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"You'll be fine" Mac Taylor told her, She smiled. Boy did she hope he was right.

New job, New friends.. Come to think about it new everything.

"Flack" Mac called from his office as Flack walked past. Flack opened the door and walked in, eyeing the women sat in the seat opposite Mac.

"Flack, meet your new partner, Holly Cooper, meet Don Flack."

Holly smiled at Flack, He didn't smile back. She stood up and extended her hand and he took it.

Flack looked at the women or as Mac had called her his new partner. She stood a few inches smaller than him, she would have been at least 5'9. Her long ginger hair tied up in a pony-tail her fringe covering a small proportion of her left eye.

He had never liked ginger hair, but on her it looked amazing it matched her big brown eyes and pale complection well.

She was slim, obviously worked out alot.

She wore black work pants and a white top that hung from her curves.

"Nice to meet you" She spoke,

"Likewise i'm sure" He replied with a small smile.

She was pretty sure that he was just playing nice while there boss was there, Turns out, he was..

"Flack'll show you where everything is" Mac told them and they both left his office.

"So, you lived in New York all your life ?" Holly asked, making small talk.

"Yep" He replied.

"How long have you been working here?" She asked

"8 years or so"

She wasn't getting anywhere, so she decided to shut up.

"This is the trace lab" he said walking in and then out of the large area.

Flack walked into the break room "Messer's meet Holly Cooper"

Both Lindsay and Danny smiled at her.

"So, she's your new partner Flack ?" Lindsay asked

Don shook his head, "Nah, you not heard ?. We show all the criminals round the lab and then take them to the gift shop" He smiled

"Right, well on with the tour" Danny said grinning.

Flack growled at him and walked off. Holly followed.

"They married ?" She asked.

"Nah, they're Brother and Sister." Flack said messing with her.

Holly nodded and continued to follow Flack.

After the introductions to the rest of the lab and the rest of the team, Flack showed Holly the precinct where they'd be working.

He showed her to her desk that was next to his and went back to his own work. Not caring that she looked out of place.

"Do, you need me to do anything ?" Holly asked Flack

Flack looked up at her and then looked back down at his paperwork.

"Nope." He replied coldly.

Holly sighed. "Have I done something to offend you or upset you ?" She asked in all honesty

"Nope" He repeated.

"Actually there is something you can do" He said after a few minutes. Holly smiled. "You could go and get me a black coffee"

"I'm a cop, not a waitress. And I know this is my first day so i'm trying to make a good impression but if you want coffee, go and get it yourself." She told him and went back to pretending to write something on her computer.

He smirked at her and went back to his work.

An hour later and after re-arraging her desk a few times, Flack walked over to her "Come on newbie, we got a call" He said walking off. She got up and ran after him.

She hated the word 'Newbie' It was de-grading and she was good at her job, hell she was awesome at her job.

She got into the passenger seat of the sedan and fastened her seat-belt.

"How long have you been in New York ?" Flack asked. Her accent wasn't American, she was from England.

"About 6 months." She smiled, maybe he wasn't that bad. Just needed to get used to the fact that she was replacing his old partner. That wasn't easy on anyone's side.

"So you're form England" He asked.

She nodded her head, "London"

"So, you love tea and biscuits then, huh ?" He asked

She had a sense of humour, but considering her first day with him it sounded more like a dig at her.

"No, I prefer coffee. Thanks" She replied, not even looking at him.

They arrived at the crime scene and Flack walked straight over to Danny and started to talk.

Lindsay walked over to Holly and placed a hand on her shoulder "It'll take him awhile, but he's actually a very decent, caring guy."

Holly laughed. "Really ?"

"Yeah, he's one of the best people I know,"

"Who am I replacing ?" Holly asked her.

"Jessica Angell, she was killed a few months ago. "

"She was more than his collegue and friend right ?"

Lindsay didn't say anything, she just nodded to the younger cop.

"So, we're all going for a drink tonight, you wanna' join us?" Lindsay asked

"Who's we ?"

Lindsay smiled "Me, Danny, Mac, Jo, Adam, Flack and Sheldon. And hopefully you "

Holly smiled, she liked Lindsay. "Yeah, ok"

"Good" Lindsay said as she patted her new friend on her shoulder and left to take more photographs.

"Newbie" Flack shouted

"Now, Now. Junior, play nicely." She heard Danny tell him

Don shot him a look and Danny bowed his head and continued his work.

Holly followed Flack, like a lost puppy. If she was back home, it sure wouldn't be like that.

"Newbie ?, seriously ?" She asked him. He smiled at her and said nothing.

"I do actually have a name, and I actually like that name"

"Ok, Holly. We're looking for a gun, it might be in one of those trash cans.." He said pointing the the back alley where at least 20 trash cans were.

He didn't need to finish the sentance she knew where it was going. And it might have been a total shock to him, but she liked getting dirty, it meant that she'd done some work and gotten a reuslt from it.

He grinned as she opened the trash can and pulled on a pair of latex gloves.

"Have fun" He told her as he walked of the canverse the area.

"Will do" She muttered under he breathe.

Don walked back over to Danny and Lindsay who had finished what they were doing. "Well they saw and heard nothing last night."

"Where's Holly ?" Danny asked

"She's searching for the weapon" He replied.

"She was searching for the weapon" Holly said as she walked up to them, holding a ziplock bag, containing a gun

"Point one for the new girl" Danny said.

She handed the bag to Lindsay and walked over to Flacks' car.

Flack followed her and unlocked the car and they both climbed in.

"You wanna' grab something to eat ?" He asked her

She was unsure of what to say all day he had been sending her mixed signals all day, one second he could be ignoring her and then the next it was like they were friends.

