5 Years Later

I was goin to do a sequel to this story but then changed my mind and did another chapter. It's been a while sense I worked on this story but who cares as long as you guys get a story, right? Anywho I am pretty sure the title gives away most of the plot but here is a new chapter for my readers. Hope you like it.

We graduated school on top of raising our children. Every time I looked at them I smiled. I couldn't stop from smiling. It was always hard to go to class and leave them behind. But Zero would always drag me with him and make sure I was at class.

We had move to the city and it was great even though Zero was vampire and the kids took on part of that they are able to be in the sun. We didn't really ever talk to Kaname anymore. When Akito and Anika see him they run up to him screaming Uncle.

I smiled with every visit he came and seen the children. He would always have a present or two for them and that just proved they were spoiled. In fact today was a day that he said he was coming for a visit and that he wanted to talk to Zero in private. At first I was a little worried about the two talking but when they came out with a good attitude I dropped it.

Like any other visit we sat down and ate dinner. But unlike our other visit Kaname asked the kids how they would feel if they got to come stay with him for a week. I was very confused but Zero gave me his silent but understanding looks and I just left it alone.

They kids seemed happy and I asked if we would be alright with them gone for a whole week. We nodded and they ran to their rooms and packed for their trip. I told Kaname to make sure that they stayed safe and if they came back hurt I was going to show him how scary a mother can be.

"Rest assured Yuki nothing bad will happen to them. I will bring them back the way I got them." He smiled and I knew I had a worried look on my face from the way Zero held me in his arms. Not to long after that the kids were ready to leave and we were outside giving them hugs and kisses good-bye.

I watched as my babies left and Zero kissed my cheek and then nibbled on my neck a bit. I couldn't help but lean into his touches. They way he lit my body on fire was sometimes too much for me. He then picked me up bridal style and carried me through and closing after we entered and then with speed we were in our room alone.

It didn't take us long to get each others clothes off. Zero had made me feel like every inch of my body was covered by his. I missed this feeling, and enjoyed each time he gave it to me. I didn't know how long it would be before he took advantage of my body.

He entered my body with his and made me scream out his name. I nibbled my neck and showed me he was the dominate one and that I was forever his and that no one else could have my body. But of course this didn't stop me from biting his neck and screaming as he pumped into my body making me feel like I would die if we didn't have our releases.

It didn't take Zero long to have me straddle him and have him buck into me as I meat him with each trust I let out a very loud moan and kissed him more and more. The heavier the kisses the faster he went. I could feel the release coming and I was welcoming it.

One last hard trust into me and I felt his seed enter me and I kissed him and rested my head on his chest and smiled and felt my eyes get heavy with sleep. I smiled to myself and knew that me and Zero would be taking advantage of this week with out kids and I was very happy about that.

Zero wrapped his arms around me and chuckled. "Jeez Yuki I didn't realized you were sex starved. I guess I should have been giving you more attention often." He said and then ran his hand through my hair.

I smiled and kissed his naked chest and then looked up at him. "I will expect a lot of this through out the week while the kids are away. Is that understood." I smiled as I tried to pull off the big boss man attitude but I smiled and laughed and for some reason that was all it took to get Zero going again and this time with me on bottom.

Through out that whole week of no children me and Zero hardy dressed. Every time we did one of use would just strip the other and go another round. I was thrilled to no end. But after a week I was very ready to see my children again.

So trying to be the good parents we want for our children we got dressed and acted on good behavior. I don't know who had the most trouble Zero or I but we made it though and we were both happy to see the children. Kaname said he enjoyed them staying and wished for it to happen again.

I looked at Zero and he nodded. "That would be ok with us." He said and then we parted ways and then we told about their week and what they did for fun. When they were done they asked what we did and I told them that Daddy and I just did grown-up things and they left it at that.

I put the kids to bed and then went there myself and was lying down wating for Zero to stop reading and when he did he turned his light off and snuggled against me.

"I love you Zero." I said and closed my eyes for the night.

Zero kissed my cheek. "I love you too, Yuki." He said and then snuggled closer and as he said those words I thought back to the week and wondered why their was a chuckle when he said he loved me.

I sat straight up and hit him with my pillow. "You promised me you would use protection." I yelled at him and then he pulled me down and held me close to him and nuzzled my neck and kissed it a bit and then he kissed my lips.

"I know but I decided we needed another baby." He said and then pinned me to him and forced to fall asleep and sleep I did, but not before I thought about the whole no protection thing and wondering if I was the sex deprived that I totally forgot about it.

"Oh well too late to worry now." I whispered to myself. I smiled and fell asleep in my lovers arms.

Well I hope ya like. Like I said I haven't worked on this story in such a long time and I felt like I needed to give it some more spice. Hope you enjoy this little chapter.