"Money money money. Is that all you care about?" The woman shouted.

"Well at least it's less annoying then you!" The man hollered back

Don't you dare even try to talk like that to me!"

"I'll talk to you whatever way I want to!"

The man and the woman screamed at each other for hours. Accusing one another of something horrible. A girl sat on her bed upstairs, forced to listen to the dreadful things her parents said.

Olive dragged herself into the A.N.T Farm and plopped onto the couch that was there. "Hey Olive," Fletcher greeted her. "What do you want?" She snapped. Fletcher jumped back and took her in. She wore a black shirt with a blood red rose on it, a gray hoodie unzipped, and white, black, gray jean with blck converse. Olive wasn't wearing her normal bright and sunny clothes. "I'm sorry Fletcher," She aplogized. "It's just that some stuff has been going on and I'm under a lot of stress."

Fletcher hesitaited before sitting next to her. "Do you want to tell someone about it?" Olive sighed. "I wish I could but no one will understand." She stared down at her shoes. Not thinking, the boy gently guided the depressed girl's face toward him. She blushed as he realized what he was doing.

"Sorry," Fletcher muttered. Olive giggled a little at his awkwardness, making Fletcher smile. "It's... okay." The two sat next to each other silent.

The bell rang loudly, singaling that the students had to hurry to class.

I'm sorry the first chapter is so short. The next one will be longer.