This is just a try, and tell me if you think it's worth continuing. Each chapter will have three random one shots for each letter in the alphabet. So the next chapter would be of anything that starts with D,E and F. Suggestions are welcomed!

A is for Ace, the greatest big brother in the world

Ace first stirs when he feels the rush of wind entering the room as the door opens. The soft padding of the footsteps are somehow comforting even in his sleep and Ace is about to slid back into oblivious bliss when he hears the sniffles. His big brother radar is sparked awake and he stumbles out of his covers-and nearly trips on the figure standing beside his bed.

Ace blinks the sleep out of his eyes as he takes in a barefoot, pillow hugging baby brother. Luffy's big brown eyes are large and his lower lip is trembling as he takes an uncertain step forward.

"Ace." Luffy says the same way a child would plead make it all go away.

Ace instantly scoops his little brother off the floor and into his arms. In answer, Luffy buries his face in the crook of his brother's neck, not caring that he is too big for Ace to hold him and his brother has dragged him on the bed so they are a bundle of tangled arms and legs. Luffy sighs in relief because the big black monsters under his bed won't dare come out because he is with Ace and his big brother will protect him from everything.

Ace tucks his little brother in with the hand Luffy isn't gripping like a lifeline and his attention slides to the baby-fat pudgy face when he feels the gaze.

Portgas D. Ace is only eleven years old but he thinks he might have to die to live up to the look in his baby brother's eyes.

B is for Baby sitting, the act of looking after and taking responsibility of idiots whether you like it or not

Nami couldn't believe they were having this conversation. Actually, the past ages she'd been on this ship had her honed better than that-she could believe. What she couldn't believe was that they were still having this conversation. She wished it would end.

Just like how she wished for world domination of all banks and treasure boxes alike. Like how she wished for a magic treasure box that would refill itself of all the gold in the world every other minute.

In other words, it so wasn't happening.

"Na-mi," All the whine and pout and accusation in the world suddenly settled itself in those two syllables. Nami winced and Luffy whined. "Do something."

And so Nami looked helplessly back and forth between the little boy who was still sniffling to the not-so-little pirate who had to pick this moment, this day to want to eat the last left meat flavored cotton candy(and no, Nami had no idea who the hell made that stuff but that person was going to pay). Normally she'd smack Luffy and offer the little boy the sweets or the other way around, depending on her mood, but today she was in a stalemate. Because today wasn't any other day. Today was Children's day. It was the day the little suckers got what they want whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted.

But more importantly, it was also Luffy's birthday.

"Zoro," Nami turned to the swordsman who hadn't said a word throughout the whole confrontation. Her eyes pleaded a solution.

"It is Luffy's birthday," Zoro pointed out, forever his captain's abettor.

Yet it was also Children's day and Nami had her fair share of being spoiled rotten by Bellmere and Nojiko on this day. It felt wrong to deny the brats their turn.

But then again, Luffy had those large dewy eyes turned to her and she knew if she took the sweet away from him, she'd feel like she killed a bunny.

"Well Luffy," Nami started desperately, wringing her hands. "You could always share?"

Luffy stared at her like she was speaking another language.

Zoro laughed like a madman in the background.

C is for Canard, and rumors that start from places closer than you think

"Did'ja hear? Roronoa Zoro became a pirate!"

At the not so hushed exclamation, the man in the dark cloak looked up from his drink. He had heard about it alright, and he wondered what the others thought of it. He took another gulp of his drink before leaning into one hand, tilting his head so he could see the large bearded man on the other side of the bar.

The bearded man noticed the stranger's interest and it only encouraged him to speak louder.

"He turned against Marines and beat 'em in their own backyard! M'newphew who lives around there told me so it has to be true!"

"But why would he do that?" An older man, feeling rather cross at the attention being focused to one person pointed out. "If he's as strong as the rumors say he is, there ain't a single damn reason he should stick on anybody's side."

The question seemed to be exactly what the bearded man was waiting for. He motioned for the others to come closer, but his voice was carried down to the other side of the room.

"I met a fella today and he seemed to know an awful lot, but according to him..." The man paused significantly, as several men let out excited snorts. The cloaked man by the bar too, was eerily still, wondering. The bearded man slammed his fist on the table as he finished proudly.

"Roronoa Zoro's half robot! He needed someone to give him his oil on time!"

The entire bar was silent during the few moments the words sunk in. When they finally did, the room exploded of all kinds of exclamations and profanities but the cloaked man had already paid for his drink and was gliding up the stairs. With the manner of someone with utmost determination he roamed down the halls before finding the room he was looking for. With the excited shouts still ringing in his ears(But how's that possible? Then does he not eat? The fella said he still poops!), the cloaked figure kicked open the door.

"Luffy," The cloaked figure, AKA Roronoa Zoro, snarled. "What the hell have you been telling these people?"

Monkey D Luffy swallowed the last of the dessert he had sneaked from the kitchens and grinned at the first nakama he'd recruited so far.

"Because Zoro, robots are so cool."