The day of the child's arrival came too soon according to the couple. This time around China wouldn't be there to tell Mexico what to do. Nor would her brothers and sisters be there to calm her down. This time she would only have England's support and she would have to be quiet or else her screams would raise the other nations' suspicions.

"Why do they say it gets easier?" moaned Mexico.

"I am sorry," apologized England.

"Don't be I also got myself into this mess," labored Mexico, "can you feel if I am dilated?"

"What?" whispered England in sheer panic.

"Just place your figures in a umff row," explained Mexico, "and stick them inside."

England nodded his head he took his fingers and was about to insert them.

"What are you doing?" snarled Mexico.

"What you told me to do!" growled England.

"Go… put on some latex gloves, Iggy," reminded Mexico.

"Yes, my Love," sighed England.

England did as she instructed and then did something more. He filled his finger tips with lubrication so he could prevent Mexico any discomfort. He was careful as his hand entered her opening. He continued to press his hand forward until he felt…

"I-is th-that th th the-"

"'The head'? Yes," replied Mexico.

England quickly retrieved his arm and removed the glove.

"What do I do now?" asked England.

"Nothing, but when the baby's head pops out carefully pull him out," commanded Mexico.

Several Minutes later…

England looked down at his son. The boy had his father's eyes with his mother's eye brows; his hair was a light brown. England cooed at his fragile son. He took a whiff at his son's hair, it smelled herbal.
"Isla de Hierbas," stated Mexico.

"What?" asked England looking up from his baby boy.

"The Island of Herbs, that is going to be his national name," smiled Mexico.

"I don't know," thought England.

"Common it's perfect! He smells like Tea," protested Mexico.

"Herbs," flatly stated England.

"Fine," sighed Mexico.

Clap Clap Clap

"A very touching moment," smirked Atlantis.

England quickly rushed over to Mexico and placed Herbs in her arms. He mumbled a spell under his breath; causing a thunder volt to strike Atlantis.

"Va va va va! So you've told him all about me, Mexico," laughed Atlantis.


"Are you surprised to see that I am still standing or are you more surprised that I really do exist, England?" questioned Atlantis.

Atlantis walked over to Mexico and looked at the small bundle in her arms.

"Don't you dare touch her!" growled England.

"I don't think you can do anything about it, England. Nor can any of you. Don't try to attack me like a coward," warned Atlantis.

Nobody came out from within the shadows.

"Very well, I guess I'll just have to get you out," exasperated Atlantis. He swiftly raised his arm and signaled with his hand for who ever was hiding to come.

Two people crashed in through the windows and two more crashed in through the walls. Mexico instinctively shielded her son with the blankets from the shards of glass and debris. Once the smoke cleared Mexico knew who they were; Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and …Ireland.

"What are you doing here?!" shouted Mexico.

"I would like to ask you the same question, Mexico," snarled Ireland.

"I am sorry," Mexico apologized clutching the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe that hung around her neck.

"Save it, I am not about to let this jerk take you away," raged Ireland.

"What has you so upset, Iry? That I am about to take your "little sister" or that England invade her vital regions?" asked Atlantis with a smirk.

"I am not going to let anyone take her away," glared Ireland.

"Think about that little girl Spain would have you watch over. Remember how she used stumble when she learned to walk. Now picture her underneath the one person you hate the most," teased Atlantis.

"Ireland, don't listen to him! He just wants to use you against us!" warned England.

"Even now he is trying to control you," added Atlantis.

"Mexico is a Nation of Earth," stated Wales.

"And as such belongs on this planet!" agreed Scotland.

"Let me guess you are going to stop me from taking her with me?" questioned Atlantis.

"She doesn't belong to you!" shouted Ireland.

"I am not going to let you take me away without a fight!" growled Mexico.

"Tsk tsk tsk, Mexico, we've been through this before. You weren't strong enough," scowled Atlantis.

"Who said anything about fighting alone?" asked England.

"Get back in the bed!" demanded Ireland.

"Mexico is fine," sighed England.

"No she isn't, look at her," glared Ireland.

For the first time since Herbs was born England took a good look at Mexico. What he saw made his knees weak. Mexico was rather pale and blood dripped from in between her legs and slowly pooled on the floor.
"This is the second time I've seen her like this," Ireland remembered.

Ireland walked over to Mexico and forced her back into bed. England stared at them and slowly started to remember something Ireland had told him after the Mexican American war.


"Mexico was too weak after she gave birth. If it weren't for that and many more issues she never would have lost," flatly stated Ireland.

End flashback.

England began to mumble the spell he had not too long ago.

"You have got to be kidding me," annoyed Atlantis.

He didn't try and stop England from saying the spell. He felt the same spell hit him, but this time something was different. It felt four times more powerful than before. Mexico clutched onto her newborn, hoping for the best. Only to be disappointed and find that Atlantis was unharmed when the smoke cleared. The UK nations tried the same spell plenty of more times.

"Mexico, come with me or else," warned Atlantis.

"I don't make threats, I make promises. And, Mexico, if you don't go with me I promise I'll kill all your children. Including that little whelp in your holding onto," warned Atlantis.

Atlantis snapped his fingers and in his arms was little Herbs. England was about to attack but stop once he was his son in Atlantis arms. Atlantis snapped again and was now right next to Mexico.

"It's your call," told Atlantis.

Mexico looked at Atlantis and those around her. If she stayed Atlantis would kill her children. Before she was a nation she was a mother; and like any mother she would easily sacrifice herself for the well being of her children. They wouldn't understand…they were men. She would also do this for them…


"Are you going to give up?" asked Atlantis at a kneeling Mexico.

"No," huffed Mexico.

She had been fighting Atlantis for two straight days without rest. Giving her all with each punch she threw at him. While all that Atlantis seemed to do was snap his fingers and wave his hand, causing Mexico to fly into a wall.

"You should just give up," advised Maya.

"How can you tell me that, Maya?" asked Mexico with disbelief.

"You're not strong enough," counseled Mr. Tony.

"Wait, are you two in on this?" Mexico asked in disgust.

"I've had enough," exasperated Atlantis.

He simply clapped his hands, which caused Mexico to feel an unbearable pain run through her.

End flashback

"I've had enough," exasperated Atlantis.

Mexico quickly wrapped her arms around Atlantis.

"Take me with you. I was wrong to want to return, I'll never do it again. I implore you, take me home," begged Mexico.

"As you can clearly hear I am not taking her against her will," mocked Atlantis.

He picked Mexico and placed Herbs in her arms. Before anyone could react they were gone.

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