Typical Thursday night for me: Sit in my house doing nothing, consider doing my homework, decide not to, jerk off, go to sleep.

I do like familiarity now and again.

I glance to my clock, seeing it's about nine o' clock. Way too early for bed, thank you very much. I grab my laptop from the far corner of my desk and open it, wincing as the damn thing creaks on its way up. This thing has to be ten years old. I don't know where my parents got it from but damn, it's a miracle this thing runs at all.

I click on my internet's icon and wait for it to start up, knowing I'm in for a good wait. I glance at the pictures I have carelessly tacked to my wall in front of me, leaning my head in my hand and smiling slightly. Me, Stan, Kyle, Cartman. Fucking years of pictures, years of secrets, years of everything that four boys could be.

My eyes land on one picture in particular and my lips twist upwards on their own. It's one of just myself and Kyle. He's looking at me while I look the other way, laughing at who-the-fuck knows.

Should've been smiling back at him instead.

I grab the picture from off the wall and stare at it intently. Or rather, stare at Kyle intently. This was only taken about a year ago, neither of us have changed much. I trace my finger up over his cheekbone and lick my lips out of habit.

I should be absolutely humiliated with this infatuation with my friend, but honestly, I don't understand how it's avoidable. He's smart, he's opinionated, he's everyone's friend (sans Cartman), he's got an ass that everyone wants to grab. Seriously, I amaze myself with my restraint. And lastly, he's just fucking cute. I've found that I love making him blush or pout or even making him angry. His reactions are fucking adorable and I wish I had a picture to commemorate every single one of them.

I look at my computer and glare as it's still not loaded. "Fuck it," I mutter, reaching up and closing the laptop. Not worth it anyway. It's tricky as hell to find a video of a redhead boy getting plowed. No idea why it's so goddamn rare, damn near impossible to find. And anything else just doesn't do it for me anymore, but that's what I have pictures for.

I look back at the photo in my hand and lick my lips again, reaching down and undoing the button and zipper of my jeans. A part of me can completely envision Kyle going apeshit on me for jerking off to the thought of him, but it does nothing but increase my arousal. Fuck, if he's that passionate and fiery in everyday situations, I can only imagine what he's like in the bedroom.

I shudder at the thought, grabbing my dick from the gap of my boxers and slowly stroking up and down my skin. I can see it now: Kyle on his knees in front of me, looking at me with scared and embarrassed eyes, not sure of what to do for me. He grabs my skin nervously, oh so nervously, and very slowly starts moving. He'll press and grab and twist and rub with so much tension, his face practically bursting with color to match his ember-laced hair. His green eyes will lock into mine and everything will be just the two of us.

I'll run my fingers up through his hair, pressing his face towards my skin. He'll gulp before very tentatively taking me into his mouth. My eyes roll back as I envision his hot little mouth silenced for the first time ever, overtaken by the taste of my cock sliding along his tongue. He'll suck and pump at me with as much expertise as he can manage. He'll be my perfect little cocksucker. Beautiful, willing to try, watching me with those big, wonderfully colored eyes for reactions. He wants to satisfy me before I work on him, he wants to make sure I get everything I want before he gets his. My gorgeous little sex sla-

I'm cut off by the ringing of my cell phone. I groan and glance at it angrily, considering ignoring it before my eyes catch the name on the screen: Kyle.

He knows.

I briefly weigh my options before taking my free hand and grabbing the phone, putting it to my ear without saying anything.

"Ken?"he asks on the other line. I bite my lip, grinning as I stare down at my twitching cock resting in my hand. "Kenny? Dude, you there? Kenny!"

That's right, scream my name.

I realize he's going to hang up before I stammer out, "H-hey, I'm here. Sorry...hit mute," I lie, still hearing his voice echoing in my hormonally driven state.

"Good job, Genius," He scoffs.

You can call me anything you want in the bed, Baby. Genius, Babe, Master, it all works for me.

"So, what's up?" I try to ask nonchalantly, though I can tell my voice is trembling as I continue pumping on my skin. He seems to not notice.

"Not much. Studying. Story of my life,"He sighs.

I can add another chapter to your story. One that makes you scream for your epilogue. One that makes a group of literary students sit and discuss how much ecstasy you felt and how they only wish that they could feel it as well.

"Nerd," I laugh.

"Hey, shut up,"He retorts in annoyance.

Make me shut up. Make me speechless if that's what you want.

"Question," he starts, "Do you still have my notes from Chemistry?"

I can show you some chemistry.

"Uhhh...yeah," I nod, my dick painfully hard from Kyle's voice and my lack of attention. I slowly thumb over my slit and lean back in my chair with a grin. This boy has no idea what he's doing to me.

What I could be doing to him.

"Cool. Will you bring them to school tomorrow?"

"Don't you not have Chem until Tuesday?" I ask, briefly wondering if he'll find the fact that I have his schedule memorized to be creepy.

"Yeah, but I have a whole weekend to use them. I want that fucking A on that stupid test. I want it, Dude."

He wants it. He wants it so much but he's afraid to ask for it. He wants me to hold him down and take him for everything he's worth, practically shaking with anxiousness to feel me inside of him. But I won't until he begs me for it.

"Well I have to use them tomorrow night for the online quiz thingy," I answer, amazed that I can even remember something as trivial as education while visions of a sweaty, naked Kyle underneath me flashes through my mind. I take a firm hold of my cock, pumping on my skin slowly still, wanting more but God I want this to last as long as possible.

