Allen rolled over and worked his way off the net. Mana came over to Allen and helped him down.

"Good job, keep it up!" Mana said patting him on the back.

"Thank you!" Allen said smiling. Mana and Allen then both turned to the crowd and bowed. After a few seconds they stood up and made their way to the exit and backstage. They then headed for their dressing room and began changing back into their regular clothes. Allen and Mana sat infront of their only cracked mirror and began removing their stage make-up.

"Mana." Allen said.

"Yes my son?" He asked.

"Did I really do well?"

"You did very well little one." Mana said looking at Allen in the mirror. "Wonderful."

"Really!" Allen said with a beaming smile spread from ear to ear.

"Yes." Mana said.

"I'm so happy father!" Allen said wiping the last bit of make-up from his cheek. "What should I do next time I wonder?"

"We will think of something and then begin practicing it very soon. After all we have to be ready for the next show."

"When is the next show father?" Allen asked.

"We won't know until the day of my son." Mana said.

Allen rolled over and grabbed his phone. He flipped it open and read the time 4 a.m.


It was Monday morning and Allen didn't have to be up for another hour and a half. His last day of training at the Black Order Cafe was tonight so he had to remember to bring his work clothes to school. He hadn't seen the bastards "son" since his interview. But it was a passing thought as Allen soon drifted back off to sleep until his alarm went off.




"Alright...Alright i'mup." Allen mumbled into his pillow. Tim meowed and stretched at his right.

"Hey Allen you should give me your number and maybe we can go see a movie again sometime soon, or just hang out again in general." Lavi said smiling.

"Sure, I would like that." Allen said grabbing a piece of paper so that he could scribble his number on it. "Here you go..." Allen said handing the scrap to Lavi.

"Sweet! So I'll see you soon! Here's my number. Catch ya later!" Lavi said running off toward the direction of his home.

Allen shoved the paper in his pocket.

Allen rolled over and stood up from his bed. Tim walked down to the end of the bed and sat staring at Allen with his tail curled around himself. Allen patted Tim on the head and walked over to his dresser and grabbed a pair of underwear and went to take a shower. This morning Allen felt like taking his time with his shower. He stood under the steaming hot water and marveled in the warmth that his body felt. The slight comfort of the steady beating of the water drops on his slightly chilled skin. Today was supposed to be a bit chilly outside and since Allen didn't awake to sunshine in his face he could tell it was more than likely going to be a cloudy overcast kinda day.

That meant he could wear a pair of pants and a light jacket and actually be comfortable. Allen grabbed the shampoo and began lathering it in his hair as he continued thinking about his day. He was rather excited to check his phone to see if Lavi had texted him, but he didn't want to check because he was afraid that Lavi hadn't texted him. Allen rinsed his hair and body and turned off the water. He poked his arm out and grabbed a towel and brought it back in to dry himself off because he didn't want to step out into the cold bathroom.

Once he was dry Allen opened the shower curtain and stepped out onto the tile floor and draped the towel over his head while he pulled on his underwear. He then walked across the hall and into his room, where he went straight to his phone. He picked it up and Tim jumped off his bed and ran to cuddle Allen's legs. Allen opened his phone and seen that he had a new text... however it was not from Lavi its was from FunnyBunnie.

(1) New Message(s)

Sender: FunnyBunnie0173

Subject: Hey

Hey! What's up?

-Party animal!

Sender W#ite_CL0wN

Subject: Re. Hey

I just got out of the shower and am getting ready for school wbu?

-Never stop walking.

Message sent.

(1) New Message(s)

Sender: FunnyBunnie0173

Subject: Re, re, Hey

I'm up too. Hey Allen wanna meet up in the library this morning?

-Party animal!

Sender W#ite_CL0wN

Subject: Re, re, re H-

What? How would we do that?

-Never stop walking.

Message sent.

(1) New Message(s)

Sender: FunnyBunnie0173

Subject: Re, re, re-

Allen this is Lavi.

-Party animal!

Wait what?

He pulled up his contacts list and scrolled through the names until he came upon funnybunnie and opened up the contact.


Allen walked over to his desk and picked up his pants from last night that were in front of it and pulled out a piece of paper he shoved in his pocket the night before. Allen read through the numbers and looked at his phone and read through the numbers. He then grabbed his phone with both hands dropping the paper and his pants.

Sender W#ite_CL0wN

Subject: Re, re, re-


-Never stop walking.

Message sent.

(1) New Message(s)

Sender: FunnyBunnie0173

Subject: Re, re, re-

The one and only!

-Party animal!

What?...What!'s mind was a jumbled mess at the moment.

"What the bloody hell! Lavi is Funnybunnie!?" Allen said aloud. All of a sudden he dropped to his knees.

