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Epilogue. Eleven years later.

Harry Potter Malfoy, headmaster of Hogwarts, since Minerva passed on in her sleep three years ago, sat beside his husband Draco, his hand in Draco's, who now taught charms and watched as Orion made his way to the front with the first years who were looking around the great hall in awe as they made their way to the front.

Orion, now twenty three, taught charms as well as his dad, but he taught from first year to fourth year whilst Draco taught from fifth year up. With Draco being five months pregnant, Harry sorted it to be this way so Draco could rest up more and take it easy.

Teddy had surprised them all and took on the full time job of teaching care of magical creatures and lived in Hagrid's hut with his husband, Alex, Charlie and Oliver's son who was gamekeeper. Orion was yet to marry, saying he didn't want to be tied down yet, he wanted a few more years before doing so.

When Orion gave the speech he started to call out names and everyone watched as each student nervously walked forward and sat on the stool and waited for Orion to place the hat on their head.

Harry leaned over to Draco. "I bet our little Michaela is in Gryffindor."

"I already carried one child who got sorted into Gryffindor. Michaela will be in Slytherin."

"We'll see."

Orion called out his sister's name and winked at her as she moved towards him. Orion placed the hat on her head and after a few seconds the hat shouted out. "Gryffindor."

Harry clapped and watched as his daughter went and sat down at the Gryffindor table before turning to Draco. "A Slytherin who carried two children and they ended up in Gryffindor."

"Harriette and Scorpius will be up next. They will be in Slytherin." Draco said, although not sounding overly sure.

"They are too much like me. They will be in Gryffindor." Harry said and turned his attention back to the front as Harriette with long hair, as blond as Draco's, eyes as green as Harry's sat on the stool. Just like her dad when he got sorted, Orion had barely placed the hat on her head when it shouted out, "Slytherin."

"Ha." Draco beamed, loving the fact that Harry couldn't believe it as his jaw dropped.

Orion smirked and looked over his shoulder at his parents, trying his hardest not to laugh at his father's face before turning back and calling out Scorpius' name. Scorpius, who was just like Harriette, spitting image of Draco with the blond hair, but with Harry's green eyes, was the same as Harriette. Orion had barely touched Scorpius with the hat before it shouted out, "Slytherin."

Draco beamed and watched as his son made his way to sit beside his sister before looking at Harry. "A Gryffindor who carried two children and they ended up in Slytherin." Draco said, copying his husbands earlier words.

When the sorting had finished and everyone started to eat, Harry turned and looked at Draco. "So we have had two in Slytherin and two in Gryffindor." Harry placed his hand on Draco's stomach and felt a little kick. "When this little one ends up in Gryffindor you won't be smiling then."

"We'll see husband of mine. We'll see." Draco said and leaned over and gave Harry a small kiss. Draco ran his hand over his belly and looked from, Orion to Teddy, to Michaela, to Harriette and Scorpius and then finally to Harry, who caught him looking and gave him a smile and a wink before carrying on with his dinner, and couldn't help but think that his life, just couldn't get any better.

The end.

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