"Right," he sighs. "Damn. Well I'll have to come get them then I guess. Or you can drop em off if you want."

That's right, Sweetheart. Come and get it.

"Or, option C," I manage to stammer out as my blazing skin begs for more. "Spend the night tomorrow. You hate being at your place on Fridays anyway."

"That's only because my mom has those stupid meetings about health care or...or whatever's up her ass." I can just see his eyes rolling.

Eyes rolling to the back of his head when I throw him down and start going at him like no tomorrow.

"Thought it was education."

"Yeah, that," he laughs softly. "I don't know though, Dude. Last time I spent the night there your brother came home drunk and hit on me."

Only because he was mocking me.

"He's out of town for the next few weeks," I say. "Dunno where, don't ca-care," I stumble as I increase the pressure around my dick. I slide down in my chair more, biting my lip and taking a deep breath as I pump quicker. Yes I want this feeling to last but goddamn...it's starting to hurt I'm so fucking turned on right now.

"Ken? You okay?"

I'll be asking you the same thing. I'll wait for you to say you're okay before I start plowing you into a mattress. You'll hurt at first, but God you'll love it. You'll beg for more, you'll plead for me to go faster and harder, to make you scream."

"Yeah, stubbed my toe," I breathe out, keeping an eye on his picture and looking at my erect skin now and again. My hand is a poor substitute for what Kyle would feel like. My eyes slide closed as I envision him: Hot and tight; His skin, glistening with sweat against mine, covered in hickeys of all shapes and sizes on his neck, his chest, his hips. His lips, bruised and moist from relentless kisses will be parted as he gasps for air, begs for more. His eyes will be half-lidded in pleasure, their bright green dimmed down from lust into a dark jade. He'll beg for me to go deeper inside him, to feel him completely. He'll cry my name. "Kenny, Kenny, Kenny..."

"Kenny? Dude, did you hit the mute button again?" he asks in boredom. My eyes fly open back to my room and I feel myself shaking with the need to release. Fuck I'm so close. Fuck...

"No, I'm here. Distracted."


"Nothing," I lie, finding my head flooded with visions of him. Riding me, underneath me, his chest heaving in exhaustion and the need for more. His nails digging into my skin as he pulls me as close as physically possible, kissing me, urging me on with low moans from the back of his slender throat.

"Mmm," he muses.

I'll make you say 'mmm'. You'll become addicted to this. To the taste, the smell, the feeling. You'll beg me for it every day, you'll drop to your knees for me at the slightest hint of getting some. God, Kyle, you'll beg. You'll tell me that you're mine. That no one else can touch you like this, only I can make you so satisfied and eager.

"Anyway," he continues. "Sure, I'll kick it with you tomorrow. I'm not doing your quiz for you though."

"Lame," I pant out in laughter, pumping on my skin with blinding fury.

You'll have rug burn from this. You'll walk around for days with evidence of what I did to you. You'll be shy about it but you'll look at these marks and smile, you'll touch yourself and relive each detail over and over again, not able to contain yourself waiting for the next go-round.

My hearing fades back into him as he finishes a sentence with a soft "Kenny." It does it for me and I hurriedly hit the mute button and slam my phone onto the table, crying out as my hips jerk up and I explode into my hand, some of it escaping and flying onto my desk. I lay my head back, gasping for air and twitching.

My mind is still riddled with thoughts of Kyle. Him licking and swallowing my cum like my good little whore. Asking me to come on his face and watching it dripping off him in droves. Begging for me to come inside him so he can feel every bit of me entirely.

I let out a moan at this thought, letting the silence of my room echo around me for awhile before I hear Kyle clearing his throat. Loudly.

"Ken?" he asks. That is way too loud for my phone's volume...

"Next time you jerk off, you mind not answering the phone and just calling me back?" he asks. I grab my phone and my face drops. I hit speaker. Not mute.


"Uh..." I blink. I don't even have a response for that. "I...won't do that tomorrow?" I wince.

"Yeah, okay," he states awkwardly. I can just see the blush overriding his face and I look to see my dick twitching again. I glare at it but it doesn't seem to do much. "I'll...see you at school," he says hurriedly.

"We're still on for tomorrow night, right? Not like you've never jerked it, Ky."

"Sure why not and shut up you don't know that!" he yells. "Night, Kenny," he finishes quickly before hanging up the phone before I can retort. I can't help but laugh at him.

I'll change that tune of his soon enough. Soon he'll want to watch me do it, just so he can see what I think feels best.

"Agh," I shake my head at myself, grabbing a tissue and cleaning off my hand. I zip my jeans back up, forcing myself to refrain from going at it again. I think I've debauched Kyle's image enough for tonight.

I look at my desk, finding spurts of myself overtop the picture in front of me. I grin, picking it up and staring at a bit on Kyle's cheek. I can feel my dick moving around in my jeans as I smear it along the image of Kyle's face.

God he's so beautiful. He's so fucking perfect. I want him. I need him. I'll put him through feelings and personalities even he didn't know he had.

My cock continues asking for attention but I ignore it, looking back towards my room, still stroking along Kyle's cheek. I grin wildly, my head strewn with lewd thoughts and the sound of Kyle crying out my name.

I think I can hold on for more until tomorrow night.