"...He knows my secret..."Allen said. His phone beeped signaling he received a text.

(1) New Message(s)

Sender: FunnyBunnie0173

Subject: Re, re, re-

Lil' buddy?

-Party animal!

"How am I supposed to face him now?" Allen said.

He's going to judge me...

What do I do...


help me...Allen thought.

(1) New Message(s)

Sender: FunnyBunnie0173

Subject: Re, re, re-

Can we hang out together in the library this morning?

-Party animal!

Sender W#ite_CL0wN

Subject: Re, re, re-

I... yes... we can Lavi...I will see you there...

-Never stop walking.

Message sent.

Allen got up and closed his phone and placed it on his desk. He kept his hand placed on top of it and looked down at it.

Mana what do I do...

Tim jumped down off Allen's bed and rubbed against Allen's leg. Allen's hand fell off his phone and rested at his side, he then bent down on one knee and petted Tim with his opposite hand.

"Tim... I love you..." Allen stood back up and walked over to his dresser and pulled out a pair of black skinny jeans and a maroon over sized short sleeve shirt. It had the numbers '01' on it and two white stripes on the sleeves. He got dressed and walked over to his closet and pulled out his jacket. He walked over to his bed and pulled out his bandages and covered his arm. He put on his jacket and pulled his gloves out of his desk drawer and put them on. He needed to get to school so he could meet up with Lavi.

Allen walked to his door and put on his shoes, he then grabbed his phone his backpack and work clothes then walked out of his room.

Allen walked through the doors to the library and over to the front desk to greet Miranda.

"Allen! How are you this morning!" She asked.

"I'm doing very well and you ma'am?" Allen asked.

"Awe, don't worry about me. Wait here!" She said running away into the office. She returned a moment later with 3 chocolate chip cookies and a cup of hot chocolate. She sat them on the petition so he could grab them. Allen accepted the drink and cookies and walked over to the couch and sat down waiting on Lavi to arrive. He picked up a cookie and brought it to his mouth to take a bite. As soon as he chomped down over the cookie Lavi tackled him from behind the couch wrapping his arms around the younger pushing him forward. Instead of chewing the cookie Allen spit it out everywhere coughing.

"Lavi! Don't DO that!"

"Shh! You're in the library Beansprout!" Lavi whispered in Allen's ear.

Allen shivered from the sensation.

"Everything ok lil'buddy?" Lavi asked leaning over the couch further to see Allen's face. A small blush etched over his cheeks.

"Beansprout?" Allen asked.

"Yeah 'cuz you're so small." Lavi smiled.


"ALLEN SHH!" Lavi whispered harshly covering Allen's mouth.

"Mmmhfhh." Allen mumbled fear flashing through his eyes.

"Huf, huf... Are you trying to kill me?" Allen said gasping for air.

"My bad lil' buddy." Lavi said walking around the couch to sit next to Allen.

Allen relaxed into the couch.

"It's finally nice to meet my mystery girl!" Lavi said.

"Girl?... Lavi you know I'm a boy right?" Allen asked.

"What?" Lavi stopped moving and dropped his arms to his side.

"Lavi!" Allen said.

"I'm just messin' with ya! I can see you're a boy beansprout! But online... I swore you were a girl!"

"Very well then." Allen said growing silent and leaning back against the couch.

"No questions for me then?" Lavi asked.

All of a sudden the bell rang signaling classes were about to start.

"No! I'm going to be late!" Allen said and grabbed his backpack and rushed to the library door. Leaving Lavi sitting on the couch. Great. There was already a sea of people passing the library. now he had to be that guy. You know. The one that interrupts the traffic flow? Yeah. That was now him. This wasn't going to end well.

Once Allen successfully made his out of the door he began his was to first period Anatomy with Lenalee. On kid elbowed Allen in the Ribs as he was shoving him out of the way and Allen cringed having the breath knocked out of him. This is why he always left early to avoid the crowd and torment. They were all animals and it seem Allen was the pray.

"Hey look it's the clown kid! Look at his weird outfit!" Once kid yelled and his group of friends pointed and laughed one chucking a opened water bottle at him. It hit Allen on the right side of his head. the water splashed out and now his right half of his head and shirt were soaked. Allen panicked.

