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Summary: Three fangirls, who stumble upon a time turner, find themselves whisked away to Hogwarts. But the only thing is, the magic doubled - and now they find themselves in an even bigger situation. Marauder's era. Remus/OC, Sirius/OC, Lucius/OC.

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"Oh my Rowling," Ashley said as she facepalmed. "I just remembered. The Winter Ball is coming up."

"A ball?" Flik asked. The three girls were sitting in the Gryffindor common room, gossiping like they had when they were back in the real world. They hadn't done this in so long, sitting and talking with one another.

"Uh...yeah. Rodolphus Lestrange is taking Bellatrix Black. You know..."

"So?" Jenna said as she rolled her eyes.

"I heard Severus talking about it. He said that Lestrange, one of his friends had just asked that psychopath, Bellatrix, out to the Winter Ball. And plus, They've had their eye on you and I since we stole all of the attention from the house, and I heard that Narcissa had something nasty planned for you since she saw Lucius Malfoy and you flirting a couple of days ago." Ashley winked.

"She what! Oh no...that bitch is going down." Jenna smirked.

"Not the problem here!" Flik said as Ashley continued.

"Even Slughorn said that there was a Ball coming up. He notified all of the students in Slytherin house a while ago," She said as she shot Jenna a look, "Though you were out."

"Hey, I was just..." She remembered her and Lucius's little "meeting" in the Room of Requirement the other day, as the mysterious voice wanted her to finish a job. Though Jenna was curious of who the voice was, still, she hadn't heard him for awhile. "Never mind." She stopped herself.

"Well...I do recall some of the Ravenclaws talking to Molly Weasley the other day about some ball or other. Of course they wanted her to go with Arthur Weasley." Flik said as she sighed.

"So if you are going...then who would you go with?" Felicity asked Ashley.

"I don't know. Honestly I probably wouldn't go. Balls? Yuck. I better not."

"Well what about you?" She asked Jenna.

"Of course, Lucius and I have been um...conversing a bit more lately. Though I'm not sure he'd ask me. He still likes Narcissa after all. Plus, how would I know what colour my hair would change? Then my ball gown wouldn't match." She said as Ashley laughed. Getting metamorphmagus powers and all Jenna cared about is what her hair colour would look like on a dress? "Better question, Flik. What about you?" She asked back.

"Remus and I..." Felicity started.

"Oh splendid! I knew you would go together!" Ashley exclaimed as Flik let out a sigh.

"I don't know. He probably hasn't even heard that there was a ball."

"Well when he does..." Jenna winked.


Jenna walked down the long spiral-ey staircase after a boring class of Transfiguration with Trelawney. Ugh. That woman was worse in person than she was in the movies. And that was bad.

Jenna turned the corner to head to the Slytherin common room when "bam!" She had slammed head on with another student. Her books went flying to the ground as she fell on her butt.

"Oh, Um...sorry," She apologized as she looked up.

She was staring straight into the face of Lucius Malfoy. His blond hair was in a loose pony, his eyes a glistening glacier blue. "Jenna Kay, what a lovely surprise." He said as he waved his wand. He muttered "Wingardium leviosa" as all of Jenna's books returned to their rightful owner, in her hands.

"Hi Lucius." She said. "Thank you." Jenna was so humiliated that she practically ran to the common room, but before she could, he stopped her.

"Oh stop this nonsense, Kay."

Jenna's hair turned a bright fluorescent shade of bubble-gum pink. For embarrassment. Great. She blinked in astonishment. "Sorry."

"Will you stop apologizing? It's getting rather annoying. I wanted to ask you something anyways."

"Oh okay. What were you going to ask?"

"I was getting to that."

"Oh." She replied.

"I was just wondering if -"

"Oh there you are Lucius!" A voice exclaimed from high above. There, in one of the higher staircases, was Narcissa Malfoy, along with her sister Andromeda. "I was just looking for you!"

She ran down to where Jenna and Lucius were, smiling bright at him while she gave Jenna a cold-hearted scowl. Andromeda stood there watching. She carried Narcissa's books like a faithful servant, though in reality she was just the younger sister getting bossed around.

"Um...I'm quite sorry, Miss Black, but I was just talking to Jenna here - "

"Jenna? So you're on first-name terms then..." She scowled again, revealing her pretty white teeth.

"No, don't get me wrong, but I'm busy at the moment. If you'd please-"

"Oh Lucius! Stop." She teased as she played with one of her bouncy, blond curls.

Andromeda gave Jenna a helpless look as she continued to look down at her toes while her sister hopelessly harassed Lucius Malfoy.

"Since you're playing hard-to-get and not asking me...I'm just going to ask you." She teased, as she pointed one of her perfectly manicured red nails at Lucius's heart. "Come with me to the Winter Ball. Won't you?"

Lucius tensed up. With Jenna, Narcissa, and Andromeda all looking at him expectantly, what was he going to say?

