(This fairy tales starts with Rumpelstiltskin narrating the introduction. Also just to point this out now, I'm just going to refer him as "Rump" in short of Rumpelstiltskin. Hope that's cool.)


Once upon a time . . . Okay, you know what, I'm kinda getting sick of that. "Once upon a time". Really? Oh. (Clears Throat) Sorry about that. Anyway, long ago in a far, far away land. Seriously, far FAR away where there was this big kingdom. Now this kingdom held a little thing called a prophecy and this prophecy states that the 32nd rule of the royal blood will start the most powerful era in our time. So, for you smartie pants out there . . . that's important. But to one person, that isn't a good thing and that person is a grumpy old guy name Sergio. Not the nicest man you want to meet. Anyhow, Sergio wanted the power to himself and wanted to be the 32nd king because that's what the prophecy said, remember? But by then, the king, King Demarcus, was the 30th ruler, so now you may be wondering where the next two come from. WELL I AM GETTING THERE! HOLD YOUR HORSES! (Takes a deep breath) But first, there's another story I have to tell you first. It involves a girl, some straw . . . and me! (Laughs in Delight)

(There, our story begins . . .)