Rightio, I haven't written in a long time, and I do apologize for that. *bows* Anyway, it's a little short, but it will have to do! I do rather like it, and if the characters seem a little off, I shan't apologize for it. After all, we see nothing but a 2D personality of the characters, and no one is that flat. So, here it is!


Chapter 2

Canada wished the ground would just open up and swallow him whole. He was currently situated in Russia's home, the man leaving him stranded in his corridor. He twitched, wanting to run, but too scared to do anything but tremble in his boots. Of course, that didn't stop his eyes from roaming to every inch in the house, trying to find an escape route.

Of all the stupid things he had to do, he just had to do that. Really, he didn't mean to reach out to touch the other nation's neck, it just so happened that his hand felt adventurous. It had nothing to do with how delicate the skin looked beneath the scarf, although it really was soft-...What was he thinking? He was about to get killed. This was no time to fantasize, he nodded to himself, he needed to apologize and hopefully leave with head intact. He whimpered pitifully.

Suddenly, footsteps, loud and thundering, reached his ears and his eyes widened almost comically. He frantically looked around, hoping to find somewhere to hide, but alas the place was too vast and barren. He swallowed, his mouth feeling as though it was full of cottons, and tried to steady his breathing and stop his trembling, both a horrible attempt. By the time Russia reached him, he was an absolute mess. He probably looked like a kicked puppy, he pondered, but had no time to process the thought even more. A grin had suddenly lit up upon the other nation's face. For some reason, it sent a shiver down his spine. That man was definitely not made to smile. It made him look eery and murderous. He gave a shakey smile back, although it came out more like a grimace. Not that it mattered really, since it only made Russia beam at him even more.

This is it, I am about to die. He thought sullenly. I don't really have a will, but that doesn't matter. America's going to take everything without asking anyway, like always.

The sound of barbaric laughter reached his ears and he winced, eyes staring at the ground. He's not really there, he's not re- He squeaked as his wrist was pulled into a harsh grasp and he was suddenly propelled forward. He was being dragged along as the other man took large strides, his legs too short to really be able to follow the man's pace so he stumbled a couple of times, but the grip on his wrist kept him from falling flat on the ground.


"You are like a kitty, da?"

Canada blinked. He was like a...He stumbled again, and gritted his teeth in pain when he felt the hard tug on his wrist pulling him back on his feet once more.


"A very, very bad kitty." Tthere it was, that dark look on his face that made Canada miss yet another step as his mind flew out the window and left him with nothing but the strong emotion called fear. Then Russia's head seemingly turned 180 degrees to face him and smirked. "And he needs to be punished, da?"

Canada could feel his soul leaving him. He was going to be murdered and no one would know or care. He really wished he could go back in time to earlier that morning.