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At 11pm Paul found himself finally relaxed. His imprint was passed out on his bed, his sheets smothered in a mixture of her scent and his own. His imprints father was patrolling the streets of Forks, not hunting Paul down, and fell for the excuse that Bella had fallen ill in the morning and Paul was sweet enough to take her home and watch her for the night. He was worried about her health and all that. He didn't have patrol, no one was pissing him off, all was well.

He knew she would be mad when she figured out what he had done, but Paul was in a Zen place. All was well, she was resting, and he would deal with her reaction with a calm demeanor that he currently had going for him, in his relaxed state.


Paul tried to ignore the fact that fear shot through him.

Fabric rustled in the other room, his sensitive ears picking up the sounds of Bella pushing herself up out of the bed and each of her tiny feet touching the floor.




Bella's trip to consciousness was a long, bleary one. When she finally woke up everything was sore, she ached inside, and her limbs still resembled something resembling rubber. Paul had fucked her good.

Over a fallen tree. Don't forget that part.

She pushed herself up, causing blankets to fall off of her as she stumbled her way out of bed, her legs almost unable to support herself.

She honestly had no idea where she was, but everything smelled like Paul, and that was enough for her to not panic. Her feet shuffled along the wood floors as she walked over to the heavy wood dresser on the side wall closest to the bed. She dropped her skirt, tugged off her shirt and cardigan, and replaced them with one of Paul's black t-shirts, the stretch material clinging to her while being long enough to reach mid thigh. Once the shirt was in place, Bella grabbed her hair, lifting it up out of her collar and when her hand grazed the side of her neck, her heart rate pounded through the spot and made her gasp and stumble forward, grabbing onto the dresser.

The hell?

Bella tentatively slid her hand back up, and once her hand got within an inch of the soft skin of her neck her pulse spiked, and when her fingers connected warmth seeped down through her, hot enough to burn a little and make her gasp, her thighs clench, and her mouth to drop open with a whine. Fingers slid along skin hotter than everywhere else- well, almost everywhere- and she found the risen marks of Paul's teeth in her skin. Her body swung around until she found a mirror and she raced over to it, and yanked the collar of the shirt down with one hand, the other pulling her hair out of the way as she tilted over, and Bella's breathing halted.

She had sat through the legends, the stories told by Billy and Old Quil out on First Beach during cold nights where the waves crashed and the fire blazed. She heard every story, absorbed every detail, all the way from when she was a kid and the stories were just told for fun, through to now when the legends rang with truth- truths that applied to her.

He marked her. He had fucking marked her! Chased her down in the forest, bent her over a tree, fucked her, and bit into her, married her, without even asking!

Her hands balled into fists as she dropped them to her side and stomped over to the door, yanking it open and screeching, "Paul!"

She was going to fucking kill him.

Paul/Bella/Sex mind

Bella is going to fucking kill me.

He knew that tone. He knew the high pitch and the growl that she seemed to have developed after being around a pack of wolves. He heard those tiny feet stomp down the long hallway that seemed surprisingly short now of all days, and when he saw her in all of her sex hair-t-shirt wearing-smoothed skin glory, he was tempted to try to fuck his way out of the doghouse. He then looked into her eyes and the growl that left her bordered animalistic, and Paul found himself jumping over the back of the couch, his hands lifted in surrender.

"Bella, listen, I know that I shouldn't have-"

Wide eyes and semi hysterical laughter met him and he quickly ducked as she hurled one of his shoes at him.

"You're damn right you shouldn't have!"

More shoes rained down as he dodged them, noting that she had a basket full of ammo since she was near the front door, and she kept hurling them as she screamed.

"You-you...Damn it Paul you should have asked! I'm not- fucking hell-", tennis shoe," We can't be m-married and I-", two different Jordan's, "You should have fucking asked me!" Dress shoe, and Paul wasn't lucky enough to miss that one, it clipped him and the sharp corner at the back of the sole cut into his shoulder. Paul was done dodging.

"What's the problem?! You're mine anyway, now everyone can fucking see it!", he shouted, claiming a small victory when she stopped throwing shoes.

