Ohkay. First shot at a twilight fan fic. This was a spur of the moment thing. Hope you like it.

Disclaimer: Stephanie meyer Owns Twilight and the Character. I only own the plot

A True Nightmare.

Chapter 1:


I felt something stirring next to me. I open my eyes and I smiled. The most beautiful person in the world was sleeping next to me. She was perfect, her hair scattered all over the bed. She looked very peaceful. Bella and I have been together for 4 years now.

Tomorrow is a special day. She starts her first year at Dartmouth college. She has been nervous about this since we started our summer break. I myself go to the high school here at the ress. I'm a senior there. Because her dad works a lot, he asked my dad if she could stay with us. My dad told him that it was no problem helping him out. He knew I was very happy with the fact she was staying over. She's been spending most of the summer with us anyway.

School has been always important to her. Seven years ago she came to Forks with her mother. Renee, her mother couldn't take care of her anymore since she was in love with a baseball player and she is travelling a lot. So she came to ask Charlie, her dad and chief of police in Forks, to take care of her. He was willing to take care of his own daughter. Her mom took her for a little vacation before she brought Bella to her dad. This time was exciting for Charlie and he had to ask my dad a lot of things. My dad had to raise 2 daughters so he knew very well.

Bella and I go way back since we were little. In the summer breaks she always came over to her dad's place. He always took her on fishing trips with me. my dad and Harry Clearwater his best friend. She hated fishing, but staying with my sisters was also out of the picture. They never went along pretty good. Bella was a shy little girl, so she never complained.

Last summer I was gone for a bout 2 weeks, where I couldn't be close to Bella. I was dangerous. And after those 2 weeks I had to tell her that I was a shape-shifter. At first she thought I left her for an other girl. She was heartbroken and she never left her room for about 2 weeks. 3 weeks later she jumped off the highest cliff in La push and she nearly drowned. Her dad was furious at me for not telling her earlier. At the end of that summer Billy asked Bella and Charlie to come over for the summer bonfire. We all got together at the beach were we roasted our dinner. My dad started to tell the stories about all our legends. He told about how some of our tribe members used to tie there boats at the tallest trees in the woods. He also told the stories about the cold ones, how they made a treaty with us when we caught them on our land. They don't eat humans but we still wouldn't let them on our land. My dad once told me they smell sickly sweet, so I should know when any off them are near. The last legend was about how the men of our tribe became shape-shifters to defend our lands. Some of the men in our tribe transform in huge wolves. But as the bonfire ended Bella got pretty scared. She asked her dad to go home with her.

Bella was a very smart girl. She quickly found out that me and my friends were, as my dad calls us shape-shifters. At the beginning she was afraid off me. That's when she started to get those nightmares of me. I had to beg her for 2 to 3 weeks to even come over. But she wouldn't come over. She spend most of her vacations with Angela in a cabin far up north. Until one night when she called me all shaken up. She thought she saw more of us near where she was. She thought I was keeping tabs on her, by keeping her followed by one of my pack-members. I told her she was wrong. I'm coming over to pick u up, I told before I put down the phone. That was the first time she would spend the night with me. She was scared to death.

She was mumbling in her sleep. "Jake! Jake! Don't leave me. No Jake, don't, She screamed. And a silent tear ran across her face. She was having one of her many nightmares again. I gently caressed her cheek when she stopped moving and smiled softly. Lately she has been having a lot of these nightmares. I don't know how I can help her. It sometimes scares me. But today will be my day.