The Next Morning

Mavrick walked out into the kitchen to find his friend sitting on the marble counter top drinking a full carton of orange juice, Mavrick scratched his head in confusion and disgust as he looked at his feet to find one sock on one foot, but not the good socks either it was those crappy ones that had been bought on a spear of the moment shopping at Wal-Mart run. "Tom"
"Mavrick" replied his friend whose breath smelt like fruit and alcohol. Mavrick responded with a sloth like movement which would be called a head nod. "Nice boxers" chuckled Tom making him choke on what was left of his "Screw Driver". Mavrick looked down at the place where pants should be, but they were obviously not.
"I just realized I wasn't wearing pants..., say where Greg is?" yawned Mavrick looking around for his other pal that seemed to be nowhere in sight.
"Right Here" Tom Stated throwing the empty juice carton at the lifeless body in the living room.
"...The fuck" moaned Greg as he threw the lamp shade that was on his head across the room. Greg clearly was not prepared to wake up and face the day; well it's what his half naked body gave the impression of. "Where's my cell phone?" asked Greg feeling around the floor in front of his face.
"Dude how should I know I can barley fined my feet" Laughed Mavrick who was all ready digging in the fridge for food. Tom groaned with irritation as he struggled to get off the counter, but he did with great effort. The next mornings did prove to be the nastiest to wake up to.
"Found it" yelled Greg pulling out the cell phone that was in the front of his pants and wondering how it got there. Tom walked into the bathroom and took of his cloths for a shower when he realized the purple lipstick writing on his stomach.
"Guys who's Kim and why does she want me to call her?"Grinned Tom who no longer wanted a shower.
"Don't be so damn pleased with yourself, I have red lipstick on my junk from anonymous" Bragged Greg. Mavrick chortled at his friends while he ate cereal on a plate with a spatula, since he was too god damned lazy to do the dishes. The night before had seemed like nothing but a hallucination, well the mess for the party did bring it back to reality, god knows what happened.