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What happens when you stick our two favorite dragons in Combat Walkers and throw them into the arena that is Koprulu?

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MageWalker Alpha

Protector of Koprulu

Chapter I

A World of Stars

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."
Oscar Wilde

Spyro's eyes opened. For a moment he could not remember where he was and what was happening. Then he remembered. He and Cynder had just defeated Malefor in the Well of Souls together. The Destroyer, however, had circumnavigated the globe, and the planet was shattered. With Cynder beside him, he was just able to repair the planet before the fragments flew into the void. The last thing he remembered hearing before everything went black was Cynder's voice, saying the words he'd longed to hear for years, "I love you."

Cynder was beside him now. his wing was draped over her, and their sides were touching. She was still unconscious, but he could feel her heartbeat, pressed close together as they were; on that score he rested easy.

Nothing else here was familiar, however. They were in a dimly lit, circular room of gleaming black metal, the walls of which seemed, strangely, to bear arms of steel all around them. The only light sources were four barred windows placed symmetrically around the room, through which moonlight and starlight shone.

Suddenly Cynder shook her head and opened her eyes. She blinked for a moment. Clearly, she, like him, had no idea where they were. He took advantage of her perplexity to lean down and steal a quick kiss between them. She was only too willing to comply, and when he separated their lipless, lizard-like mouths she stared up at him, eyes wide and seeming somehow dazzled, as though she was staring into a bright light.

He chuckled. "I love you too, Cynder," he said.

"Touching," said a deep, heavily accented voice, which seemed to emanate from all the room. The both were standing in a heartbeat, snarling. "But this is Koprulu. Those who survive need hearts of stone. You'll learn soon enough."

Suddenly, light – a strange, bluish, artificial light, like that which the crystal braziers in the tunnels under Warfang gave – burst from a circle in the center of the ceiling, illuminating the room and proving Spyro's earlier suspicion true. The room was lined with strange, mechanical arms, and steam was staring to rise from various points around them.

"Dragons, step on to the platforms of your color. This is for your own protection. This facility is about to be overrun by the Swarm," said an artificial-sounding female voice.

"Indeed," said the male voice. "We'll give you the weapons to survive. In return, we'll ask for your help. You don't stand a chance alone, and nor do we. Trust us."

Spyro suddenly had a strange feeling, as though he were being tested. But he said, "All right, fine. But break faith, and I will kill you." Then he nodded to Cynder, and they stepped on their respective platforms.

No sooner had he placed all four paws on the cold metal than depressions appeared under his paws, and metal straps locked them in place. He struggled with all his, even using elemental attacks, but the metal would not break, and he had no energy to use Convexity. He was helpless, and he saw, by looking around, that Cynder was in the same state. He had caused this.

But what was this? The metal arms had begun to move; the walls were whirring and humming, and though it all, the male voice could be heard. "The first law in this Sector is this: trust no one. They all want the same thing: gain. At least in most cases. I'm different. You'll learn." Now the arms were hovering near them, carrying purple pieces of metal armor near Spyro, and black near Cynder. "Dragons… today, you are unleashed on this Sector." The arms came closer. "You've been freed from the prison of the earth… but as you'll soon learn… even freedom… has a price." At the last word, the arms attached a framework to each of them.

Suddenly, all the arms were moving, placing armor on them and sealing them in. soon they were both looking at the world through the tinted – glass visor of a mechanized walker. Spyro's was purple, while Cynder's was black. They had one another's faces shown on screens on the dashboard of their screens, and they looked at each other in shock and fear.

"You'll carry your prisons with you," said the voice softly. "That armor… those MageWalkers… will be your new cells. Those machines are more powerful than anything either of you have ever known. Now to use them."

And as the metal doors of the room opened, in rushed a flood of blades and teeth and blind fury.

Spyro had quickly found the most basic of triggers quite by accident. He had accidentally touched a button on the array attached to his paw (which controlled the hand of the Walker) and the hand had abruptly transformed into a spinning set of lead-spitting barrels. He did the same with the other hand and soon figured out how to fire it, after which he began to hail the monsters with metal pellets.

After that, Cynder discovered a few things. First, the hand-control array could be locked in place, allowing their paws to explore the other features of the cockpit. Second, their hind legs were attached, like their hands, to a motion sensitive set of machinery that allowed them to command the bipedal vehicles to walk. And finally, she found their two more advanced attacks.

There was a laser turret mounted on each of their shoulders. It s rate of fire was absurdly slow, but it's power was unmatched in their arsenal. There was also a stock of grenades that could be launched, one by one, from a small cannon on their right shoulder. Their supplies were limited, however, so the two used them sparingly.

They also had some sort of energy barrier around them, at least at first. It soon fell, however. There were simply too many of the strange beasts. As soon as the horrible conclusion that there was no hope for survival reached Spyro's brain, however, salvation arrived.

More bipedal Walkers, slightly smaller than their own, rushed into the room suddenly, each carrying a mechanical metal block with a hole on one end. They were colored blue, apart from the leader, who was slightly larger, and had black armor. As one, they raised their weapons and fired more lead pellets at the monsters. With their aid, Spyro and Cynder managed to escape the building, stepping out onto a plain of bare rock. They were still surrounded outside, but suddenly the air around them began to pull them upward, and they soon found themselves inside of another metal room, this one with windows that looked out into thin air.

The black – armored being raised its orange visor and looked around at its fellows. Spyro blinked in surprise. The creature was one he'd never seen before. Its bodily structure was most likely similar to that of an ape, that he could tell based on how the head filled out the armored helm.

"Everyone all right?" It asked in a masculine, slightly accented voice – though the accent was very different from that of the voice that had stored the two dragons in their Walkers.

There was a chorus of 'Yeses' from many other voices, all of which were male, and the visors of all the other Walkers rose to reveal the faces of similar creatures.

"Good," said the black armored one, and then he turned to Spyro and Cynder. Looking from one to the other, he said to them, "Okay, you two, all I know is what Tosh told me. He's the one who put you in the armor. He said to tell you that the only way to get you back home is that you help us, and that you can only do that in those walkers."

"He might have given us armor we could get out of…" muttered Cynder's voice in Spyro's ear, courtesy of the radio link between the two suits. They were both surprised when the black-armored ape-like creature nodded.

"I don't like it either," he said. "But Tosh said there was a reason, and that he'd explain on the Hyperion. I don't know."

"You can hear us?" Cynder asked, surprised. The creature nodded. "You're talking on an open channel. There's a console – punch in the code 'Magi-632' to get onto your private channel. Our channel code is 'Raider-4'."

Spyro looked around for the console and soon saw the legend 'Raider-4' blinking at him from one console. Before he switched to talk just to Cynder, he asked the creature, "What's the Hyperion? Who are you?"

"The name's Raynor," said the black armored being. "Jim Raynor. And the Hyperion's my ship. We'll be there soon."

Suddenly Spyro realized that clouds had been flying past the windows the whole time. This structure was flying.

He quickly closed his channel to talk to Cynder. "What's going on?" he asked her. "Do you have any idea?"

"No," she said softly. "Nothing here makes sense. This huge metal structure is flying! How is that even possible?"

"I don't know, Cynder. This whole place is nothing like anything we've seen before. But we need to keep our guard up," he said, grimly. "Wherever we are, it's not as forgiving as home."

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