"Oh wait, I'm sorry, did you need to also piss on my leg? Do you want to ask or are you just going to whip it out the next time we're at a pack gathering and piss down my fucking leg? Do I need a fucking collar to leave the fucking house that has a tag on it that says 'Paul's'?! Do I get to get your name tattooed so everyone knows at sight that I'm not my own fucking person and that I can't make life changing decisions by myself?! That need my big fucking macho boyfriend to choose for me? Am I allowed to go out by myself or do I need your permission? Can I hang out with who I want or is there a god damned screening process? You don't fucking own me Paul! "

Paul stopped smirking and took a step closer to Bella, watching his imprint rant, seeming to get more distressed with every word leaving her mouth.

He said nothing, just stared. Neither of them realized how much she needed this and he watched his imprint fall apart with sad eyes. Distressed laughter blended with sobs as Bella kept screaming, and Paul just stood still and watched.


It was almost cathartic, screaming at him. Bella was mad about the marking, but not this mad. Bella was absolutely fucking terrified, and it was all because of the parasite she dated. The realization dawned on her and Bella clapped a hand over her mouth, finally looking, really looking into Paul's eyes, and saw the distress she felt reflecting back at her.

Her face crumpled up with a wail and in seconds, huge crocodile tears were leaking out of the corners of those bambi eyes. Shoe ammo long forgotten, Paul was in front of her, pulling her up and tucking her into his chest.

Sobbed out "I'm sor-sorr-rr-y"'s tumbled out of her lips and hot hands held her securely to her wolfs strong body as he shhh'd and mumbled his own apologies into her thick hair. Warm tears on her cheeks were cool on his skin when she brushed her face against his neck and looked up at him, a sniffle that would be disgusting on anyone else but Bella, making her little nose crinkle.

Warm lips pressed against her forehead, making her sigh and close her eyes.

"I'm sorry Bambi."

She knew she wouldn't have forgiven him so easily normally. She hated having choices taken away from her, and this one was astronomical.

That being said-she also knew that Paul was it for her. She knew that if she were going to be married-eventually one day in her life that she pretended she never thought about even though every day with she thought about Paul she would say yes in a heartbeat- it would be to him.

"You should have asked." It came out a lot weaker than she wanted, but her point got through.

As he should have, Paul nodded, "I should have asked, I didn't even know what I was doing until-" His hands slid up her body to cup her face in his massive hands, holding her so he could look into her eyes. "My wolf he needed this. I didn't realize I did it until my teeth were pulling out of your neck, I'm sorry I didn't ask and that it happened without you knowing but I don't disagree with him. You're mine, I know that makes me sound like a dick and I know that you're your own person. You can be friends with who you, hell, I'll even let you drive your own car and leave the house and all that shit." Paul laughed when Bella smacked his chest, a watery chuckle leaving her. "You're a grown ass woman but you're mine."

Bella didn't disagree either.

"I forgive you but I'm still mad at you." Her actions belied her words as she wrapped her arms up around his neck, nuzzling into him as he lowered them to the floor, carefully cradling his imprint against his body.

His chest shook while he laughed quietly into her hair, one of his hands stroking down her back, "I can deal with that."

Pushing off of him a little, her eyebrows rose up high enough to be hidden by her bangs, giggling as she squirms out of his grasp. Not realizing the distance between Paul's lap and the floor, a squeak left out of her when she dropped a few inches. Paul bit down on his lip, doing his best to muffle his laughter as he took in the shocked look on her face. That lasted all of...three seconds? Paul's laughter boomed out of his chest, half laughing at her shock, half relieved that she was okay with this, with him.

Trying not to laugh herself, Bella blew some of her hair out of her face, still leaning back with her hands on the floor to support her, mumbling, "Shut-up, you're still in trouble mister."

Paul's lips split into a predatory grin, "Trouble? Mmhmm, it's my middle name if you were wondering."

Rolling her eyes Bella sniffed at him, her body twisting around as she crawled way to the couch to pull herself up onto it, "I think you have some making up to do, mister. It should start with breakfast, I think."

Paul watched her crawl away, fully intending to get up and make her breakfast.

He was seriously about to get up and go do that- then he saw her bare pussy since she didn't bother putting anything under his t-shirt.

Then he saw her pussy when she crawled onto the couch and was half bent over the cushions.

Then, he heard her whimper when her shoulder turned and her bite mark throbbed, and her pussy got so wet he swore it leaked.

