Summary: After being branded a weakling, Sakura runs away with the ANBU behind her. After Sasori saves her, she joins the Akatsuki and learns what it's like to be loved and accepted as an equal. SasoSaku and DeiIno.

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Sakura: So. . . Why do I have to be with- with that guy? (Points to Sasori)

Sasori: (Twitches) Kids these days have no manners. How sad.

Sakura: Did you just call me a kid, you old hag?

Sasori: I would appreciate it if you didn't call me that, brat.

Sakura: What did you call me?

Karin: Break it up. Break it up. You two have to stop arguing for real.

Sasori: Stuck-up brat. Telling me what to do.

Karin: WHAT DID YOU CALL ME? Let me at him!

Sakura: (Sweatdrops) Guys. . . Well enjoy this chapter. Karin Taicho doesn't own Naruto.

"You're too weak to be a kunoichi. We always had to protect you. I'm surprised you are even alive right now," said Sasuke. Then, Sakura finally snapped.

All her life, Sakura was regarded as a weak kunoichi. No one knew about her special training with Tsunade that made her the stronger than Naruto. She hated being called weak or a pain. Normally she'd stay calm, but that day, nothing could stop her anger from pouring out.

"Shut the hell up Sasuke! I'll show you who's weak!" she screamed. She charged at him with her kunai and managed to get him a little beat up. One by one, her friends tried to restrain her, but she hurt them. She felt confused after pushing her best friend against a tree, rendering her unconscious. 'What am I doing?' she thought. She stared at the unconscious form of her friend and then ran away.

At her house, she quickly picked up things she needed and planned to escape. 'I can't live like this any longer. I'm an outcast. I'm weak and I'm only going to drag everybody to their deaths. They'll be better without me. I guess I'll have to be a missing-nin,' she thought. She quickly jumped out of her window and ran towards the gates separating her from the forest to freedom. Adrenaline rushing, she managed to escape just before anyone saw her.

A while later, she stopped. She untied her headband and looked at it. She sighed and remembered all the good times she had with her friends. Eating ramen with Naruto. Swooning oer Sasuke. All the missions they had with Kakashi-sensei. But she had to put it all in the past. Grabbing a kunai, she slashed the hard metal of the head band straight through the leaf village symbol. There was no turning back, she was officially a missing-nin and unbeknownst to most people, soon-to-be a S-class criminal. She gripped it tightly and jumped on a tree continuing her journey to nowhere.

A month later

Sakura still had nowhere to go. She randomly stopped by a few villages to get food, but that was it. She didn't know any villages that could be a safe haven for missing nins. The only place was the Akatsuki, which she thought she'd never be accepted into. For one, she was from Konoha. The second reason was her connections to the kyubii. Last, was that she had killed one of them in the past. She remembered the pained look on Deidara's face when he found out that his partner, Akasuna no Sasori was killed by her and Chiyo obaa-san. He glared at her, too weak to fight and said, "If I ever see you again, I swear that I will kill you with my own hands." he flew away on his explosive bird.

Panting and sweating, Sakura masked her chakra and kept on running. She had no idea where she was going or how close the ANBU were. She stopped suddenly as the ninjas appeared in front of her.

'Damnit! I have no where else to go' she thought as the ANBU charged at her with their kunais. She was too weak to dodge or run away any more. She closed her eyes, 'I guess this is the end for me.'

She waited, but never felt any pain. Instead, she felt some warm liquid on her face. She wiped it off and stared at her fingers. It was blood, but it wasn't her's. Her green eyes looked up to see someone she thought she'd never see again.

She was looking at Akasuna no Sasori. "Missed me?" he asked in his calm tone despite being stabbed.

"Wha-what? How are you here, you're dead! I killed you, I made sure of it!" she said. 'How is he still alive? Even if he is, then how does he have blood. Last time I checked , he was still a puppet.'

Sasori looked back. He coughed out some blood and wiped his mouth with his sleeve. He had a weird look on his face, "Is this what you say to someone who saved your life? Kids these days are disrespectful," he said shaking his head. He turned to face the ANBU. "Now, I'll have fun doing this. I haven't killed anyone in a while," he said while taking out a scroll. Out came out the puppet of the third Kazekage. Sakura's eyes widened as she remembered her encounter with the puppet. Chakra strings were attached to it as he used the puppet to shoot out poisonous needles and kunais. He also released the poisonous sword as well as the gas. The members coughed and died. "That was too easy, he said disappointedly.

Sakura stared in shock. Sasori took this chance to snake his arm around her waist and picked her up bridal-style. "What are you doing? Let me go, dammit!" she yelled struggling to escape, but to no avail.

Sasori looked bored. "Shut up, brat" he said as she fell unconscious. He smirked and ran towards the Akatsuki hideout.

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Deidara: I really think that Sakura should be with Sasori no Danna un! They look cute un and why'd you make me mad at Sakura un. I never really cared about Danna anyways un.

Sasori: (Glares) I'll kill you all.

Sakura, Ino, and Karin watch them fight and curse at each other. All sweatdrop.

Sakura: And Sasori calls me a child.

Ino: I see what you mean.

Sasori: What did you say?

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