Take 5, Hope you like it

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Chapter 5


Pfffft. Damn school starts at 14:00 lucky for me that the girls at my dorm are all very nice. Well I have to get ready for my first history class. I heard from one of the girls that the other new girl Isabella, had a very bad accident and that she won't attend college for another week. I know we have the same major. I should bring her her homework. And maybe we could become good friends. I think I will help her out by bringing her syllables and all her books, and I might aswell take notes of all the classes she will miss this week. I do hope she will be allright. Maybe the dorm president has her e-mail address so I can mail her and keep her updated and see how she is.

When I was walking down the stairs to go to school I bumped into Rosalie. Rosalie is one of the older students, she has the same major as Isabella and I do. But I don't think she studies really hard. Because she is more or less the beauty queen of the dorm. "Hey Rosalie, how are u?", I asked her. "I'm great Alice, thanks for asking. Where are u going to?", she asked. I told her is was on my way to my first class ancient history. Most of my classes are at the end of the day, I sighed at the thought. "Who is ur teacher?", She asked. "Well I believe we have Mr. Banner and Mr. Saltzmann for ancient history", I told her. "Oh", she exclaimed. "Then we are in the same class. Can u wait for me, so we can go together?", She asked. "Sure…. I guess I can wait,"I told her and with that statement she rushed up the stairs to get her stuff. In a matter of minutes she was back carrying her laptop, a notepad and some pencils.

"Rosalie? Can I ask u why u are in my class", I asked her walking over to my car. "Well Alice", she started. "Let's just say I have an impressive family background. I just found that this summer. So I decided to switch majors, so I'm starting fresh this year. Have u seen Isabella", she asked me. "She was supposed to have this major aswell, but I heard from the dorm president she was in a bad accident", she said. "Well Rosalie, I heard the story to and what I heard so far is that she won't attend any lessons before the beginning of next week." "Please Alice call me Rose, I hate being called Rosalie", she giggled. "And no I didn't hear that part of the story". "Well Rose, I was planning on helping her out by taking notes and such for her this week, so she won't miss much in her first week.", I said. "Well that's nice of u Alice and off course I will help out to where ever I can. Just tell me what to do and I'll do it. Shal we go to class now, or we will miss the class ourselves", she giggled.


"Dad! Dad?", Edward shouted at me. "Dad I've got to go to school. I will be back soon." "See you tonight Edward", I said while smiled inwardly. My three sons – well actually they are not my real sons, because we are vampires. But Esme and I treat them like our own sons – were going to college again. Sure they matriculate a lot but they get smarter every year. This year Edward is studying History with Jasper and Emmett is studying Electronica. I actually hoped that one of them would become a doctor like me, but I think that will never happen.

This year we are living on the outskirts of Dartmouth. Esme found this beautiful house which she is going to rebuild. The house is build in the middle of a forest.

"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!", Emmett screamed. I shook my head and cleared my memory. "Daaaaaaad! Come down fast please.: He shouted again. "I'm coming I'm coming", I murmured. And I rushed downstairs as fast as I could. "Whats up with all this yelling Emmett?", He pointed at the television. "A girl got killed in a so called "animal attack" dad. And we received an urgent message for u this morning.", he said. "So u forgot to mention it to me Emmett?". I asked him. He bent his head and said "Sorry dad", and he handed me the letter.

Goodday my dear Carlisle,

I hope u noticed the news about the attack on a human girl.

I hope u are okay with it. She was just a loose little end.

I hope u and ur "family" are doing fine.

Give them my regards.

We will be visiting very soon.

Signed: Aro of the Volturi

A loose end? What was Aro talking about. Has he lost his mind or something? "What is it Dad", Emmett asked me. "This note is not really important Emmett", I told him. "I have to look in that "animal attack" though. U know where the attack was?", I asked him. "Yes dad, in our old town Forks.", He said quickly. "Ok son, I will have a look at it tonight when I get back from work. I have to go to the hospital right now. I really needed to know if the girl was really dead, or if she was turned. So I had to call Forks hospital, when I was at work.