Lily was reading the letters they had received from school. Rose's was very upbeat but didn't really tell her why until she reached the end of the letter. It said, Ginny helped me with my Cho Chang problem and it is gone. She is really good. Slightly confused she sat it down and read Harry's letter. It was normal talking about classes and friends and things. At the end almost as an afterthought he said, Ginny and I are dating now, it's a long but interesting story I'll tell you at Easter break.

Both letters left her wondering what exactly was going on at Hogwarts. She had two more letters to read so she picked up the one from Harry's head of house first. For once it was a complimentary letter stating his good choices in the face of hostility. It also said how she had almost witnessed the first kiss but found out later that it had indeed happened. It was a happy Lily that started on the letter from Rose's head of house. It was also complimentary on her behavior and her choice of how she found the culprit to her homework problem. He then outlined the discipline he was using for those who had wronged her.

"Ms. Chang and her friends are serving detention with Mr. Filch all day on Sunday for their malicious behavior at Hogsmeade. Furthermore Ms. Change has had all privileges removed and will be serving detention for four hours every weekend until the end of term. We do not take the deliberate attack on a student lightly. And for a Ravenclaw having their homework attacked is worse than a physical attack.

Ms. Potter is being given full marks for all the homework that went missing before and after Christmas. I removed fifty house points for Ms. Chang's behavior and I awarded Ms. Potter ten points. I wanted to add more but it would have been counterproductive to Ms. Chang's punishment.

Feel free to speak with me about this situation at any time. Ms. Chang's parents were also notified of this incident. Have a pleasant day."

Lily smiled and thought, just what I needed an excuse to go to school, "James we need to go to Hogwarts today."

"On a Sunday? What did they do?" James sounded resigned.

"Actually ours were good." Lily said back then muttered, "For a change."

"That's a change of pace." James entered the room, "So why do we have to go to Hogwarts?"

"Well technically we don't have to." Lily countered, "But we can and it looks like Harry and Ginny have gotten together and I want to get the story."

"Really?" James asked sullenly, "That's great." at Lily's questioning look he said, "It took me so long to get you I was kind of hoping it would take him a little longer." Lily laughed so hard she fell off her chair. James joined her on the floor and pulled her close, "I'm glad you're enjoying my pain."

"But you shouldn't be in pain." Lily kissed him, "Besides you got me that's all that matters."

Later in the Headmasters office Albus, James and Lily were joined by Minerva and Filius. They discussed what had happened then they went to find their children. They found Rose just coming in the front doors with snow in her hair.

"Mum Dad what are you doing here?" Rose asked.

"We've been meeting with your head of house." Lily said, "Good job."

"Thanks, do you want the scoop on Harry and Ginny now?" Rose asked.

"Yes." James stated. They spent the next half hour in the Great Hall discussing the couple and everything Rose had heard, even things Harry told her. "This is going to be very interesting to watch." James concluded when she was done.

"I didn't do it." Harry said as he walked hand in hand with Ginny into the Great Hall.

"You know that's as good as admitting guilt." Ginny told him.

"I know." Harry grinned at her.

"So it's all true then?" Lily indicated their clasped hands.

"Well if you heard I finally got the girl then you heard right." Harry sighed looking at Ginny who grinned back at him happiness evident on both faces.

The events that happened just after Ginny and Cookie disappeared from the previous world.

"She's gone." Mark stated with a sigh, "This is a grave loss for our world."

Flitwick was waving his wand madly. He checked for all kinds of things hoping that this wasn't a plot just to hurt Ginny. In the end he found nothing of evil intent. There was no residue from the potion. He flicked his wand and a silvery substance flew out and disappeared out the doors of the Great Hall.

It took twenty minutes but Kingsley arrived at the Hall to see the mess. He immediately ran a series of detection spells to find out what had happened. He also took time to read the note Ginny had left.

"I think she must have failed." Flitwick said, "The catastrophe was not averted."

"Do we know any potion masters that could check this out?" Kingsley asked.

"Snape hasn't regained consciousness yet." Mark stated, "I don't know how he lived when all others with the dark mark died. I think he may still be fighting the pull. We were going to try and remove or alter the mark in the morning. Can you put a stasis charm on the room?"

"Good idea, I'll seal the room too." Flitwick stated, "I'll send everyone to the kitchens for breakfast. I better warn the Elves."

The next morning Mark was able to alter Snape's mark enough that he went from fighting for his life to resting though he still didn't wake up. It took four days for him to regain consciousness and additional three days before Mark allowed him up to look at the room.

"The residue is similar to one I've read about in a very obscure potion text." Snape said, "It was supposed to be able to send you back in time one month. But no one ever believed it was anything but a myth. It was said to require the blood from two wizards that had survived the catastrophe without injury. But there is only residue of one blood type and then something else that's magical but different."

"She took her elf with her." Mark said, "Could that be the different substance? Elf blood?"

"I would need a sample from another elf to be sure." Snape said, "But that would alter the potion to such an extent that I doubt time travel would be the result."

"Any idea what the result would be?" Flitwick asked.

"Anything from traveling forward instead of backward to physically moving you somewhere else like an alternate reality." Snape said, "I really wouldn't be able to even guess. Are you sure Ginny Weasley did this? She really wasn't that great at potions."

"She did." Mark said and turned to leave the room whispering to himself, "I wish she would have stayed, I would have made sure she was taken care of."

When Mark returned to his office he opened the drawer on his desk and pulled out a photograph in a frame. He looked sadly at the young woman with red hair. He placed the photo on his desk and sighed and then said to himself, "We would have been good together. I could have made you happy."