Title: Caged Bird Chapter 1

Rating: T

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Revolutionary War. UsUk.

Summary: "I need your guidance, not your dominance!" Those words stabbed his caretaker and America knew it. This was his worst fight with England, one that might separate them forever. "And even so... I choose independence." England and America's decisive fight.

Disclaimer: I don't own this series in any way.

Caged Bird by LovelyToMeetYou

"Okay, that's it!" The blond with unruly hair and sapphire eyes marched into the room, fuming, while being followed by a shorter blond with messy hair and emerald eyes under his huge eyebrows. "What the hell was that, England? That... That... That-"

"What was what, America? Can't you pronounce a phrase properly anymore?"

"If I can't, then it is your fault." The younger said, bitterly.

The Englishman flinched.

Somewhat happy with the other's reaction, the taller blond continued. "I was talking about your attitude in that meeting. You can't force me to like what you like or do what you want, England!"

"Now that's preposterous! Who said anything about forcing you, lad?"

"Oh yeah? Then explain to me just what the hell you were thinking! To take charge of my meetings as if I'm not there? To decide what's best for my country? To choose who I can or can't to talk to? This is my country, England! These are my lands! These are my people and those are my responsibilities!"

"Responsibilities? What in the King's name are you talking about, boy? You have no responsibilities, meetings nor choices because you are still a child!" The older nation smirked mockingly as he said the next words. "What did you expect, liberty? Freedom? Independence?"

"Maybe I did." That immediately shut the mouth of his caretaker. "And maybe I still do."

The following minutes were heavy with a tense silence.

"Now now, America. Don't go saying foolish things-"

"Since when did things like freedom become foolish? Freedom is a right of every individual! I shouldn't be subjected to your orders! I shouldn't be your colony! I..."

However, the younger nation suddenly stopped shouting when he saw the look on his caretaker's face. His eyes were red, his lips were quivering and he was shaking. He was next to crying. America never saw England cry. And he never wanted to see it.

"England... England, I'm sorry. I was angry and I said too much. I... I don't want to leave you, England." That brought a smile to England's yet quivering lips and he relaxed a bit.

With a voice still shaky, the older nation responded. "Of course... Of course you don't want to!" A relieved laugh could be heard. "And I don't want that either." Those last words were said with a very sober expression, which tensed the young man.

"I don't want to leave you, England." He gulped. "But please understand that I have obligations. Obligations that I would gladly abide to for the sake of my people! Please, let me make my choices! I need your guidance, not your dominance!" Those words stabbed his caretaker and America knew it.

"Again with this conversation? How many bloody times do I have to tell you, boy? I'm merely helping you!"

"That's not helping! You are controlling me! That is all it will ever be: control. Control over your colony. Control over me!" The young man was next to tears. He needed to explain. England had to understand. Otherwise...

The Brit wasn't listening anymore. His thoughts were in the set of words uttered by his colony that intrigued him. "Dominance? Control? Liberty? Freedom? Independence? Where did you learn these words, America?"

Another gulp; another tense silence.

How could he explain that England wasn't the only one visiting him? How could he explain that he kept conversations with his caretaker's enemies and became inspired by their speeches? How could he explain that a part of him wanted to be free of England and another wanted to be forever by his side? And how could he explain that both parts didn't want to be England's little brother anymore? Before he could formulate his doubts, cold words interrupted his train of thought.

"You've been talking to France, haven't you?"

Both nations quickly changed their expressions: one with fear and another with anger.

"America. Answer me."

Sapphire orbs lifted from the ground and locked with cold emerald ones. England's eyes were never cold whenever he was with America - the boy knew it. As the boy would look up, warm and beautiful emerald eyes would greet him. But now, as he looked down, he only saw coldness and hurt in those eyes.


"About Angleterre... He is only nice with you, young Amérique." At first, those words from France brought happiness to the boy. But the following words quickly gave him sadness.

"That's why he will never let you get out of his sight. You shall always be by his side as his little brother. Like a caged bird non, my dear Amérique?"


"Yes. And he was right. I will always be your caged bird, won't I?" The bitterness in his voice as he addressed England scared both nations. He had a feeling this bitterness would last for a long time. "I'm sorry, England. I tried. I really tried. But if you won't understand... If you won't let me be free... I will no longer be your or anyone's colony. I will be my own free nation."

This was his worst fight with England, one that might separate them forever. "And even so... I choose independence."

The older nation's eyes duplicated in size as he started shouting at his colony, red faced with rage. "You... You ingrate brat! You stupid git! All I ever did was for your sake!"

Ignoring a part of him that wanted to apologize for everything said, a part that wanted to hug his former caretaker and tell him that everything would be all right, the young nation maintained his firm stance and said coldly.

"Goodbye England."

The shorter blond stopped shouting and looked bitterly at the taller blond. With a somber expression, he leaned in. His voice wasn't above a whisper.

"Don't think I'll let you go this easily." A shiver went through America's spine but the younger nation didn't budge.

As he watched his ex-caretaker walk away, he knew one thing for certain. His relationship with England would never be the same.

A/N: This was my fist multi-chaptered story ever done (and finished) on ffnet! It is a simple retelling of the Revolutionary War, focusing mostly on America. Thank you for reading,