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A snowy-haired, violet eyed male placed two bowls of steaming porridge in front of the duo from an incredibly detailed silver serving tray. Tino couldn't help but notice that his white skin paled even further when he set down the beast's bowl and scurried out of the room as quick as possible after a timid bow. What sort of influence did Berwald have on his servants? Whatever it was, it couldn't be good. Another thought surfaced in his mind – what exactly was being hidden in the West Wing.. and why wasn't he allowed to see it? He made a mental note to check it out, whenever possible, and whenever his life wouldn't be in danger from doing so.

The Finn's train of thought came to a crashing halt when the mouth-watering smell of the porridge filled his senses. Okay, wow. If it tasted as good as it smelled... just maaaaybe he wouldn't mind at least going to the meals here. But just maybe. The hot cereal was topped with melting brown sugar, cream, and bright red raspberries.

Berwald merely stared quizzically. He vaguely remembered that it was impolite to take the first bite before your guests, and Tino seemed to be taking an awful long time. Who stared at their food for that long, especially at breakfast? "... 'S s'methin' wr'ng?"

"... Huh? Oh!" the Finn blushed slightly, his eyes quickly averting back down to the table after meeting Berwald's icy ones. He had kinda zoned out into space. What a second first impression. "Sorry."

"D'ya not l'ke porridge?"

"No, no. This is fine, honestly." Tino forced an apologetic smile, even though he really didn't want to be polite to someone who was holding him captive. Ah, well... grin and bear it! He tentatively scooped up the dainty silver spoon and brought a spoonful to his mouth.

… Okay, this was just unfair. His father had made porridge countless times, but it had never tasted so... so good. He let out an unintentional contented sigh, sending the beast's heart fluttering. Berwald figured it was his turn, so he lowered his muzzle towards the steaming bowl and began to lap it up. He froze when Tino let out an amused snort but obviously tried to cover it with a cough.

Berwald sat up, feeling a twinge of shame. Perhaps he had been living in solitude a bit too long. A bit of porridge slid off of some of his whiskers and plopped onto the table, emphasizing the drawn out silence. "I.. I err h'ven' had 's'meone in th' castl' f'r awhile.." he grumbled lowly, placing his paws over his muzzle in embarrassment.

It was at this moment that Tino decided Berwald distinctly resembled a lion, especially with his long dirty blond mane. The only difference was his body, which seemed more powerful, thick-set, and almost.. human-like. The Finn couldn't help but beam in amusement. "It's alright, I don't mind." he shrugged his shoulders, "I think we've all been that hungry before." he added with a laugh.

The beast's ears twitched slightly in bewilderment, a confused growl rumbling slightly in his chest. This wasn't going horribly but it also wasn't going perfectly either. But hey, he'd take a happy medium. "Guess so.." Plus.. he wouldn't mind embarrassing himself all the time if he meant he could see Tino smile like that again.

Silence returned as Tino continued pleasantly eating his porridge. He noticed that the beast wasn't even attempting to eat any longer and raised an eyebrow, "Ahaha.. eat how you want, who am I to judge?" He paused, an idea springing up. "Ah! Here, I got it.." The Finn picked up his own bowl and imitated what Berwald had done before, although managing not to get any on his nose.

The beast's head tilted slightly, seemingly confused. What..? Was Tino actually trying to make him, the host, feel better? A tiny seed of hope was planted within Berwald's chest, maybe he really could break this curse. He just hoped he had enough time left...

Mathias sighed as he picked up the breakfast dishes from the table, the room having been long since vacated. How in the world had they managed to get so much porridge on the table? He shook his head and sighed. Maybe he'd pretend to get a splinter from the table so Lukas would wipe it off for him.

Being stuck in this castle was pure torture, any of the servants knew that as well as he did. Everything gathered dust, the floor creaked, the roof leaked.. but how were they supposed to fix that when they couldn't go outside? What worried him even more was.. Berwald's 'time limit'. He didn't know the specifics, but his master only had so long to reverse the curse. What.. what would happen to the rest of his servants when he ran out of time? Would they all perish along with him? Life really liked to screw with him, didn't it.

"You look more serious than usual." Lukas noted with a raised brow, making Mathias jump and look up from his sinkful of dishes.

"Just thinking, no biggie." he laughed, forcing a grin as he scrubbed at a particularly stubborn scuff on a piece of silver.

Lukas sighed deeply, resting his head on Mathias shoulder. It was silent for a long moment before he spoke up again, "I'm sorry about what I said to you in front of the latest idiot."

Mathias' eyes widened slightly in surprise, the Norwegian wasn't one to just go around apologizing to everyone. He was going to take a mental snapshot of this memory and.. maybe rub it in his face a few years later. "Hm? Nahhh.. don't worry about it. I doubt the kid will last long anyways." He smiled and pressed his lips gently to the shorter's temple.

Lukas straightened and folded his arms, "How's.. how's it healing?" he questioned, a bit of calculating concern surfacing in his indigo eyes.

The Dane stiffened a tad before snorting and ruffling Lukas' hair with his free hand, "It's fine, don't worry about it."

"Really, you have to learn to control yourself sometimes. I know it's hard being stuck here.. but it's better than being dead, got it?"

"Yeah, yeah.. I got it." Disagreeing with Lukas would probably bring a swifter death to Mathias anyways. "I promise to be good." he added in a mock-baby voice, fluttering his lashes.