A/N: Hey it's been way too long huh? I know I promised I had way more written but, I've decided to take a turn on the story. What you've been asking for has arrived.. original work. Now, I've read through this a few times but I'm not too great at grammar and tenses (past, preset, future) so those might be jumbled up a bit. Anyhow, this is a short little chapter I wrote and the next will be quite long. I just wanted to get a perspective of Hermione's placement right now. I'll update with a new chapter in a few days. :)

Enjoy and thank-for reading.

Hermione awoke to a bright light, piercing through the drapes. She let out a soft groan trying to fall back asleep. However, the drapes let the sunlight beam through providing no shade in the room. She decided it was better to awake than to try and sleep. She was just so bloody tired, all this running around was making her grow weary. She sat up slowly, a pain spreading in her forearm quickly.

She furrowed her brow, remembering the events of yesterday. A soft whimper escaped her lips as a burning sensation hit her arm. She wasn't sure if she wanted to look at the scar, she wasn't even sure of herself. She hated that. She liked being sure of herself and knowing what was happening, but now, she was vulnerable and unsure of herself. The events were crushing her and she was falling apart. Collecting whatever bravery was left, Hermione slowly turned to the scar. At that moment, seeing the scar, she wasn't sure whether she should cry or scream, be sad or angry. Too many emotions filled her head and they were stopped by a light knock at the door.

She turned to see the door already starting to open slowly. A blonde woman came over to Hermione. It took a while before she registered that the woman was Fleur. Now that she had registered who the figure was Hermione noticed a small tray with a cup on it. She could see a faint swirl of steam coming from the cup and Hermione assumed it to be tea. Fleur smiled at Hermione.

"Glad you see you are awake. You passed out and we were quite worried." The soft, sweet voice paused, "What's going on Hermione? Ron and Harry will not speak a word to Bill or me. Of course, they did go to sleep rather quickly last night. No the less, what's going on?"

Hermione furrowed her brow, she could understand Fleur. The accent was too thick for her to be able to register it all. It made her head hurt. And then reality struck. Hermione's eyes were dry droning crying, her throat was sore from screaming, her arm burned, and her body was sore all over. She needed rest more than anything and it frustrated her that Bill and Fleur didn't have better drapes. She let out a soft groan of frustration and looked away from the blonde.