Last time Harley, Sapphie and Labra Met star and her mother.
from This chapter on Harley is living in jewel land and school has started.

Well that's all of my stuff from earth so let's get unpacking. Said Harley.

Ok. Said Sapphie.

(1 hour later)

Well thats every thing unpacked and put in there proper place

let's goto the strawberry cafe and celebrate my move to jewel land. Said Harley

(the next day at the magic Academy after class)

wow that spell that we learned was easy to master no wonder I got a jewel stone. Said Harley.

(outside of the Academy)

Eeve- (eevee fainted)

Oh my gosh You poor thing. Said Both Harley and Sapphie.

(At Harley's house In jewel land)

My Jewel dex says he is only 2 months old. Said Harley

That means his parrents mustive been killed. Said Sapphie

Poor thing and at a young age too. Said Harley.

I think sence it is still a baby We should put it in a diaper and some warm clothes because of the weather and his age. Said Harley

(later In Harley's room and the eevee starts waking up)

E eev eevee. Said eevee

Sapphie He's waking up. Said Harley

(Sapphie enters the room)

Thats good he's awake. Said Sapphie.

Where am I? asked eevee.

Your at my house we brought you here because we found you in bad shape and

we decided to take care of you and how did you just talk. said and asked Harley

I ate an english berry before I was seperated from my mom and dad. Said Eevee.

Thats good so we can understand you. Said Sapphie.

I bet your hungry because you were out for 2 hours. Said Harley

No wounder my stomac is growling. Said eevee

Can we give you a name because eevee doesn't sound like a good name. Said Harley.

Ok but what are you going to call me? asked eevee.

Well you are a shiny eevee so how about Silver? asked Harley.

I like that name so from now on I shall be known as silver. Said Silver the eevee

Thats good but what do you want to eat because all we have is sweets and some berrys from the pokemon world. Said sapphie.

I'll take the berrys and some milk. Said Silver.