After defeating Fyrus, Link stopped moving and his face took a pondering air. Midna wondered why, and so she asked :

"Link, what are you thinking about? You just beat a... manbear, or manpig or whatever..."

"I think manbearpig would be more appropriate. As for your question, I was just thinking about how I defeated him."

"How you defeated him? You shoot an arrow at that crystal in his forehead, you pulled his chains while wearing the Iron Boots, he fell, and then you killed

him with your sword."

"How come I had enough strength to make him fall? He could have just moved his leg and I would have ended up smashed against the wall."

"The Iron Boots were pulled by the magnet and that's what didn't let you budge."

"Then when I wear the Iron Boots while on a magnet, it gives me enough strength to pull and make a monster this big fall?"


"Then how is it that I can walk when I wear those while I am on a magnet?"

"You should not ask too many questions, Link."

"Since we have begun this adventure, it's the first thing I ask."

"I will answer you. It's magic."