Story 1: (2/4) Midnight Prank

Warning: Bromance, grammar error, OOCness (maybe...)

Disclaimer: Oda-sensei.

"Thatch, you sucha jerk!" the Second Division Commander yelled furiously. There's a visible bump on his head.

"Shuddup!" the Fourth Division Commander yelled back, as loud and as furious as the younger one. He just kicked Ace off of his bed, anyway. "You rammed into my room, attacked my bed, and then blabbered about your now-famous little brother when I was about to sleep! You know what time is it, dont'cha?"



Both party glared each others.

"Fine", Ace finally grumbled. He walked out of Thatch's room and slammed the door shut behind him. Thatch stared at the door blankly and for a moment thought if he was being too hard to him. But what is done is done, he thought. The older pirate flopped back to his bed and trying to sleep.

Finally, peace...

... or it seemed to be.

Door slammed open, again. Thatch gasped, cursed, and sat on his bed, trying to figure which moronic idiot had barraged his room this time. But alas, everything happened too fast. Not even the notorious Fourth Division Commander of Whitebeard Pirates could escape.



Silent. Again.

Poor Thatch's sleepy brain seemed a little bit slow to respond the situation he was in. He was wet from top to toes. So was his blanket and bed. Water dripped from his hair —which wasn't in his usual pompadour-style. In front of him, Ace held an empty water bucket. He had his signature mischievous grin on his face.

The situation itself could be considered as 'ironic'. Anyway, it was way MUCH better than Ace setting his bed on fire. Before Thatch could yell "Ace!" and grab his twin swords, the said commander was already running away for his sorry life.

"Geez... They did it again", the First Division Commander mumbled at his own room, after being awoken from his sleep.

It was two in the morning. Just another peaceful night at Moby Dick.

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