The Thessalonica Legacy

Glossary & Author's Notes

Glossary of Terminology

Many, if not most, BattleTech novels include a short supplement at the end that includes a glossary of terms specific to the BattleTech universe. Hopefully, if I did my job correctly, such a glossary is not strictly needed. However, I have included one here for completeness.

Autocannon: a rapid-firing, autoloading weapon which fires streams of high-speed, high-explosive, armor-piercing shells.

BattleMech: Generally humanoid robotic walking tanks; the premier weapons of war in the BattleTech universe. Standing between 10 and 15 meters tall and massing between 20 and 100 tons, they are powered by a small fusion engine and artificial "muscles" called myomers. They are piloted by a single person, the MechWarrior. Often abbreviated as 'Mech.

ComStar: Private semi-mystical organization which controls interstellar communications by owning and controlling the hyperpulse generator communications network. The Word of Blake is a splinter group of ComStar which follows a more fanatical quasi-religious path.

Inner Sphere: Region of interstellar space centered around Earth and extending out to the borders of the Successor States. Comprises over 2000 inhabited star systems in a radius of approximately 450-550 light years from Earth. Everything beyond the borders of the Inner Sphere is termed the Periphery.

LosTech: portmanteau of "lost technology," generally refers to technology and artifacts for which the knowledge of manufacture has been lost.

LRM: abbreviation for "Long Range Missile," an indirect-fire missile weapon with a high-explosive warhead. LRMs fire salvos of 5, 10, 15, or 20 missiles at a time depending on the launcher.

Star League: Founded in 2571 as an attempt to unify the major states of the Inner Sphere, the Star League flourished for almost 200 years before its collapse at the onset of the Succession Wars. The League is generally considered a "golden age" of technological advancement.

Successor States: The five main star empires which rule the Inner Sphere. They are: the Capellan Confederation (House Liao), and the Draconis Combine (House Kurita), the Federated Suns (House Davion), the Free Worlds League (House Marik), and the Lyran Alliance (House Steiner).

Technical Readout

Another common feature of many BattleTech novels is a small collection of artwork depicting vehicles which play prominent roles in the story.

VLK-QD1 Valkyrie: .net/wiki/images/d/da/Vlk-qd1_

Leopard DropShip: .

Scout JumpShip: .

OSR-3D Osiris: .

SYU-2B Sha Yu: .net/wiki/images/7/7f/Sha_

Po Heavy Tank: .

*Edit 7/9/11*

I've been asked about information on the planet Valexa. Unfortunately, such information does not seem to exist in any BattleTech publications. The only concrete information is its location (X:122.67 Y:-88.15). The only other information avilable reguards the Valexa March Militia (1 'Mech regiment, 2 Aerospace Wings, 1 vehicle regiment, and 6 infantry regiments as of 3062, according to "Field Manual: Federated Suns").


Thank you for reading The Thessalonica Legacy. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. This document is not part of the story, but is instead intended to serve as supplemental material.

I wish to thank my wife, "ikrits," who read every word, served as my proofreader and editor, and encouraged me to pursue this little project.

For more information of BattleTech and the BattleTech universe, please visit .com. I am not affiliated, I just really like the game and universe and will take any opportunity to plug it.

For my full notes, please see the GoogleDocs version:


So, here's the part where I get to wax lyrical about inspirations, the process of writing this fic, and all that jazz. Naturally, the nature of this discussion lends itself to spoilers, so if you don't like those, fair warning. I'm not going to run this part through my editor/wife, so some typos and odd sentences will likely slip through.

I intend for this to be a "living document" of sorts; if I get feedback that amounts to "frequently asked questions," I'll store my answers here for posterity.

What really got me started on this was actually the 300-word story challenge at Equestria Daily. I had never written a fanfic before (I'd toyed with the idea, but always blew it off as something I'd never get around to). A story in 300-words, though, seemed feasible. So I gave it a shot, and it turned out alright, if I do say so myself.

That broke the floodgates. Within a week, I had a basic outline and the first chapter written. From there, it just sort of… grew.

I never really expected for this to turn into a novel (Really. The final word count is ~66 thousand).

So, why BattleTech? I mean, it's not exactly a pop-culture sci-fi phenomenon like Warhammer40K or Star Wars or Star Trek (speaking of which, where's all the Star Trek/MLP crossovers? Get on it people!). Two reasons: 1) BattleTech is the game which introduced me to wargaming way back in the halcyon days of 1999, and remains my all-time favorite, so for me the choice was a no-brainer. And, 2.) the BattleTech fictional universe is massive, giving that half of the crossover an incredible amount of freedom.

So, I knew I wanted to do a BattleTech/MLP:FIM crossover, so the next decision was what sort of crossover. I seriously considered doing a straight-up retelling of the old '90s BattleTech cartoon with the Friendship is Magic cast standing in for the characters (Rainbow Dash as Kylee, Spike as the tactical officer. Twilight would have been the logical choice for Adam "Information is Ammunition" Steiner). But, I had been playing with the idea of exploring the obvious human influence on Pony culture in the show. So, that's where the idea of doing a humans-in-Equestria story came from.

When setting out the story and background, I knew I wanted to impose a few constraints

- I wanted to minimize the number of humans involved. An early idea involved a pitched 'Mech battle on the outskirts of Ponyville between the hero mercenary unit and a Word of Blake taskforce following intricate political machinations where both sides were trying to court Celestia's favor. That idea was quickly scrapped. It just didn't feel right. So, I picked the Scout—the smallest JumpShip, and the Leopard—one of the smaller DropShips and then didn't fill it all the way.

- No grimdarking. Like the epic 'Mech battle, it just didn't feel right. I decided to allow some grimdark elements to highlight cultural differences, but tried to keep it as much on the human side as possible.

- There had to be a way back. I didn't want the humans stuck in Equestria forever. Like the whole minimizing their number thing, I didn't want the humans to be too disruptive. I admit the solution for returning to the Inner Sphere was contrived; but then, the whole darn thing is contrived.