Nightmares and Sweet kisses

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So writting this because Kaname pissed me off and I so don't think that Yuki should put up with his $h!t but hey who am I to say. This may trun out to be a lemon. And a it will most likely be a one shot. So here it is. Enjoy.

She had been missing out on duty for a while. It wasn't like her, usually it was her pulling me to come to work. She also hadn't been coming to class either. I hadn't gone to see her. I figured she must not be all that well.

After three night's of putting up with Kaname's shit I had to see where Yuki was and if she could come to work. I cannot handle him anymore.

I walked to Yuki's dorm and knocked on her door. Her room mate answered.

"Oh Zero it's you. Sorry but Yuki isn't here. She left just a few minutes ago to go to the bathroom." She said and then closed the door.

I looked at the closed door for quite awhile. Then I finally went to the bathroom to find Yuki. I didn't want to just go in but I was worried after standing outside for five minutes. Finally I knocked on the door before entering.

"Yuki? Are you in here?" I asked. Nobody was in sight or in the stalls. So I left wondering where she could be.

When I found it was safe enough to go to the headmasters bathroom and took a shower and went to my dorm room. Upon entering and then lockeding the door I found my sweet sleeping girl in my bed.

I walked over to see if she was sick. She felt fine and her skin was a cream color. If I didn't have better control I would have drank every drop of blood in her sliky smooth body. It was that tempting to me.

"Yuki." I said her name. She responded to it and looked up at me. It wasn't a first for her to wonder to my room and sleep. She did it a lot when we were younger. She was under the covers and then I saw that my closet was open and her uniform was on the floor.

"Yuki are you ok?" I asked her. She didn't look or smell sick but that didn't mean anything. She once again opened her eyes and saw me.

"Zero come to bed." She told me She wanted my warmth to be with hers. She wanted to know she was safe by me holding her. Yuki knew I was a vampire but didn't care as long as I never left.

I sat down on the bed and let her climb into my lap. I knew she would sleep better. That is when I discovered that Yuki stole one of my shirts to wear as a night shirt.

"Yuki why are you wearing my shirt?" I asked her. This was new even for her. Yuki looked up at me.

"Cause I wanted to have something that is part of you with me. So I came and got in your bed then I realized that I was wet so I found one of your shirts and put it on. Are you mad?" She asked me.

I looked at her and smiled. How could I be mad when she gives me that look. I shook my head no and then wraped my arms around her tightly. I never wanted to let her go.

Finally it got to where I needed to lose my shirt it was getting very warm in the room. I took it off and set it in my hamped so I could wash it sometime. I truned to find Yuki right behind me. She looked up at me.

"Yuki." I said her name again. She looked at me and grabbed my arms. I thought she was going to make me embrace her, but she made it to where she pulled me down to kiss her.

I pulled away. "Yuki what is wrong with you?" I asked her. I was a little scared. Yuki never acted like this.

She looked up and saw me worried. She started to cry. I didn't know what to do. I wraped my arms around her and begged her to tell me what was wrong. She cried for a litte more longer before she decided to tell me.

"I had this horrible nightmare that you left me." She cried. She tried her best to keep calm. It scared me, why would she think I would leave her? "You didn't love me and didn't want me. You kept rejecting me all the time." She mumbbled through her cries.

Me reject her in what way? I love Yuki, and will always be there for her. But before I could finish my thought Yuki pulled me on top of her on the bed. This was not Yuki at all. What is going on with her.

"Yuki what do you mean by me rejecting you?" I asked her. She must be so confused with everything.

She looked up at me and tried to hide the tears in her eyes. By rejection she meant by sleeping with her. I looked her in the eye. Why does she have a dream like this. Yuki loves Kaname not me.

Yuki looked me in the eyes again. She looked so sad. Nightmares of me leaving. But what would make her think I would leave her? Does she think because she knows I am a vampire now that I will leave.