"Oh no. This is all ruined. I was going to go, if I even was going to go, with Lucius. It's all ruined now." Jenna told herself as she started to tear up.

"Of course I-"

"Won't. Of course you won't Lucius." Jenna pleaded inside her head. Why would he choose the spoiled, rich, blond girl who got everything she wanted? Who was cruel and mean and didn't care about anyone else, not even her poor sister carrying her textbooks.

"Of course I will." He said through gritted teeth.

Narcissa looked so ecstatic, she gripped Lucius's arm as she smiled with her pouty red lips. "This is going to be the best Ball ever. See you later Lucius." She said as she strutted away with her little sister.

Lucius started to finish talking to Jenna, but before he could stop her from leaving, she was gone. "Jenna, I-"

Jenna ran towards her dorm. She threw the books on the floor as she curled up on her bed. She was sad and mad, angry at Lucius and Narcissa, as her hair flashed a million different shades of red.


Ashley sat under the big oak tree with Severus, finishing their homework. It was chilly outside, with a bit of snow, but Ashley liked it that way. She was quite used to it at home, so it made no difference to her here. It was beautiful, the tiny white snowflakes falling down to the ground.

"So Sev, are you going to the ball?" She asked him.

Severus Snape looked up from his homework, his greasy black hair falling from his face, a sprinkled like salt there were a few snowflakes on top of his head. He shook the snow off of his textbook as he replied with one word, "No."

"I'm not either."

"Why?" He asked her.

"Well if you're not going, then why should I? Plus, I don't like dances. Or public outings, or events. None of that shit."

"But you're...you're popular...you're pretty too. I say you should go." He told her as a small flush of pink appeared on her cheeks. She was blushing.

"Oh Sev...we both know that's not true." She said as she got up, the snow falling from her brown peacoat. "I'll let Jenna and Flik have the fun this time."

"As you wish." He said as he continued to study.

After Ashley got back to the Great Hall, she was stopped by none other than Sirius Black. Again.

"Do you have nothing better to do than annoy me?" She asked him.

"No. I simply wish to talk with you like any other normal person." He smiled.

"Good. No more stalking, no more bullying, and no more flirting?" She asked.

Sirius didn't even surpress a familiar wink. He kept to himself. "No. Of course not. If that's what displeases you the most, then I won't do it. " He smiled.

"Then what do you want, Black? We both know you of all people don't go out of your way to do something nice for a person." She smirked.

He casually put on arm on the side of the archway as his loose red and gold tie hung from his neck. "Oh please, Everdeen. Now you're the one being mean to me." He smirked back.

"I'd say it's not even a small amount of payback." She answered back.

"Fine. Whatever. Since I'm being so nice to you...do you think we could well...hang out?"

"Hang out? I do recall "no flirting" was one of the things I mentioned. But since you're being so nice to me, I guess we could hang out. Meet me in the library, eight o'clock, to study." She said as she walked to the Slytherin table.

She left Sirius Black with a grin that could easily make the Cheshire Cat jealous.


Flik sat next to Remus at the Gryffindor table during dinner. She smiled as she touched his arm. "You okay, Remus?" She asked him. He was acting weird lately, not eating his meals at times, sometimes skipping classes. With or without the Marauders.

"I'm fine, Felicity." He said as he dug into his rare filet mignon. He ate everything rare lately. His steak was almost raw.

"Anyways..." Sirius started as he broke the silence. "I think I've got a hot date with Ashley Everdeen." He smirked.

"Are you serious?" James asked as he nearly spat out his pumpkin juice. Sirius gave him an awkward look as James continued, "No pun intended."

Flik laughed. "She finally gave in?"

"Well...not exactly. It's not like she's going with me to the Winter ball or anything. We're just studying together. In the library."

"Oh have fun, Padfoot." James sniggered as Peter Pettigrew followed suit. Sirius's expression turned into a scowl. He really was serious about this girl.

"We all know the library isn't really...your thing." Wormtail agreed.

"Shut up." Sirius said as he ripped off a piece of bread with his teeth. It certainly was not attractive. "Anyways, who are you going with Felicity? Certainly you have a date." He winked as he looked back from Flik to Remus Lupin. He hadn't said a word.

"Actually...no." She said as she looked towards Remus. He gave Sirius an annoyed look as he continued to eat.

After he was done chewing on his steak, he spoke up. "Of course I'll go with you Felicity. I was just going to ask. But if you want to do something else, that is fine as well." He said politely, with impeccable manners.

"To be honest Balls aren't really my thing, Remus." She admitted. "But if you're escorting me, then maybe I'll accept." She winked at him.

"It'd be my honour." Sirius mocked Remus as he stood up and did a fairly good impression. James, Wormtail, and even Felicity laughed.

"Oh stop it." Remus smiled. "Of course It'd be my honour, Miss Felicity."

Felicity then made an embarrassing fan-girl squeal at the table, making James, Sirius, and Peter give her weird looks. Remus just laughed. Of course, this was going to be the best ball ever. Now she just needed to tell the others.