This is just a teaser. I'm probably going to do both Chichiri's POV and to what's going on now (if that makes any sense).

Well enjoy this nice little teaser.

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"Jeeze, if I don't get killed by Tasuki's Tessan, I don't know what will kill me" As Tamahome says getting out of the river he had just thrown himself in. He shakes the water off himself and looks up to where Tasuki and Chichiri are. He sees Tasuki lying on the ground, with Chichiri towering over him. Tamahome is wondering what is happening, not knowing what the green glow is, he decides to go over to the two.

He starts walking towards the two, when he smacks right into what seemed like a wall in front of him. Tamahome clutches his nose and looks straight. Seeing that nothing is there he puts his hand out to investigate. Sure enough something that cannot be seen is there. Tamahome tries to walk around whatever it is preventing him from getting to his friends. As he takes another step, something grabs his ankle from behind him. It yanks him to the ground, causing him to land on his front side.


Getting the wind knocked out of him, he rolls on his back leaning on his elbows, and looks down at his feet.

"What the hell!?"

He looks straight forward, then at his ankle again. He sees nothing. But, whatever it is, it starts pulling him towards the river. Tamahome starts to grab at his ankle to get a hold of the unseen thing off him. He feels around his ankle, but feels nothing. He can feel the pressure around the ankle, though, and going up his leg. It feels like it is wrapping itself around his body.

Tamahome struggles to turn back on his stomach, to grab hold of anything. He is being dragged into the river. He tries to call out to the others, but could not. The thing wrapped itself around his throat, preventing him from calling out for help . Tamahome grabs for his throat to get it off, he couldn't breath. Tamahome, now panicked, is in the river, being forced deeper and deeper until he's at the bottom of the river.

'Is this how I'm going to do die?'