"Yuki I wont leave you. What do I have to do to prove that to you?" I asked her. She looked at me and then pulled my head down to hers. She wanted me to sleep with her. "Yuki we can't." I told her. She looked ready to cry. "Yuki it would be to dangerous and besides aren't you scared?" I asked her.

She looked away. She had not destintion of where her eyes would go just anywhere but my eyes. Finally she looked up.

"Zero if you lost control I have to do is use the spell. Plus you wont lose control trust me." She spoke to me. She seemed so sure of herself. "Please Zero I don't want you to leave me. An you said you would do anything to prove yourself to me." She said quoting my words.

She was right I did say anything. I looked at her small frame. I didn't notice at first but now looing at her she looked sexy in my shirt. Her body was so close to mine. It wasn't her blood that grabbed my attention it was what was underneath the shirt that did.

Yuki saw my attitude change so she did more to keep it going. She unbuttoned the shirt a little. She wanted my attention and she got it. The air was hot and muggy. I can't believe that one girl has so much effect on me.

"Zero please?" She asked. I looked at her. She had managed to sit up some how. I looked at her and then at the floor.

How can I tell her no. Before he could answer she was in his lap. Hugging him and holding him tighter then normal.

I put my arms around her and held her there. I didn't want her to go, I couldn't let her go. Yuki managed to get her hands between us and undue my belt and pants. She was able to do this while kissing me.

I slid my pants off and as she slid my boxers off my shirt came off of her. We were both naked. She was under me. She wasn't shy at all. She was ready. I looked at her and she smiled and then gave a slight nod.

"Zero?" She asked for me. I looked at her. She smiled at me. "No matter what don't stop." She told me. I nodded.

I inserted myself in her. She gasped in pain and then she moaned. I looked at her and her eyes were rolled back in her head. She holding me digging her nails in my skin.

"Are you ok?" I was worried I had hurt her. She smiled and nodded for me to go on. She kissed me ruffly and then she wanted me to go faster.

Yuki and I were like that for a while. Fianlly we came to the climax and she fell right to sleep. I stayed awake for a while then driffted off myself.

When we awoke it was already time for third period to start. But I didn't feel like getting up and neither did Yuki.

Yuki propped herself on her elbow and looked at me. I smiled at her as she smiled back at me. "Zero that was amazing." She finally said after being able to think. I looked at her. She smiled even bigger. "Zero lets skip class and work. I was hoping we could do it again." She said. I looked at her and my smile some how got bigger.

"Yuki we can't do this everyday." I told her. She looked at me and her smile fadded a little. "But I don't see the problem in just one more day." I told her.

Her smile was so huge. It took her a moment to remember that she was going to ask me something. "Hey Zero can I try something?" She asked me. I looked at her and nodded.

She rolled on top of me and kissed my lips. Then she went down my neck and chest then she went down my stomache. I was ready to die but then she went really low. Yuki went to my manhood and started licking it. I thought this was going to kill me.

She was doing such a good job keeping my mind on her and only her. God what was she going to do next. Finally she started kissing me back and then she came to my neck. I couldn't believe Yuki did that. She acts like she had been doing that for years.

Finally I could handle it anymore. I pined Yuki to the bed and kissed her body all over. She wanted to scream from the bliss it gave her. Finally she told me I needed to enter her and make her feel better. I entered her tight little womanhood and she just wanted to yell. But she just grabbed me by my neck and bite me on the side. She left a bight mark that would turn into a hicky on me.

"Zero please more." She said as her body started to shake. She wanted more but she wasn't able to handle it all.

I went into her harder and harder each time. All the time she is panting and holding me. She wanted it ruff but soon it was to much. I felt her jucies come pouring out of her and she felt my hot liquid go into her. She needed my help laying down. He took a lot out of her.

Yuki and I finally went to sleep. She made it though the whole night. The never morning we awoke and got ready for school. It was something very different between us. But I am glad Yuki gave herself to me.

I am glad I was able to trun her nightmares into kisses.

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