to suck. England feels the warmth of Mexico's mouth and he can't take it anymore he comes right inside her mouth. Mexico swallows the cunt that is inside her mouth then quickly gets up and begins to take off her shorts, but once again England stop's her.

"No, let me do it," England whispers.

Mexico smiles at him as she moves her hands away from her shorts. England quickly takes off Mexico's sports bra off then he takes her shorts off pushing her to lay back as he did so, but when it comes to her underwear he takes it off painfully slow in Mexico's opinion. England looks at her underwear carefully and notices that she is already soaking wet. He kisses Mexico's lips and moves one of his hands towards her capital. Mexico purrs once she feels England's hands near her clitoris but quickly panics when she has no idea what he is doing.

"E-england…oh god that feels good…what… are… you… doing?" Mexico asks in between gasps.

"Foreplay, Mexico," England replies from her shoulder smirking as he did so, "don't tell me this is new to you?"

"Yes, but I like it," Mexico says as feels herself begin to come.

England smirks as he leaves hot kisses on her neck going down towards her vital regions. He pulls he hand out of her and begins to walk towards the shower Mexico gets up and follows him into the water. The water begins to hit England's shoulders but he ignores it grabbing a hold of Mexico and pinning her against the wall. Mexico spreads her legs as England picks her up and position's himself. He goes inside her slowly, Mexico whimpers at the stretch that was happening in between her legs. However, just as quickly the pain had come it left and was replaced by pleasure. Mexico at one point had gotten a hold of some shampoo and was now was using it to wash England's hair. So in a way the dirtier and kinkier they got, Mexico would make sure they were also getting cleaner.

Mean while in the United States of America:

America heard a loud knocking at the door. Damn couldn't people tell that he was about to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. He opened the door to find France standing there with an irritated look on his face with a spacey Spain right next to him.

" 'ey, America, where iz England?" France asked.

"I don't know man, he is not here with me, France," America said with a smile.

"What do you mean by 'he' iz not 'ere?" France asked.

"Well he's not, but do you mind help me get ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, its tomorrow you know?" America stated.

"Oui, I know that it is," France scoffed getting inside the house.

"Um, America, what exactly is Cinco de Mayo?" Spain asked feeling rather curious. All he knew about it was that it made Mexico really mad the day after the Cinco de Mayo festivities in the US.

"Oh wow, Spain, out of everyone I know, I was sure you would know," America responded almost mocking Spain.

"I am sorry but I don't know what's so important with this date," Spain sweetly replied.

"Tomorrow is Mexico's birthday, Spain!" America stated.

"It's not her birthday tomorrow!" both Spain and France furiously shouted.

"What do you mean by its not her birthday tomorrow?" America asked.

"I waz 'er 'usband for five 'uman yearz and even I know when 'er birthday iz," France scuffed placing his hands on his hips as if he were scolding a small boy.

"Yeah 'out of everyone I was sure you knew,'" Spain teased, "besides her birthday isn't for another five months and eleven days from tomorrow."

"Oh my why don't we come over to her house and ask her?" America suggested.

"But I already know when her birthday is, America, after all I am her older brother," Spain sighed.

"I should probably lock up before I leave," America said quickly turning around to lock his house.

"I 'ave no idea why England loves you so much," France scoffed.

"Yeah! Yeah! I am a complete jerk," America teased the older nation.

"America, are we going to walk to Mexico's house?" Spain asked.

"Oh! Hell no!" America shouted.

"Let me guess you're going to give us a ride to her place, right?" Spain pried.

"Of course, you guys wait right here," America ordered as he ran off to his garage and bring the car.

He rolled up to the front of the house in a navy blue 2000 Nissan Acura. Both France and Spain got inside the car, Spain taking shotgun and France in the back seat.

"'ey you know what?" France asked.

"What, France?" asked Spain.

"Maybe, England is at Mexico's house right now," France replied.

"Okay you'll just have to see when we get there now won't we," America groaned.

Although America didn't want to admit it he was in love with both of them and at the same time he did not want to see them together even is they were just talking. When ever he would catch them making eye contact he wanted to tare the room they were in apart.

"Hey, America, how long do you think we are going to take to get there?" Spain asked.

"Well, Spain, that will all depend on traffic," America replied.

Back to Mexico and England:

They were done taking their "shower" and were now both laying on the hammock each wearing a bathrobe. Mexico had her head on top of England's torso and was listening to his fast rhythmic heartbeat. It almost soothed her like a lullaby her mother had once sang to her.

"Both our heart beats are beating so fast, England," Mexico sighed.

"I know they beat as if we had just been running a marathon," England murmured.

"England, do you love me?" Mexico asked. She wanted to know his answer, no she needed to know.

"I don't know do you want me to, Mexico?" England asked looking down at her.

"No, I don't. Whenever someone says they do, that person ends up hurting me," Mexico replied.

"Well then, I don't love you," England agreed.

"And the sex we had a few moments ago let's agree that it was just out of anger towards America," Mexico added.

"So be it," England lamented.

"Let's take a little nap, England," Mexico yawned.

Then five minutes latter they drifted off to sleep.

Back to America, France and Spain:

"What do you think Mexico could be doing?" Spain asked.

"Knowing her we probably missed her a few seconds ago," America replied.

"How can you be so sure of that, America?" Spain pried.

"Mexico is pulling of stunts like that," America responded as if it were nothing.