"Uhhm, yeah sure"

"You don't have to if you don't want to" He replied.

"Flack, just drive"

She puzzled him, she really did, it was her first day, she should be kissing his ass, and asking him if he wanted this or needed that. But instead, she was giving him orders He didn't know if he liked her or not.

"Yes ma'am" He said starting the car.

He pulled up outside a pizza bar and took his seat-belt off "What do you want, it's on me"

She laughed, "I'll just have a margarita and a coffee please "She smiled

"Ok, i'll be back in five minutes... if not, wait longer" He said and shut the door.

She laughed at him.

They seemed to be getting on a little bit better, well she thought they did anyway.

She turned on the radio and surfed for songs she liked. She sighed happily as she sat back and listend to 'Billy Joel - Piano man'. She loved this song, and a bonus it had only just come on.

This song reminded her of being a child, She was pretty sure she sang it for an audition in a play at school. With a pink dress on and little pink ribbons in her hair, she sang her little heart out. Too bad she didn't get the part for Dorothy. The people had teased her at school, all because Dorothy wasn't ginger and she was...

"He says Son can you play me a memory," She sang along with the radio "I'm not really sure how it goes. But it's sad and it's sweet.."

The she saw Flack, looking pretty smug.


He got into the car, and handed her the pizza and drink.

"Some voice you got there"

"It's a good song" She replied.

"I know that." He smiled

She'd blushed when he said that, she didn't think she had a good voice. "The manager gives me a smile, 'cause he knows it's me they've been coming to see, To foget about life for a while" She sang quietly in tune with the guy on the radio.

"So, I got invited to go out with you guys tonight" Holly stated

"You should come"

"You sure ?" She asked. She sounded like she was 12 again and was asking premission to go out

"Yeah, you got invited didn't you" He snapped.

After finishing their pizzas and drinks. they headed back to the precinct.

After the results had come back from the lab, they now had a suspect.

"Come on, let's go get him" Flack called

Holly stood up from her desk and walked out of the precinct following Flack.

They drove to the suspects apartment in silence and got out of the car.

"So, what's this guy like ?" She asked as she shut the car door.

"Aaron Jones, Well he's a wife beater, all together he's a very angry person."

She nodded her head and followed Flack into the building where the guy lived.

They rode up in the elavtor in silence.

That was probably the only thing they had in common, they both knew how to be silent.

"So, you've dealt with this guy before ?" She asked

"Yup" He replied, tht's great he'd gone back to one word answers.

This time instead of following Flack, she let him follow her.

"Number 36 ?" She asked, Flack nodded

She banged on the door "NYPD Open up!"

Something inside of the apartment fell and shattered. She looked other to Flack and she stepped back and booted the door, it flew wide open, and showed the said Aaron Jones, trying to climb out of the window onto the fire escape.

They both ran into the apartment and pulled out there guns.

Flack kept his gun trained on the suspect as Holly walked over to him to place him in cuffs. He stepped back into the room as Holly approuched, he knew he wasn't going to get away.

But it wasn't going to stop him trying, as Holly got closer, he lifted his foot and kicked her in the stomach, sending her flying backwards over the coffee table.

Flack came next, he raced over to the suspect and threw himself onto the floor on top of Aaron. He placed the handcuffs on his wrists and dragged him up.

As Flack stood up, So did Holly.

"You ok ?" He asked, se dusted herself off and nodded "Yeah, I think so"

A few hours later, including interagating Aaron Jone and finding out he was actually infact innocent he just hadn't been paying his rent for the last few months, Holly was able to clock off and go home.

"Hey, what time are you all meeting at this place ?" She asked


She nodded and walked out of the precinct.

She needed to look good, this would be the first time she'd seen them out of work or actually had a real conversation with the majority of them.

She opened the door to her new apartment and turned the lights on. She headed straight for the shower. the bruises had already started to appear on her stomach and it hurt like hell to touch them.

At quater to nine she set off to the bar, wearing a black silk top that complemented her figure extremly well and some white high shorts, after all it was summer. Her shoes matched her outfit perfectly, a pair of small baclk heels, she was already nearly 6 foot, she didn't need anymore height.

She walked into 'Barney's' where they had planned to meet, she walked to the bar and ordered her drink of wine "Holly" She heard Lindsay shout over the music playing, she turned and saw everyone there sitting in a booth.

She smiled gently and walked over, Hawkes moved over so she could sit down.

After a lot of drinks and a few embarrassing stories about each other, it was 10 to 12 and out of the eight that arrived only four were left, Holly, Flack, Danny and Lindsay, the rest had gone home at a decent time mainly because they had to be at work early the next morning.

"I wish I was as close to my brother as you two are" Holly said pointing to Danny and Lindsay

Danny chuckled and then stopped after hearing what she said.

"Me and Lindsay" He asked

Flack nearly choked on his beer as he realised where the conversation was heading.

"Yeah, you're really close. Me and my Brother don't really get along."

"Am I that drunk that I have no idea what she's talking about " Danny said to Lindsay, Lindsay grinned in return.

Holly looked confused and looked at Flack who was looking guilter than ever. "You're not Brother and Sister are you ?" She asked Danny and Lindsay but while looking at Flack,

Lindsay laguhed. "No, we're married. What gave you that..." She said stopping mid sentance, she followed Hollys' gaze to Flack.

She smacked Flack's leg "Why did you tell her that" Lindsay demanded

Flack was lost for words.

"I'm gonna' go home, before I make a bigger fool of myself" Holly said collecting her bag from underneath the table.

She smiled at everyone and got up and left. She could hear Lindsay yelling at Flack for messing with the new girl. Holly laughed and walked out of the bar.

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