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Harry was sat on the floor with his back to the wall in the dungeons of Hogwarts. He was sat next to the portrait that lets you into the Slytherin dorms. He had not long defeated Voldemort and once everyone had sorted out who was still living, injured or dead, everyone seemed to want to talk to Harry.

Ron, Hermione and Ginny knowing he didn't want it, told him to quickly slip away whilst they distracted people. Harry wanted to be on his own for a while so he went to the one place where he knew no-one would be. He went to the Slytherin dorms as he knew that all the Slytherins were sent home before the battle. But the portrait wouldn't let him in without the password so he just sat there on the floor. Knees up and head in his hands. He didn't even hear the footsteps approaching until the person they belonged to spoke up. "Potter?"

Harry lifted his head up and saw Draco Malfoy stood there. "What do you want Malfoy?"

"What are you doing down here?"

"I wanted to be on my own for a while and I knew that there were no more Slytherins in the school so I came to sit in the dorm but the portrait won't let me in."

Draco looked closely at Potter and saw that he looked tired. He stood in front of the portrait. "Parseltongue." Draco said clearly and looked down at Potter on the floor. "Come on Potter. The Slytherin dorms are big enough for us both to be on our own."

Harry stood up and looked at Malfoy. "Thanks." Harry said quietly as he made his way inside.

Draco stood and watched as Harry made his way over to one of the sofas' and laid down on his front, he flicked his wand at the fireplace and a fire sprung to life and Harry just laid looking at it. "Potter. Now that I have you on my own. I want to say thank you."

Harry lifted his head up and looked at Draco. "Thank you?"

"Yes. You saved me from the fire. If you didn't risk your life and come back for me I wouldn't be standing here talking to you."

"You're welcome Malfoy."



"Call me Draco. The war is over, we should forget about our hatred and move on."

"I can't do that Draco."

Malfoy squared his shoulders. "That is the second time I have offered you friendship and that's the second time you've turned it down. There won't be a third time Potter." Draco stormed off towards his dorm but was stopped halfway up the stairs by a hand in his. He turned around and saw Harry looking at him. "I can't forget our hatred Draco because I never hated you. I turned down your friendship in the first year because you insulted my very first friend. Because I turned you down you then took to insulting me whenever you had the chance so I just let you get on with it."

"Oh." Draco looked down at their hands that were still joined and looked back up at Harry. "So you have never hated me?"

Harry smiled. "No Draco." Harry noticed Draco staring at his lips and moved forwards to place his upon Draco's. Draco stood frozen for a second before responding, wrapping his arms around Harry, dragging him up the stairs to his dorm.

They stumbled into the dorm and Harry kicked the door shut behind him. They started tearing each others clothes off and fell onto the nearest bed. Kicking their trainers off and taking their boxer shorts off. Draco fell flat on his back and Harry landed on top of him kissing Draco's neck as his hands made themselves down Draco's body. "Oh Harry." Draco moaned when he felt Harry wrap his fingers around his erection.

Harry wet his fingers with the precum leaking from Draco's raging hard on and moved his fingers past his balls. "Open your legs for me Draco." Draco opened his legs and flung his head back when he felt Harry's fingers enter him. "Oh yes Harry. More. Please." Harry smiled and pressed a third finger into Draco as he leaned down and kissed him. Draco reached down and took hold of Harry's hard cock. "I want you now Harry."

Harry pulled his fingers from Draco and lined his cock up and entered Draco who moaned. "Merlin Harry. Move." Harry started to thrust in and out of Draco who placed his hands on Harry's shoulders. "Faster Harry. Harder." Harry sped up and Draco found himself cumming shouting Harry's name. Harry followed after two more thrusts, spilling all into Draco, crying out his name. Harry pulled out of Draco and collapsed at the side of him and fell asleep along with Draco.

The next morning Harry woke up and looked down at the weight across his chest and saw a pale arm. Harry looked to his right and saw Draco Malfoy fast asleep, as carefully as he could, Harry got out of bed and started getting dressed. Once dressed, Harry made his way over to the door and froze when he heard Draco moan. Harry turned and watched as Draco turned onto his back, kicking off the sheets that covered him and exposed himself to Harry. Harry, who was started to harden at the sight, quickly left.

Two days later Harry was sat at the kitchen table in the burrow across from Ron and Hermione. Harry had been thinking for the past couple of days and had come to a decision. All he had to do was tell his two best friends.

"No Harry you can't leave."

"Yes I can Hermione and that's what I am doing. I don't want to wake up every morning and see my face on the front of every paper. And that is what's going to happen if I stay here."

"If you leave for the muggle world mate they will still be able to find you."

"I will change my name guys. I am moving to the muggle world and change my name to Daniel Black."

"But Harry-"

"No Hermione. My mind is made up. We will still see each other from time to time. Just not everyday."

Two days later.

Draco was sat in the the kitchen in his manor drinking his morning tea in time with eating his toast. He picked up the morning edition of The daily prophet and saw a big picture of Harry on the front.

Harry Potter hero of the wizarding world has left us all.

Harry Potter, 18, has left for the muggle world vowing never to return again. "People are going to be forever staring at me and pointing fingers and I don't want it anymore. I am to leave for the muggle world and live under a different name and live the life I have wanted from day one: A quiet one."

I think I speak for all of us when I say a very big thank you to Mr Harry Potter and it is because of you that we are all able to get on with our lives in peace, and to show respect to you, we will leave you to get on with yours in peace. Thank you once again.

Draco put the paper down and began to cry. It had hurt when Harry left him to wake up that morning. Draco had planned to let Harry be alone for a week and then go and talk to him. He couldn't do that now. Harry, who he had secretly loved since sixth year, had now left the wizarding world to live in the muggle world under a new name. Never to be heard from again. Draco picked up his cup of tea and in anger, threw it across the kitchen and quickly turned around, feeling sick at the thought that he would never see Harry again, Draco faced the sink and brought his breakfast back up.

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