What if some water splashed and uncovered his scar! He needed to go to the bathroom now. He snuck around a corner and out of the sea of students and walked down another hall and toward a bathroom. Once inside he grabbed a few paper towels and dried himself of a bit. He did a once over in the mirror to make sure his scar was still hidden. Everything was ok. Well, besides the fact that his ribs were probably bruised. Allen picked up his backpack he had dropped upon walking in a slung it back over his shoulder. He still had to go to his locker and get the things he needed for his first few periods. Once he opened the door again the sea of students had all but vanished, save for the few stragglers like himself. He walked back toward the library and down the hall he was shoved out of. His locker was just a bit further down, and the bell rang. Great. He was late for class now. All because he was daydreaming in the library. Once he found his way to his locker and switched everything out he walked almost all the way to the other side of campus to get to class.

Great. Now he was going to be that person that walked in and interrupted class. Now everyone's eyes were going to be on him. Something he did not like. He stood in front of the door for a few seconds. And once he got the courage he turned the knob and the door creaked open. The teacher stopped in mid-sentence and looked at the door.

"How nice for you to finally join us! Please! Go and have a seat now." Dr. Johnny said a bit to enthusiastically. Then continued on with the lesson he was introducing.

Allen didn't say a word and made his way to his seat near Lenalee. A few snickers could be heard along Allen's path to his seat.

"Everything ok Allen?" Lenalee whispered.

"I'm fine." Allen whispered back.

Allen could see Lenalee grab a scrap piece of paper and scribble something on it. He then found that piece of paper make its way onto his desk. He opened it.

Did you sleep in to late?

Allen scribbled back and tossed the paper back at Lenalee.

No. A lot happened this morning.

Lenalee looked over at Allen and he smiled a bit to reassure her. She smiled back but Allen could tell he was less than convincing.

"So this handout is an overview of the lab that we will be doing on Friday." The teacher said passing out a stack of papers to each row of students.

Once the sheet made its way back to Allen he looked it over. According to this the students were going to be dissecting a pig's stomach.

"And remember as always, wear closed-toed shoes. I will be providing you all with a lab coat, gloves and goggles. I would like each of you to go and do some research now on the pig and its eating habits and give me a 250 word summary on what you learn by the end of class."

There was a wall of computers on the left side of the class room and a bookshelf in the back right corner. The kids who got to the computers had a 20 minute limit until the next set could get on. Allen hadn't made it to the computers in time so he settled for a book. He looked around for Lenalee and seen she was able to catch a computer. Once he found a book. It was Laboratory Investigations in Anatomy & Physiology, Pig Version (2nd Edition).

Allen opened the book and scribbled some notes down and by the time he knew it 20 minutes had passed and it was his turn for a computer. He closed his book and put it away and walked to a computer. He googled pig eating habits, since the book had offered plenty on the stomach anatomy.

"Interesting." Allen whispered aloud to himself.

He scribbled some more notes on his paper and again time flew by. There was only about 10 minutes left in class now and a few students hadn't been able to make it on the computers. None the less it was time to write the 250 word summary of the information they had compiled.

"Alright I'm sending around a stapler. Please staple all three sheets of paper together with your name on them and send them to the front. We will do more research tomorrow for those who didn't get to use the computers."

Allen had just gotten the stapler when the bell rang for the next class. Allen quickly stapled his papers and passed the stapler on. He grabbed his backpack and papers and walked up to the teachers desk. He laid them on the stack and walked out the door. Next period was Economics. The class where he learned how to manage money. Now that he thought about it... This class would surly come in handy after all, he had only just a few more months and he would graduate high school and move out of that bastards house. Allen silently declared he would do everything in his power to be able to afford something when he graduated high school.

Allen walked through the door to class and made his way to his seat.

"Alright I'm going to pass out a sheet of paper. And on this sheet of paper there are words. These words with help me, to help teach you, how to manage your income."

The bell hadn't rung yet so a few more people walked in and seconds later the bell sounded. A few people snickered at the introduction. The papers once again made their way down the rows of students. Once Allen had his paper he looked it over. None of this made any sense. Gross income? And there were different sections each with their own mumbo jumbo under them. Allen then found the section titled bills. Boy did he know about bills.

"Ok so to further explain this mess I'm sure none of you understand, this is how it works. First write your name. But I'm sure all of you have done that already?" He paused. "Alright so what we are going to do today is go to the computer lab and do some research on what career you would like to go into. Sound painless everyone?"

Some students acknowledged and other just stared with blank faces.

"Alright let's get going then!" The teacher said and grabbed his things.

Allen grabbed his backpack and handout. Other students following suit. Everyone exited the classroom and made their way to the computer lab where they could get on their computers to look up their career choices. Once they were all seated the teacher made another announcement.

"Try to have your career picked out by the end of class and as much information as you can. For example; How much money you would make per year. A brief job description. And I better not have to tell you guys to put down the title of the job... Do not worry if you don't get everything down by then end of the period we will be going to the library tomorrow so that you can finish then."