Breakfast sounded like a really fuckin' good idea.

Bella's breath left her in a rush when she was whipped around, her legs dropping open as a squeal left her and warm, full lips were suddenly on her warm, full, wet ones. It wasn't long before her gasp was a wail and her wail was a squeal and her squeal was a screech because holy fuck that boy had a talented mouth. Her nails scratched along his scalp as her fingers dove into his hair, struggling to hold on to the shorter strands at the sides, and when she finally got a grip at the back she pulled with all of her might when his teeth clamped down around her clit and she screamed to high heaven as the pain burned through her thighs and to her toes, making them curl in.

Paul didn't bother trying to hold her down, he was strong enough to keep working as she squirmed to her little heart's content all over his face. He hungry watched as her back tensed and she shivered when his tongue lapped against her clit, soothing the bite he gave her. He smirked when she whimpered when his thumbs came up to spread her open, tugging at the sides of her clit. He moaned every time his tongue dove deep inside of her and her leg twitched before a new round of her juices leaked into his mouth. Bella apparently liked the moaning too, because when he moaned, she keened and lifted her hips up, grinding more of her glistening sex all over his cheeks and chin.

A loud slurp left his mouth when he sucked off of her lips, tugging them a little and making her moan and twitch under him. A distressed little moan left her throat and Paul looked up into Bella's deep, hooded eyes as he grinned and licked his lips clean, his head tilting to the side and pressing his lips to the soft skin there, distracting her while two of his fingers shoved knuckle deep into her cunt, the wail leaving her lips a beautiful sound, that he prolonged by sinking his teeth into her thigh, just enough to raise a teeth shaped welt in her skin.

She was in heaven. Pure, white hot, toe curling heaven and when Paul bit her thigh she just screamed her praise even louder. heat licked at her skin when his fingers pushed in and curled deep inside of her, his fingers never stopping as he thrust them in and out of her, her walls clenching down tight around his fingers. Paul watched as she keened and arched, unable to pry her thigh away from his teeth as he bit down harder.

Bella shook, she twisted, arched and when his fingers twisted deep inside she her body tighten, something coiling deep in her stomach.

"P-paul stop i-it feels fu-...oh god fuck it's f-funn-y Paul!"

Moaning he just latched his lips onto her new bite mark and sucked hard, growling deep in his chest when a shriek tore out of her and she gripped his fingers harder.

Bella's back bowed sharply, tears welling in her eyes and spilling down her flushed cheeks, her cries getting louder and reaching higher pitches.

"I-I can't...Fuck it hurts I don't...Paul s-something's wrong f-fuck!"

Paul felt her fingers lacing back into his hair, pulling him hard towards her pussy, but with a kiss to her new bite mark, now tinted dark purple from his sucking, Paul kissed and brushed his way up her body. His fingers audibly thrust inside of her, fingers reaching deeper, finding that wonderful little spot, and his fingertips drug down her walls until he pressed a little hard, his burning palm pressing against her swollen lips to grind against her clit as his mouth latched onto her mating mark and sucked.

Barely a second later Bella's muscles locked up, her head tilting impossibly far back as her blush rushed down her body, her squeals cut off with the lack of air as something rushed down through her and she went flying, a guttural, feral shriek leaving her throat she cried and came all over herself, Paul, and his couch.

Paul sucked, lapped and nipped at his mark, purring when with a curl of his fingers, his mate made an inhuman sound while it fucking rained, warm and wet down his hand and sliding down the leather of the couch to puddle on the floor.

His fingers kept working her over, one arm barring her legs open as she bucked and thrashed under him. Paul pressed another kiss to her mark as he played with the aching and sensitive flesh between her thighs, making her whimper and shudder as she came down, her breaths labored and half sobs.

Bella couldn't control herself.

Legs shook, toes stayed curled, her hips couldn't stop writhing and she couldn't even find the words needed to beg him to still his fingers. She wasn't sure she could take doing that again.

Paul pressed a searing kiss to her lips, stealing whatever air she finally got into her lungs, and smiling against her lips, he slid his fingers out of her, his large hand cupping her between her thighs.

"So...still mad Bambi?"

His snarky grin was met with a tired, gasping laugh and Bella just tiredly pat his cheek, still quite unable to function.

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