"Why would she do that?" Spain asked.

"Isn't it obvious, Spain, Mexico is in love with me," America cackled.

"No she is not, I know that for a fact," France proclaimed.

"Then why does she go through all the trouble to jump my boarders, huh?" America argued.

"She wants to see her children," Spain lamented.

"Damn fucking traffic!" America fumed.

America didn't want to think about it, but deep down in his heart he knew they were right. Mexico never bothered seeing America when she was at his place in fact she had just simply avoided him at all cost. Whenever America would find her she was usually sitting at a park bench looking at their children playing or standing outside of their school looking inside the gate wanting to run inside and hug them as if today were her last and final chance. Each time America would find her and grab a hold of her arm in a tight grip that would leave a hideous bruise and nearly yank her arm off.

'You found me,' Mexico sighed, 'don't worry I have no intention of running away.'

'I don't believe you,' America snarled gripping her arm even tighter.

'I knew you wouldn't,' Mexico lamented.

"Oh look a Taco Bell, we should probably bring Mexico something," America decided.

"No don't!" both France and Spain cried.

"Knowing Mexico she is more than likely going to make you wear that as a hat," Spain argued.

"Indeed she will," France agreed.

"Fine then lets just fly over to her house, the way things are going we would are more than likely to get there tomorrow at this rate," America concluded exiting the free way.

Thirty minutes later they were all in an airplane on their way to Mexico.

Back in Mexico:

Both Mexico and England had gotten inside the house gotten dressed and were sitting down on in the living room. Neither said a thing since everything had been said already.

"I should start getting lunch ready," Mexico fidgeted.

"I think it's a little too late for that," England mentioning the father clock in room. It read two twenty-five o'clock.

"Well then I will just start on dinner," Mexico proclaimed.

"Don't you think it's a little too early?" England asked.

"No its not," Mexico argued already halfway out the living room.

And with that she rushed to the kitchen taking out cans of tuna taking off their tops and placing the contents into a bowl. Squishing the tuna with a spoon, she placed the bowl inside. Then she took the bowl inside the fridge and while she was there she took out three tomatoes that were grown in her house. She washed the tomatoes and then took out a cutting board and grabbed a hold of a knife and began to cut them up. England started to walk in the kitchen and hugged Mexico kissing the back of her neck giving Mexico chills as he did so.

"England, aren't you tired," Mexico moaned. Quickly letting go of the knife and turning around to look at England.

"No, are you?" England asked hoisting her skirt up.

Within minutes he was once again entering Mexico's sweet depths of her vital regions. England had used the knife that Mexico was using to cut the tomatoes to tear shirt apart and the front of her bra. Mexico had squashed a ripe tomato leaving tomato juice all over her front that England was now licking clean.

"Oh, England, faster, faster," Mexico ordered. Then she tugged at his hair pulling him in for a kiss.

"Oh, Mexico," England moaned thrusting into her faster and harder.

"I'm cuming, oh, England, I am going to cum," Mexico moaned.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE?" America shouted. He quickly rushed towards England quickly yanking him out of Mexico's rich depths.

America threw England to the floor.

"Put… your… pants… and underwear… on," America ordered in between furious gasps.


"I'll deal with you later," America raged "get the fuck up, England!"

Spain quickly walked in and dragged Mexico out of there; while, France began to pull America off England. Then Mexico yanked herself free of Spain's strong arms and rushed back inside the kitchen and pull America off England. Then she pushed America a few paces away from England.

"America, your like the dog of San Judas, it doesn't eat nor does it let others eat," Mexico glared.

"You are mine and mine lone, Mexico, when will you understand that," America proclaimed pulling her into his arms.

"When someone else wants me you suddenly realize that I exist. Is that it?" Mexico asked trying to full herself away from him.

"It's not like that," America lamented, "you're still in love with me you just don't realize that. I do why do you think I even bother to remember your birthday?"

"You don't!" Mexico shouted finally freeing herself from his arms.

"What do you mean, your birthday is tomorrow," America spoke in a heart broken voice.

"My birthday is on September 16, not May 5," Mexico argued, "Spain; I think you should take England out of here."

Spain didn't argue with Mexico, seeing as how strong and bold she looked right now. He had raised Mexico right; she was strong when needed to be. Then he carried a nearly dead England, France followed them out. When they were finally gone Mexico put on an apron on to cover herself with.

"You know what, America? Both me and England had sex to get revenge on you, for all the hell you made us go through," Mexico declared, "you know what? It was worth it."

"You're a whore Mexico, a whore," America snarled.

"Yeah and whose fault is that?" Mexico asked.

"I was your first and I intent to be your last," America snapped advancing towards Mexico.

"A-america, I-I h-have n-nothing e-else th-that y-you'd w-want," Mexico stuttered.

"You're wrong you could give yourself to me," America murmured yanking the apron off.

"No, we are no longer in the Manifest destiny era anymore," Mexico cried.

"Well, I say yes, and what I say goes," America disputed.

Then suddenly a fist came crashing towards America's cheek nearly knocking him to the floor.

"The lady said no, I thought I raised you better than this," England gasped.

"Canada, Canada, do you think Canada would want you now knowing that you are spoiled goods?" America asked messaging his jaw.

Mexico began to cry regretting what she had done with England.

"GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!" Mexico shouted running to her bedroom.