As we gather in the external roof of the ship I stand staring at the good doctor, playing with my silver pocket watch, as I breath him in form the distance, the scent of vanilla and rain on the surface, with a hint of copper and a snuffed out flame. I can't help but wonder if he remembers me, remembers how in his debt I am. I'm unsure, but I decide to find out!

"It never goes away dose it?" I ask quietly, leaning on the rail

"wh...What do you mean miss?" he asks, surprised at my sudden conversation

I gaze out into the ocean and then to the older man beside me "that voice, screaming inside to get out, the animal!"

He looks at me wide eyed "how do you..?"

I chuckle lightly "look at me Dr. Jekyll! I'm hardly human am I? I know what it is to be alone in the world with no one but the beast inside for company, they play with you, connect to you and in the end they consume you,…well until you manage to stuff them back in their box, but then it just starts all over again."

He looks at me with intrigue "if I may be so bold to ask miss but…what exactly happened to make you this way?"

I look back out into the endless blue and answer "I was born this way; my birth mother was either some sort of carrier of a stray wolf gene or bitten while pregnant with me. All I know is that my birth parents feared me, like most. I'm just lucky to have found Eloise, or have her fine me I suppose."

I can feel his gaze on me "I'm sorry"

I look up at him in shock "for what, you have done nothing to me. I don't want your pity sir; I just want you to know I understand and that I'm in your debt!"

He looks at me in puzzlement "debt? I'm afraid I don't understand miss!"

I stare at him for a long moment, my voice a tone of sorrow as I speak "you really don't recognize me do you? ...perhaps this will remind you!"

I pull out the old silver pocket watch and dangle it over my black claws, his eyes widen as he looks to me "many years ago you attended a circus that was in London, while there you saw the main attraction…me!"

"You…your…?" he asks, gently examining my features

I simply nod "yes! I remember that night when you came to my cage, after seeing the act…"

Anger floods though him, the monster and the man joining as one "act? No, that was butchery! You we're just a child…"

A ghost of a smile graces my lips "and you saw that, one of the few who weren't horrified or disgusted by me. You released me, if it wasn't for you I'd be there still, I'd have never met mother, would never have eaten cake, and I do love cake!"

He chuckles slightly at that as I hand him the watch "I thought you'd have sold it, that's why I gave it to you!"

I shake my head "no, I used the money for food and lodgings, but that ran out eventually so I lived on the streets, the beast had taken control by then and I killed to survive! It was a year before mother found me, I was eight. I'd thought about selling it many times back then, but I couldn't, it was the only reminder I had that… not everyone fears me."

He smiles at me light and shy "well I… I'm glad that everything worked out for you Miss Jennings"

We share a long look of understanding as I gently place the watch back with its rightful owner "please…call me Chloe!" and Nemo asks us to descend back into the ship.

We walk back into the ship and I ask him "Dr. Jekyll? Would you be kind enough to walk with me?"

I can see him questioning himself as he nods "please…call me Henry" and offers me his arm, which I take with certain giddiness.

We walk around the ship, getting lost a few times and asking for directions, we speak of many things why he became a doctor, why I hate the ocean, what his dreams were as a boy and my fears as a child, we also talk about the monstrous things our counterparts forced our hands to accomplish.

I can hear the beast purr and howl in delight at finding a kindred spirit in Edward Hyde, but then our bliss is interrupted as one of the crew inform us that dinner will be ready shortly.

Its only then, for the first time that Henry checks his watch "oh my, we've been walking most the day!"

I smile at the idea of time getting away from us so easily and ask "well I suppose we must be heading back then, I need to change before dinner."

We walk quietly to my room and he stands outside as I change into something much more ladylike, a crimson dress my mother had made for my last birthday, its low-cut and well fitted, the silk material cool on my skin and I pin my hair back.

As I walk out into the hall I see his face look to me in awe and we walk chastely to dinner. By the time we enter everyone else is already there and we apologize for are tardiness, or rather Henry does!

We seat and I smile the meal that has been chosen for me, raw stake, yummy! I sit beside Skinner at the end of the long table as we talk about the mission, the theories and whatnot; he leans into me and says "so you got a crush on the Doc then?"

I glare at him and snarl "the relationship between Dr. Jekyll and myself has nothing to do with you Skinner, I'd thank you to remember that!"

He shrugs and whispers "alright, just thought you'd be interested with the way he's been looking at the lovely Mina since his arrival! That's all pet!"

At his words my head snaps to the direction of Henry, who's quietly eating his chicken on the other side of the table, sneaking glances at the vile redhead! I feel my heart sink and my beast scream in anguish.

I suddenly find myself standing and all eyes on me "I… um… I suddenly find myself not feeling very well, if I could be excused? I wish to retire to my room."

The captain looks to me with a nod "of cause my dear."

As I move my seat I see henry about to offer to walk me "Mr. Skinner could you walk me please?"

All the faces in the room flood with confusion as he stands "sure thing love."

And I take his arm as we leave the room, not looking back to the man I've longed for since the day he saved me.

As we leave the room the leather coat white makeup wearing man asks "you alright pet?"

I shake my head, staring at my moving feet, fighting back tears "I'm a fool, I thought…, of course not, who'd want to be seen publicly with a monstrosity like me… I'm such a silly, silly girl!"

He sighs heavily as we come to my door "Oi, stop that! You're gorgeous, better looking than that Vampire any day!"

"You're just saying that, she'll always be beautiful and I'll always be…this!" I grimace down at myself

"No I'm not, and your lovely pet, shouldn't think so low of yourself, you're not as bad as you think" he says sweetly and I smile

"And you're not heartless as you'd have us all believe!" I can't help but feel a twinge of affection towards the man

"Well don't go telling the others, things like that can ruin a man reputation you know?" he says half-jokingly

I giggle slightly and nod "don't worry Mr. Skinner, your secrets safe with me!"

I lean in and kiss his cheek as a familiar scent hits me "thank you my friend, goodnight!"

As I turn to go into my room I see a pair of eyes dark blue eyes hiding behind the far wall, our eyes lock and I can't seem to hold back the hurt from my face, only for his confusion to grow as I lunge myself inside my room, sinking to my knees as I sob quietly behind the door, oh Chloe, you fool!