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Prompt: Dragon

Natsu always looked after his friends at Fairy Tail. When he was the last hope for the guild, he always pulled through. Lucy loved that about him; and he never ran away when you needed him the most.

He was always there for you. He was your best friend when you needed it and your protector when you were weak.

As she watched Natsu get scolded by Erza, she smiled, thinking about the fire in his eyes when he fought for his guild. He was like a dragon, her dragon that breathed fire on those who dared to touch her.

When Natsu came to pout beside her, she ordered him a beer and said, "I just love you, Natsu."

Natsu gazed over at her with a shy look in his eye, but promptly said to Happy who landed on the bar, "Lucy is weird."

"Aye!" the tomcat agreed, flying off.

"I love you, too," Natsu said before he took a drink of his alcohol. Lucy couldn't help but grin in happiness.

A/N: It was pretty short, but I couldn't really think of anything out of the word 'Dragon.' Also! My best buddy EVAR was helping me think of story ideas, and for some reason we started talking about scurvy, so I might end up writing a Fairy Tail pirate story. :D Anyway, bye bye, nao!