Allen had no idea what career he wanted to pursue. Never the less he was sure to come up with something before class ended, after all this was all hypothetical and just for the sake of the class. It was all about how to get an idea on learning money management. Class flew by and was over in no time.

"Leave your handouts on the desk as you walk out the door see you tomorrow." Mr. Johnny said as kids began shuffling around.

Next was Allen's study hall period. He knew he should probably study so that he was caught up the rest of the way on the material he had missed when he was -gone- but he felt like he'd rather text Lavi.

Sender W#ite_CL0wN

Subject: Hey


-Never stop walking.

Message sent.

(1) New Message(s)

Sender: FunnyBunnie0173

Subject: Re, Hey

The one and only!

-Party animal!

Sender W#ite_CL0wN

Subject: Re, re, hey

Um... How are you?

-Never stop walking.

Message sent.

(1) New Message(s)

Sender: FunnyBunnie0173

Subject: Re, re, he-

I'm doin' good beansprout and you? :p

-Party animal!

Sender W#ite_CL0wN

Subject: Re, re, re-

I'm sitting in study hall... Very bored.

-Never stop walking.

Message sent.

(1) New Message(s)

Sender: FunnyBunnie0173

Subject: Re, re, re-

Want me to come hang out with you!

-Party animal!

Allen immediately received another text.

(1) New Message(s)

Sender: FunnyBunnie0173

Subject: Re, re, re-

Of-course you do! I'm on my way!

-Party animal!

Allen smiled to himself.

Lavi sure was an interesting person.

Why does someone like him want to hang out with someone like me? Allen thought.

Moments later the door to the room opened and Lavi stood in its frame. Allen lifted his had up to signal to Lavi where he was sitting. Lavi looked over and literally jumped for joy when he seen Allen's hand an skipped over to the boy.

"Hey little buddy!" Lavi said.

Immediately some of the girls in the class began whispering.

"Hey!" One called out.

Allen looked in her direction.

"Hey you with the red hair!" She said again.

"Yeah?" Lavi said looking back at her.

"What are you doing talking to that freak?" She asked.

Lavi looked around he could see that none of the seats next to Allen were filled. Like he was isolated from the rest of the class.

"I'm talking to my friend. Got a problem with that?" Lavi said turning in his seat to now face the rude girl.

"Oh.. um.. I'm sorry." The girl said once she seen Lavi's face.

"Oh my God he's totally gorgeous!"

Could be heard as she whispered to her friends.

"Hi Lavi." Allen said as if nothing happened.

"How's your day going so far?" Lavi asked.

"Not too bad so far thank you. What about yours?" Allen asked.

"Why do you have the hood to your jacket on?" Lavi asked randomly.

"Um... I don't know?" Allen lied. He put it on because he felt like he could hide from everyone's stares this way.

"You shouldn't cover up your cute little face!" Lavi said flipping Allen's hood off."

"Lavi!" Allen said a small blush forming across his cheeks. Allen rushed to pull his hood back on.

"Don't cover it!" Lavi said putting his hand on Allen's cheek and sliding his fingers over a piece of hair. "Your hair is such a nice color, white like snow."

Allen blushed even more at the comment.

"Th-thank you." Allen said. He was blown away. He had NEVER gotten a compliment on his hair before. He hated his hair. Hated how the stress had turned it white.

Lavi moved his hand up and brushed some of the hair from Allen's forehead so that he could inspect the scar than ran over his left eye. Allen could feel Lavi tracing it with his thumb and as it came closer to his eye he closed it on instinct and Lavi's thumb continued down and ghosted over his cheek. Allen could tell Lavi wanted to ask what had happened. He only hoped he wouldn't. Not here in front of everyone.

Lavi's hand dropped. "So do you have anywhere in mind you want to go after school today?" He asked.

"Not in particular." Allen answered.

"We should go to that cafe we were at last night!" Lavi said.

"Sounds like a good idea to me." Allen said.

"Great! Well I'll see you later!" Lavi said getting up.

"Wait Lavi..." Allen hesitated.

"Yeah lil buddy?"

"Do.. do you want to eat lunch with me?"

"I wish I could but gramps wants me to come help him with something."

"Oh ok."

"See ya!" Lavi said smiling and bouncing away.

Allen grabbed his stuff and got out of his seat when all of a sudden he was shoved back down into it.

"Who do you think you are!" The girl from earlier said.

"Um I don't understand?" Allen said.

"How do you know that guy."

"Who?" Allen asked.

"Don't play dumb with me!" The girl said slapping Allen on the cheek Lavi inspected earlier. "What is your relationship with the redhead that was just in the room!"

"It's none of your damn business." Allen replied.

"Whatever." The girl said kicking Allen's desk away with her foot.

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