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He opens the door and he's hit with a smell that makes his mouth water. He hadn't realised how hungry he was. But his stomach had already decided that the smell was for him and he was going to eat whatever the hell it came from.

The door gently shuts behind him as he walks into the kitchen. He can't help the small smile that makes it's way to his face as he watches the women quietly dance around the kitchen. She opens a cupboard and rumages about before shutting it and moving onto another one.

"If you're looking for the pepper it's in the second cupboard to the fridge" He replies smoothly, leaning against the wall of his apartment.

She stops her dancing and turns to face him, a hand over her heart "You scared the crap out of me" She states, her fingers still over her heart as if attempting to calm it.

"Sorry" He smiles, and that's when he looks at her. She's wearing his NYPD navy sweatpants and one of his large t-shirts that he uses for the gym. Her hair is tied in a bun with a few pieces of ginger hair falling from it.

She seems to notice his gaze and her hand drops as she looks for the right words. "Uhm; I had a shower and I realised I had nothing to wear. I'm sorry" She blushes

He waves a hand at her, "No, it's fine" Smiling

He can't help but look at her, the T-shirt shows nothing of her perfect body but he still can't help but stare. She's stood 3 feet away from him wearing his clothes; smelling of his shampoo and he can't help but look. In some weird way he likes this look on her. Because it's his.

"So, uhm as a small thank you. I made us.. uhm dinner" She tells him trying to find the right words and he can't help but laugh at her.

"What?" She asks confused

"I invited you, you didn't have to make me dinner"

She turns her back to him and washes her hands in the sink, "It's the least I can do Don"

He smiles at the use of his first name. Sure he'd gotten used to people calling him Flack but he still had a soft spot for people using his first name. It made it feel more personal.

"So what are we having then?" He asks as he stands up and walks over to the oven. but before he can take a look inside Holly smacks him on the back

"Nuh-uh. You'll find out when it's ready. So ya' know.. mush. Go sit down or something"

He smiles and nods his head, walking into the living room and sitting down on the sofa turning the TV on to watch nothing in particular but just creating a friendly environment.

"So how was work?" She asks from the kitchen

He can't help but smile at this, the whole situation.

"It was good, no annoying people that pretend to do paperwork" He tells her hiding his laughter

He can hear her scoff at his statement. "I bet you'll change you mind on the 'annoying' part when you taste her amazing food"

"Since when could you cook. I bet it's all an act. Just putting it on fancy plates doesn't mean you cooked. So where did you order out from?" This time he can't help the laughter that escapes form his mouth

"Oh you'll be amazed at what I can do" She smirks and stops when she hears her own words "I mean, cooking, I can cook!" She attempts to make the situation seem less awkward. She slaps her forehead and groans at her choice of words but can still hear Don laugh his ass off.

"Ok, it's ready!" She yells from the kitchen.

He sits down at the island in the kitchen, mouth already watering from the smell in the kitchen.

She puts a plate infront of him and his mouth drops. It's only pizza but it's homemade and it means that she listens to him.

"You made that?" He asks looking around for the pizza box.

She smacks his arm and sits down opposite him. "Eat" She influences him. He picks up a slice looking at it as if it'll jump at him and kill him.

She raises an eyebrow at him, before picking up a slice herself and taking a bite. He smiles and takes a bite himself

He can't help but to let out a small moan. He finishes es the bite and swallows "God, this is good pizza" He states taking another bite

"So is this person you work with still 'annoying'?"

"Who cares she can cook like a Godess"

She laughs before taking another bite and smiling at him.

After dinner they both took seats on the couch watching some show that neither of them were remotely interested in, but both watched it none the less. Don lay on the couch and Holly had placed a cushion on Dons right hip and lay on him

"Hol'?" Don asks quietly

"Hmm?" She asks looking up at him

"When.." He starts not sure how to explain himself.

"I was 17" She tells him knowing what he's already going to ask

"You weren't in the force" He states more than asks while rubbing small circles on her lower back. She lets out a small sigh at the contact

"No, I lived at home then, someone broke in. I got in the way" She tells him as if it iisn't a big deal

"Wow" He mutters, still making small circles with his hand when it hit him, what the hell was he doing. He was a friend at the very least and they were work partners. But a big part of him didn't really give a damn. He likes it, he likes this..

Whatever the hell this is

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