DISCLAIMER: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the Marauders. That is none other than the fantastic work of JK Rowling.

Summary: Three fangirls, who stumble upon a time turner, find themselves whisked away to Hogwarts. But the only thing is, the magic doubled - and now they find themselves in an even bigger situation. Marauder's era. Remus/OC, Sirius/OC, Lucius/OC.

AN: Okay, so for this fanfic - I have three girls sent back to the Marauder's sixth year. There is Ashley (me) who is the Sirius fangirl, Felicity (Lady Electricity) - who is the Remus fangirl, and Jenna (Coconut Coral) - who is the Lucius fangirl. Reviews are appreciated and encouraged.


"Stupefy!", Jenna yelled at Felicity as Ashley came around from behind and yelled, "Expelliarmus!"

The three girls laughed as Jenna fake-disarmed herself. People nearby were starting to give them strange looks, but they didn't care. Some of the other people in line were even egging them on - encouraging the wizard duel. After all, it was the midnight premiere at the theatre for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 - which everyone was seeing in 3D.

"I can't wait!" Jenna squealed.

"It's going to be amazing! I can't believe that this is the last film. In a way it's sad..." Felicity said sadly.

"Oh Flik - come on! It has to end somehow. Though I wish it didn't." Ashley laughed.

The three girls were all dressed in their wizard robes, wands in hand, waiting in line. Ashley even had a collectable time-turner around her neck that she got from her aunt in Germany.

"Yes, but it really is a shame. She could have just made more books." Jenna said, her Ravenclaw tie swaying in the wind.

"Brrr...It's getting kind of chilly out here." Flik said as she rubbed her arms.

"Well you guys are visiting Vancouver, practically the rainiest city on the planet." Ashley said as she rolled her eyes. Jenna was from California where it was almost always sunny, and Flik from England, where it was moderate with a bit of rain. But never have the two girls experienced what was...Canada.

"How can you stand the rain?" Jenna asked.

"You get used to it. Most people here don't even use umbrellas. We just 'put the hoods up' so to speak." Ashley said as the line started to move.

"It's moving!" Flik's face lit up as they followed in the line, wands at the ready, to go into the theatre. They showed their tickets as the person handed them their 3D glasses, which only made the 'Potter' experience better.

The place was packed, but luckily the three girls found a row of seats near the front. They were big, red, and comfy.

"We have plenty of time. Save my seat while I go get some popcorn and drinks, kay?" Ashley said as she got up from her seat.

"Sure, thanks Ash." Flik replied before turning to Jenna. "Did you notice..." Flik started, then stopped. "Nevermind."

"What, Flik?" Jenna asked. Oh no. Once Jenna heard something that was directed to her, she wouldn't stop until she knew what it was. "What?"

"Oh, nothing, Jenna."

"Felicity Jane Todd! You tell me right now!" Jenna demanded.

"Okay, okay..." Flik gave in. "Did you...well, it's crazy but... did you notice that Ashley's time turner looked almost...too real? I don't even think she noticed it."

"Oh god, Flik. It's just a replica." Jenna told her friend as she rolled her eyes.

"But Jenna, I felt it, and it's not plastic, or even metal. That thing is brass, just what they used to make the real Time-turners."

"And how would you know? Come on Flik..."

"Oh okay, Jenna." Flik gave up. But in the back of her mind she knew that the shiny object around Ashley's neck was not just a 'collectable'. As Ashley came back with the popcorn and drinks, the movie finally started to play.

"Are you okay, Felicity?" Ashley asked as she handed the girls their snacks.

"No...it's nothing. I'm great!" Flik faked. But Ashley knew her friend too well, and knew something was up.

"Okay Flik...but if it's this movie then..."

"Oh, it's just a little sad. I'm fine." Flik lied as the Warner Brother's insignia appeared on the screen. Jenna was already starting to tear up.

The three girls watched intently scene after scene. They laughed at Hermione turned Bellatrix, and giggled at the adorable Ron Weasley who had just met the dragon. They laughed at the goblins, as Ashley cried out "I love you!" to Draco Malfoy. They were having so much fun...Until all of a sudden - right about where the Golden Trio were about to go to Hogsmeade - the ground shook as the lights went off.

"Jenna! Flik!" Ashley cried. The whole theatre was screaming. It was a nightmare.

"I'm right here, Ashley!" Jenna said grabbing Ashley's hand.

"I'm here too, Ash, Jenna!" Flik cried over screaming people trying to get to the glowing red exit sign. Jenna quickly took out her iPhone for light.

"It seems like we're in an earthquake!" Ashley stated.

"Or a thunderstorm - you know how windy it was before we got here!" Flik yelled back.

"Is it a tornado?" Jenna asked.

"Do you think there are any tornadoes on the West coast?" Ashley replied with heavy sarcasm.

"Well I know one thing for sure...We need to get out of here! Fast." Jenna said before heading to the door. Ashley pulled her back into the seat.

"No! I can't lose you, plus we'll never get out of here, look at all of the people!"

"Then what are we supposed to do, die?" She snapped back.

Jenna never got a response, as Ashley's eyes grew wide, before taking her last breath, she blacked out.