*-*-*First Kiss*-*-*

*-*-*Chapter 4: 8 Years Later*-*-*

*-*-*By: EvilEmmaEvans*-*-*

A/N: For the sake of the story, we'll say that Max was 10 in the beginning of the story and now that he is 18, the competition can start. – Emma

(Alex's POV)

"Alex… are you ready?" Justin asks me from the bottom of the stairs in our apartment.

"I'm coming… is Headmaster Crumbs here yet?" I ask as I walk down the stairs and then jump into his open arms.

"Not yet… but he should be here any minute." Justin says.

"Alex and Justin Russo… you are here by inducted into the Russo Family Wizard Competition against each other and your younger brother Max Russo. But we have a little situation to deal with before we start… please meet me in 5 minutes at the Russo Family Lair." Headmaster Crumbs' voice says from an envelope that had just appeared in the middle of the living room.

"Let's go… we don't want to be late." Justin says setting me down and grabbing my hand.

"We have a wizard competition, so take us to the Sub Station." Justin says.

"We're here." I say as we land in the lair, much to the dislike of our dad.

"Headmaster Crumbs, you said that there is a situation that has to be dealt with before we start the competition?" Justin asks as he wraps his arm around my shoulders and pulls me close to his side.

"Yes… I have watching this family for the past 8 years and I have found that Jerry disowned Alex and Justin from the family; is that correct?" Headmaster Crumbs asks.

"Yes sir; and I had a very good reason for disowning them from the family. And since they were disowned, then I feel like Max should automatically be the one to keep his powers." Dad says.

"Jerry, that is not in your position to decide. Since Max had not yet reached the age for the competition to begin, you should not have disowned Alex and Justin. With a good reason or not… they are still part of this family and one of them will be competing against Max." Headmaster Crumbs says and since Justin had just sat down and pulled me onto his lap, he dropped me by standing up.

"What do you mean one of us will compete? Shouldn't we both be competing?" Justin asks helping me up from the ground.

"If you and Alex had not gotten into a relationship with each other, then yes, you would both be competing, but since you two are a couple, then I cannot allow you both to compete. I will leave it up to Max to decide who gets to lose their powers and who gets to compete." Headmaster Crumbs says turning toward Max.

"I say Alex loses her powers and I compete against Justin." Max says.

"Alright then… You haven't acted with any responsibility…" Headmaster Crumbs starts to say turning toward me.

"Wait… Headmaster Crumbs, take my powers, not Alex's. Even though she never used her powers for good all of the time when we were teenagers, I love her too much to allow you to take them from her… again. So, let Alex compete against Max, and take my powers." Justin says stepping in front of me.

"If you are willing to give up your powers to potentially save your sister's powers, then I have no choice but to take yours… You haven't acted with any responsibility, say goodbye to your magical ability!" Headmaster Crumbs says taking Justin's powers from him.

"NO! Justin… you didn't have to do that. You were the better wizard; you should have kept your powers and let him take mine." I say as he sits down on the couch and pulls me toward him.

"Come here Alex." Justin says setting me down in his lap again. "You are an amazing wizard… and now you need to kick Max's butt in the competition and keep your powers. And don't worry, even if he out smarts you, which probably isn't possible, and you lose your powers, I will still love you." Justin says pulling me into a kiss.

"Justin… I love you." I say as tears roll down my cheeks.

"I love you too Alex." Justin says wiping the tears away.

"Headmaster Crumbs… declare Max the winner, let him keep his powers and take mine. If Justin can't be a wizard any more, then I don't want to be either." I say standing up.

"Alex… what are you doing?" Justin asks.

"I'm doing the right thing for the first time in my life." I say.

"Are you sure about this Alex?" Headmaster Crumbs asks.

"Yes… I am. Now please, just take my powers so that Justin and I can go home." I plead.

"Since both of you have been so willing to give up your powers for the other's happiness, then I have no choice but to let Alex keep her powers and for Justin to get his powers back. And there will be no wizard competition for the Russo children." Headmaster Crumbs says sending Justin's powers back to Justin before turning toward Max again. "Max, you will also get to keep your powers." He says before disappearing.

"Yes…" I say turning around and kissing Justin.

"Alex… let's go home." Justin says taking my hand.

"Okay." I say with a smile.

"You guys don't have to leave." Dad says.

"Yes we do. We live on our own now, away from you and the rules saying that we can't be together. We love each other and now that we don't live under your roof anymore, we can do whatever we want." Justin says taking my hand and muttering a spell that takes us to our apartment.

"Justin, thank you so much for giving up your powers for me." I say.

"Alex, we've been together for 8 years, and you still don't know that I'll do anything to make sure that you're happy?" Justin asks as he gets down on one knee.

"What are you doing?" I ask as Justin grabs my left hand and pulls a small velvet box out of his pocket.

"Alex Russo, I have loved you for 8 years, even longer if you count the fourteen years we spent fighting with each other, and I know that we have gone through so much together, and I hope that by excepting this ring, you'll be willing to go through so much more with me. So I guess what I'm asking is… Alex Russo, will you marry me?" Justin asks.

"I don't know what to say…" I comment as tears well up in my eyes.

"You could say yes." Justin says smiling.

"Of course I say yes Justin… I love you so much." I say as he slips the ring onto my finger.

"I love you so much too Alex." Justin says giving me a hug and a kiss while I jump into his arms and wrap my legs around his waist.

As Justin licks my lips begging for entrance, I feel something inside of me explode. It was the first French kiss that Justin and I have ever had and it was amazing. So as our tongues battle each other, I start playing with Justin's hair and I notice that we're now heading upstairs. Once we've reached the bed room and Justin has laid me down on the bed, I let out a moan that makes both of us just freeze as our eyes open wide.

"Justin… we can't do this; at least not right now." I say as he rolls off of me and onto the bed.

"Come on Alex, it's been 8 years since I've wanted to do that and you had to go and stop us. Please… just this once?" Justin asks.

"No… not until the wedding night." I say rolling onto my stomach and turning to face him.

"Alex, baby, I love you, and I know that you want to wait… but all of our friends have already done it… and none of them are even engaged." Justin says.

"Justin… I love you too, and that's exactly why I want to wait until our wedding night so that way, it'll be special." I say with a smirk.

"What are you thinking about?" Justin asks wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me toward him.

"I'm just thinking about all of the times before we got together that we acted like a couple." I say quickly.

"No it's not… I know you… that is not what you're thinking about." Justin says before attacking my neck.

"Justin… please don't give me a hickey." I say as he lays me back down and straddles my legs.

"Too late… at least it's not as bad as you being pregnant…" Justin says as I push him off of me and I walk into the bathroom.

"Why would you even joke about that?" I ask as he comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist.

"Because… which would you prefer to have before we get married… a hickey or a baby?" Justin asks as he gently kisses the skin on my shoulder right next to the collar of my shirt.

"Justin… stop trying to seduce me… I'm not having sex with you before we get married." I say as I turn around and jump onto the counter.

"Now what are you doing?" Justin asks as I wrap my legs around his waist, my hands around his neck so that I can play with his hair and bite his earlobe… making him sigh with pleasure.

"Now… let's go to bed." I say after I stop biting his ear and before I kiss him passionately.

*-*-*End Chapter 4*-*-*

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