Gary introduces a new competition on Shake It Up Chicago. Cece will stop at nothing to win even if it means... the unthinkable.

Meanwhile, Deuce can't get his head around what Rocky did to win the same competition.

Chapter Thirteen:

The Kissing Disaster

Neither Gunther nor Cece got so much of a wink of sleep when they were forced to go to the set the next day, but Gary seemed surprisingly refreshed. As for Cece, the bed was like sleeping on springs the entire night (which she knew must have been why Gary changed on her) and for Gunther... well, no one told him that their host does a little nose whistle thing in his sleep.

Gunther yawned loudly, Cece leaned against him rubbing her eyes.

"Okay, places people."

Cece and Gunther took their places on the opposite parts of the set with their partners Jeremy and Tiffany.

"Alright, let's roll." Came the voice of Tanya's production assistant.

The music began and everyone started on the dance. But when it came to kissing Jeremy, Cece leaned in and then yawned in his face. At the exact same time across the other side of the room Gunther stumbled forwards in a sleep-deprived stupor and trod on the toes of Tiffany.

"CUT!" The production assistant yelled, less than pleased. But the woman large (like seriously large) and in charge wasn't the only one less than pleased. It put a halt on everyone.

"I'm not kissing HIM." Tiffany pointed a finger at Gunther.

"I'm not kissing HER!" Jeremy pointed a finger at Cece.

"You two, you're OUT!" Yelled Tanya herself from right in front of the camera.

Shoulders slumped the two of them had to go and join Gary by the sidelines, who was already trying to catch Tanya's attention. He clamped Cece and Gunther on the shoulder briefly before running off after her. "Tanya, I'll be those extra set of lips you need!"

She ignored him. "Jeremy, you're with Tiffany and could someone escort all extras off the set."

All extras apparently included the Shake it Up contest winners and their chaperone who was clasped by bouncers and thrown out of there.

"You two are so cleaning my car for the next month because of this," a disgruntled Gary grumbled to the two of them while they were shoved out of the studio doors.

Gunther and Cece exchanged guilty looks. They hadn't blown it on purpose, they'd just been really, really tired. But at least now they wouldn't have to kiss people they didn't want to kiss... so it kind of worked out. All except for Gary's attitude as they had to try to get a cab in New York City to get on out of there in peak hour...

After the fourth taxi passed them, Gary continued. "Forget cleaning. You're detailing it."

And he wouldn't be holding another kissing competition for a while. Unless it was a 'Kiss Gary Wilde' kissing booth to pay for the things for the car detailing. Cece and Gunther groaned and Cece leaned against Gunther again and tried to drift off to sleep, standing up, on the side of the road. But he was cozy so she was almost fully asleep by the time they got a taxi. Gunther with his arm around her was almost drifting off too.

"Aw, isn't that cute. Now get in the cab." Gary said, giving them both a shove so they collided with the door. They could only guess he was still a little angry at them. Just a little.




{I was sad at Gunther not being in the newest episode, so I had to write more.}